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An Arcturian Message

by Marilyn Raffaele

The Arcturian Group welcomes you once again to messages presented with love for the purpose of helping all who choose to attain a higher understanding of who they are and what is taking place on planet earth at this time.

The increasingly intense frequencies of Light now pouring to earth are assisting all who are spiritually prepared to achieve a new and higher state of consciousness but many are not consciously aware of their readiness and so continue to resist change, allowing themselves only to open to if forced through painful three dimensional experiences rather than from gentle ways of non-resistance.

Never doubt that every individual is aware of what they are entering into before incarnation because they themselves chose it. Everyone works with Guides, teachers, and members of their soul group to choose the parents and life situations that will best help them move beyond old programing and resolve karmic situations from past lifetimes in awaken into a higher level of awareness.

In three dimensional energy all this is forgotten because plans were made in a higher dimