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Robbie Williams Part 2 | Secrets Of The Hollywood Elite 

ADRENOCHROM – Nach XAVIER NAIDOO packt auch ROBBIE WILLIAMS aus: Ich weiss zu viel über diese 

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Epsteins Hauptkomplizin Ghislaine Maxwell verhaftet: Kinder rekrutiert und sexuell missbraucht

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Ghislaine Maxwell, Epsteins „Madame“ verhaftet! Beginnt der Sturm? Mit Jan Walter
Oliver Janich
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The FBI Just Arrested Ghislaine Maxwell! Now Will Ghislaine Maxwell Tell All? Are The Super-Rich Billionaires In Trouble?! T-shirt store – Video on Epstein island –… Visit our MAIN SITE for more breaking news 🥼MERC: 🌟SubscribeStar:… 👱🏼TELEGRAM: 🤯FACEBOOK: 🐤TWITTER: 👱‍♂️INSTAGRAM: 💩STEEMIT: 🧠MINDS: Download and use the Brave Browser and support us – OH YEAH since we are not corporate or government owned help us out

On July 4th we will be blessed with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that will complete the powerful Triple Eclipse Series we have been experiencing for the past month. This event coincides with the celebration of Independence Day in the United States of America. According to the Company of Heaven, the synchronicity of these two events and the unprecedented events that are happening around the World are paving the way for the fulfillment of a facet of the Divine Plan that has been unfolding in the Realms of Cause since the United States of America lost our way after the founding of this country. No matter where you abide on the face of the Earth, your assistance in bringing this facet of the Divine Plan to God Victorious fruition will benefit ALL Life evolving on this Planet. Please read the following information with an open heart and mind and respond according to your Heart’s Call. Your Light is needed NOW!

 In October of 2019, a huge portal of Light that once pulsated in the Heavenly Realms above New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Washington, D.C. was activated and once again opened to full breadth. It is through this portal that our Founding Fathers, in spite of their flaws, were inspired to write the sacred documents that form our Declaration of Independence, our Bill of Rights and our Constitution.

 The Divine Intent of these documents was to guide the behavior of American citizens in a way that would fulfill the destiny for this New World. That destiny was for America to model to the rest of the people on this Planet a Higher Order of Being, a New World that would heal the illusion of separation and demonstrate to the masses the Oneness of the Family of Humanity.

 The plan was that within this consciousness of Oneness, American citizens would revel in our diversities and collectively make decisions and take actions that reflect only the highest good for ALL concerned, thus allowing EVERYONE to live in prosperity, equality, peace and happiness.

 The name AMERICA is an anagram for the I AM RACE. This name was intended to reflect a race of God Conscious people comprised of ALL races, ALL nationalities, ALL cultures, ALL religions, ALL creeds and ALL Lifestyles. A race of people who are functioning within the full embrace of their I AM Presence reflecting Oneness, Divine Love, Reverence for ALL Life, and decisions and actions that perpetually reflect the highest good for ALL concerned.

 Needless to say, with the manipulation of our fragmented and fear-based human egos, America has fallen far from the fulfillment of her Divine Destiny. As a result of that failure, the portal of Light through which our Founding Fathers were inspired to write our sacred documents became almost dormant. This severely limited the Divine Guidance that the people who have been responsible for governing this country were able to receive. In most instances, those governing this country and those electing those who govern this country have been oblivious of America’s Divine Destiny

 With the recent activation of Humanity’s Twelve 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Strands of DNA, our 12:12 Catalyst Codes, our Transfiguration Codes, our Divine Body Templates, and the Awakening we are experiencing through the forced time-out and the Planetary Reboot for which we are currently preparing, Humanity’s mass consciousness has been elevated to a brand NEW level. This higher consciousness will allow the patterns for Divine Government to register in the conscious mind and Heart Flame of every Son and Daughter of God in ways we have not previously experienced.

 As we receive the influx of Light on July 4th which will conclude the most powerful Triple Eclipse Series the Earth has ever known, the Company of Heaven is asking us to join together in Divine Service to Transmute the cause, core, effect, record and memory of the obsolete and fear-based miscreations that have for centuries corrupted and distorted the patterns of government not only for the United States of America but also for rest of the World.

 Our participation in this activity of Light will pave the way for the NEW and Heart-based form of Divine Government that exists on the New Earth. This is a Government OF the I AM Presence, BY the I AM Presence, FOR the I AM Presence of every person. A Government based in Oneness, Divine Love and Reverence for ALL Life. The patterns of perfection for this form of government are being revealed in NEW ways through the newly activated Transfiguration Codes in Humanity’s 5th-Dimensional DNA and our greatly enhanced Heart Flames.

 The United States of America has a vital role to play in the manifestation of Divine Government on this Planet. Unfortunately, the events surfacing in the outer-world at this time are reflecting the antithesis of this new Heart-based form of government. That is occurring because the Light of God is increasing on Earth due to the Awakening taking place within every person. This is pushing everything that conflicts with God’s Light and Divine Government to the surface to be healed and transmuted back into its original perfection. Consequently, every day we are witnessing how very broken and corrupt not only our political system is in the USA, but how broken and corrupt the governmental systems are around the World as well.

 As we join in consciousness with the Company of Heaven to empower Divine Government, know that the I AM Presence of Lightworkers all over the World are joining with us as well. Together, we are cocreating a Chalice of Light through our unified Heart Flames that will serve as an Open Door through which the patterns of perfection for Divine Government will be secured in the physical world of form. And we begin.

The Goddesses of Liberty, Justice, Freedom, Victory and Glory

Now, in the Name of the Almighty Presence of God, I AM, and through the Creative Fire pulsating in every person’s Heart Flame, we invoke the Goddess of Liberty, the Goddess of Justice, the Goddess of Freedom, the Goddess of Victory and the Goddess of Glory to take their strategic positions around Washington, D.C. and the surrounding areas. We also invoke the Silent Watcher for Washington, D. C. and all of the Mighty Guardians and Cosmic Beings who dwell in the Etheric Complex over Washington, D.C. and the surrounding areas.

 Blessed Ones, come forth now and assist us with the most powerful cleansing activity Humanity and the Earth are capable of receiving during this Cosmic Moment. As one unified Heart, we now invoke the 5th-Dimensional frequencies of the Violet Transmuting Flame of God’s Infinite Forgiveness.

 Blaze, blaze, blaze this Sacred Violet Fire in, through and around all inharmonious actions, all lower human consciousness and all obstructions of the Light, that we or any part of Life have ever placed on the pathway of Life’s perfection. Through the Divine Power of Infinite Forgiveness, Transmute this discordant energy cause, core, effect, record and memory—now and forever.

 Now Beloved Ones, BLAZE and SUSTAIN the multidimensional aspects of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection, with the power and might of a thousand Suns, in, through and around the President of the United States of America and his Cabinet—now and forever.

 Blaze this Violet Flame in, through, and around the Senate and the House of Representatives for the United States of America, and in, through and around all of the people associated with Governments in the United States at National, State and Local levels—now and forever.

 Expand this Sacred Fire through the Supreme Court and all Courts of Law, all Legal procedures and all who are associated with Law Enforcement at every level—now and forever.

 Blaze this Violet Flame in, through, and around the United Nations and ALL of its members and all of the people associated with their various countries—now and forever.

 Now, expand the Violet Flame with the power and might of a thousand Suns through ALL World leaders and every person associated with any Government on Earth at every level—now and forever.

 We accept that this Transmutation and Purification by the unfathomable frequencies of the 5th-Dimensional Violet Flame have been God Victoriously accomplished and will be permanently sustained through the Power of God, I AM.

Now We Call For Divine Government

 I AM my I AM Presence, and I AM One with the I AM Presence of all Humanity. As One Breath, One Voice, One Heartbeat, and One Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of Pure Divine Love…

 I invoke the great Beings of Light associated with Divine Government to this Planet, and I invoke the Beloved Ascended Masters guarding the evolutions of Earth.

 Blessed Ones, blaze the Sacred Fires of God’s Perfect Will, Divine Love and Divine Enlightenment in, through and around every person involved with the Governments of Earth at National, State and Local levels. 

 Blaze the Sacred Fires of God’s Will, Divine Love and Divine Enlightenment in, through and around the Electorate and Governmental Officials of all Nations.

 Let them feel and tangibly experience the Power, Wisdom and Love Nature of our Father-Mother God flowing through their Heart Flames as they elect their Governments and vote on all issues before them.

 SEAL this activity of Light in the Threefold Flame anchored within the Heart of every person on Earth, and expand this Light daily and hourly with every Breath I take. VICTORY IS OURS IN LOVE GOVERNING THIS PLANET! VICTORY IS OURS IN LOVE GOVERNING THIS PLANET! VICTORY IS OURS IN LOVE GOVERNING THIS PLANET!   

  And so it is, Beloved I AM.

The Golden Flame of Enlightenment

 Now, through the Supreme Eternal Mercy and Compassion of our Father-Mother God, the Cosmic I AM—All That Is, I accept the Divine Fiat that is allowing NEW frequencies of the Yellow-Gold Flame of Enlightenment from the very Heart of God to Awaken, Enlighten, Empower, Guide and Protect ALL of Humanity in ways that have never before been attempted. This is creating the sacred space for the tangible manifestation of Divine Government in the USA and all Governments around the World.

 Through this Awakening and Divine Enlightenment, God’s Will for Planet Earth SHALL MANIFEST. The Oneness of ALL Life and every country’s Divine Plan will be fulfilled in perfect Divine Order. Divine Government will BE the Order of the New Day on Planet Earth.

 We COMMAND and consciously decree that this profound TRUTH is now all-powerfully active, ever-expanding, world-encompassing and eternally sustained right here and right NOW. And so it is, Beloved I AM That I AM. 

God Bless You,Patricia Cota-RoblesEra of PeacePO Box 17446, Tucson, Arizona 85731-7446Phone: 520-885-7909, Fax:

This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for FREE, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included.Era of Peacea 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization
 ©2020 Patricia Cota-Robles

Fox News
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President Trump kicks off Independence Day celebrations at Mount Rushmore.
Speech starts at 1:03:00 min

Um das Video zu sehen, den folgenden Link anklicken

Süddeutsche Zeitung – Bill Gates auf der Ted Conference:Nicht mehr lustig

RP Online – 400 Millionen Impfstoffdosen gesichert:Deutschland schließt Vertrag über Corona-Impfstoff von AstraZeneca ab


To watch the video click on the link below

1984 full film in color. George Orwell 1956
George Orwell ‚1984‘ – ganzer FILM [Deutsch/German]
Eckhart Tolle – Angst erkennen und auflösen 
Eckhart Tolle – Geführte Meditation mit Entspannungsmusik
Magenta Pixie
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Laura Eisenhower hosts a dynamic conversation with Patricia Cori and Magenta Pixie. Discussing the arrest of Ghizz * Layne Macks * Well and potential repercussions, July 4th Independence Day and the Lunar Eclipse into the US eel * ect * shun in November, the Winter Solstice Age of Aquarius Gateway with energetic updates from the metaphysical perspective for the rest of 2020. Recorded July 2nd 2020. * LAURA EISENHOWER * Website: YouTube:… * PATRICIA CORI * Websites: YouTube:… * MAGENTA PIXIE * Website: YouTube:… Donations:… — BOOKS BY MAGENTA PIXIE: * Lessons from a Living Lemuria… * The Black Box Programme and the Rose Gold Flame as Antidote… * The Infinite Helix and the Emerald Flame… * Divine Architecture and the Starseed Template… * Masters of the Matrix… — MEDITATION COLLECTIONS BY MAGENTA PIXIE: * Elemental Dream… * Sacred Quest… * Magenta Pixie Meditation Mega Bundle… — * Support Magenta Pixie – Donations Gratefully Received *…

Außergewöhnliches Ereignis!

jeden Sonntag um 16:00 Uhr UTC:

Irdische und außerirdische Gemeinschaftsmeditation für den Planetarischen Aufstieg

Diese Meditation für den Planetarischen Aufstieg ist ein außergewöhnliches Ereignis, das die anhaltenden und vereinigten Anstrengungen von irdischen, intrairdischen und außerirdischen Wesen kumuliert, die diesem Planeten in ihrem Aufstiegsprozess helfen wollen. Es ist nicht nur ein geistige Unterstützung für diese Meditation, a sondern eine direkte und effektive Teilnahme bei dieser Meditation von ihnen allen.

Am Anfang dieser Meditation, die dem Aufstieg des Planeten Erde in der fünften Dimension gewidmet wird, werden wir immer um die direkte Teilnahme und Unterstützung von Gott des Vaters/Mutter, Ashtar und Ashtar Command, Sananda, Galaktischer Föderation des Lichts, Höchsten Galaktischen Rats, Rats von Älteren, Verwandtem, Sanat Kumara, wohlwollenden außerirdischen Wesen der Großen Central Rasse, Pleiadier, Arcturianer, Andromedaner, Syrianer, Antarianer, Alpha Centaurianer und allem, was teilnehmen möchte, und auch die Himmlischen Wesen des Lichtes von allen Engel Hierarchien, Erzengel Michael und Gabriel und von Den Wesen des Lichtes von der Inneren Erde als König von Shambala, Adama usw, bitten. (Sie können auch andere Lichtwesen, Geistigen Meister und Führer anrufen, die Sie kennen und zuvor um ihre Zustimmung bitten.)
Verwenden Sie Ihre eigene Technik der Meditation, mit der Sie sich in Ihr Herz gefürt fühlen oder bleiben Sie einfach einfach im Herz zentriert, in einem Zustand der Gottesempfänglichkeit und fühlen Sie den Fluss der Gnade von allen Gotteswesen, die angerufen wurden in Ihr Herz einzutreten und umarmen Sie gleichzeitig den Planeten in Ihrem Herzen, und orientieren Sie die ganze Energie in einen aufsteigenden Fluss.
Diese Meditation schließt KCobra Meditation mit ein und ist eine verlängerte Meditation, die aus einer außergewöhnlichen Unterstützung und Teilnahme einen Nutzen zieht.

Diese außergewöhnliche Meditation für den Planetarischen Aufstieg wird jeden Sonntag zwischen 16:00 Uhr – 17:00 Uhr GMT gemacht.

Es ist jetzt der Moment für alle von uns Lichtarbeitern, die Lichtkriegern, der Wegweisern des gesamten Planeten und unseren Brüder des Lichtes von der Inneren Erde und auch für unsere außerirdischen Brüder, einen höheren Grad der Einheit und Zusammenarbeit und Hilfe, wir alle zusammen, für die planetarische Transformation und Aufstieg zu erreichen. Jeder kann die Meditation auf seine eigene Weise tun. Zusammen werden wir ein starkes, geistiges Energiefeld schaffen, das dem Planetarischen Aufstieg sehr viel helfen wird. Jeder, der an dieser Meditation teilnimmt, kann sehr viel helfen und wird geschätzt!

Wir sind alle darin zusammen!

Sie können diese Musikunterstützung für die Meditation verwenden, wenn Sie wollen:

Das Steigen des Planeten ~ Meditationmusik ~ DNA-Aktivierungstonfrequenz …

Ascending Planet ~ Meditation Music ~ DNA Activation Sound Frequency

Danke von all unseren Herzen für Ihre Teilnahme und mögen unsere Herzen vereint sein im Herzen Gottes

Sein Sie alle gesegnet! In Liebe und Licht!

Teilen Sie bitte diese Meditation! Machen Sie sie viral!

Zeitzonen für die Aufstiegs Meditation
1.00 JSTmonday TOKYO

Remember for:

Exceptional event!

each sunday at 16.00 UTC:

Terrestrial and extra-terrestrial mixed meditation for Planetary Ascension

This meditation for Planetary Ascension is an exceptional Event which cumulates the sustained and united efforts of terrestrial, intra-terrestrial and extra-terrestrial beings who want to help this Planet in her Ascension process. It is not only a spiritual sustaining for this meditation, but a direct and effectively participation at this meditation of all of them.

At the beginning of this meditation which will be consecrated for the Ascension of Planet Earth in fifth dimension we will always ask for the direct sustain and participation of Father/Mother God, Ashtar and Ashtar Command, Sananda, Galactic Federation of Light, Supreme Galactic Council, Council of Elders, Ascendent Masters, Sanat Kumara, benevolent extra-terrestrial beings of The Great Central Race, pleiadians, arcturians, andromedans, sirians, antarians, alpha centaurians and all which want to participate, and also of The Celestial Beings of Light from all the Angelic Hierarchies, Archangels Michael and Gabriel and of The Beings of Light from the Inner Earth as King of Shambala, Adama, and so on (you can also invoke any other Beings of Light, Spiritual Masters and Guides which you know and previously ask for their consent).
Use your own technique of meditation as you feel guided into your heart or simply remain centered in your heart in a state of divine receptivity and feel the flow of grace from all the Divine Beings that were invoked descending into your heart and simultaneous embrace the Planet into your heart and orientate all the energy into an ascendent flow.
This meditation includes Cobra Meditation and is an extended meditation which benefits from an exceptional sustaining and participation.

This exceptional meditation for Planetary Ascension will be made each Sunday between 16.00-17.00 GMT.

It is now the moment for all of us the Light Workers, Light Warriors, Way showers from the entire Planet and ours brothers of Light from the Inner Earth and also for our extra-terrestrial brothers to reach a higher degree of unity and cooperation and help, all of us together, the Planetary transformation and ascension. Everyone can do the meditation in their own way. Together we will create a strong spiritual energy field which will help the Planetary Ascension very much. Everyone who participates in this meditation can help very much and is appreciated!

We are all in this together!

You can use this musical support for the meditation if you want:

Ascending Planet ~ Meditation Music ~ DNA Activation Sound Frequency…

Thank you from all of our hearts for your participation and may our hearts be united in the Heart of God!

Be blessed all of you! In Love and Light!

Please share this meditation! Make it viral!

Please see – Time zone for Acension meditation
1.00 JSTmonday TOKYO

Teil der Lösung

Danke dass du dir die Zeit nimmst, dieses Video anzuschauen. 🙏 Wenn du anderer Meinung bist, bitte sachlich bleiben. 🙂 Ich freue mich über Diskussion. Wenn du Fragen, Anregungen oder Feedback hast, kontaktiere mich gerne: Telegramm: Email: Instagram:… Quellen:… Musik:… Spenden:…
Das Video kann leider nicht hochgeladen werden > gebt auf youtube “ Demo 01.08.2020 #BERLIN – Tag der Freiheit “ oder “ Demo am 01.08.2020 in Berlin (Ankündigung – 500.000 angemeldet) / QUERDENKEN711 “ ein.

QUERDENKEN 711 – Wir für das Grundgesetz

BERLIN 01.08.2020 DAS ENDE DER PANDEMIE: DER TAG DER FREIHEIT * VERSAMMLUNG ANGEMELDET * 14:30 Uhr Eintreffen des Aufzugs (Info folgt) 15:30 Uhr Hauptkundgebung: Das Ende der Pandemie – Der Tag der Freiheit 18:30 Tanz für die Freiheit und die Grundrechte Für den 01.08.2020 haben wir gemeinsam mit nichtohneuns eine Versammlung mit 500.000 Teilnehmern in Berlin auf dem Tempelhofer Feld mit dem Titel „Das Ende der Pandemie: Der Tag der Freiheit“ angemeldet. Anselm und ich laden hiermit alle anderen Initiativen, die Hotel- und Reisebranche, die Busunternehmen, die Landwirte, die Veranstaltungstechniker, die Gewerkschaften und alle, die gemeinsam friedlich mit uns demonstrieren möchten, ein, an diesem Tag gemeinsam mit uns in Berlin aufzuschlagen. ————————————————————————————————————————————— KONTAKT ZU QUERDENKEN711 – Bitte die folgenden Möglichkeiten nutzen ————————————————————————————————————————————— FEEDBACK ZU UNSEREN DEMOS PROGRAMMBEITRAG EINREICHTEN (REDE/MUSIK) PRESSE-/INTERVIEW-ANFRAGE Infos hier:

UPDATE 01.07.2020 #honkforhope bringt Euch nach #Berlin! – BITTE NOCH ETWAS GEDULD! DETAILS FOLGEN ENDE DIESER WOCHE / SPÄTESTENS 03.07.2020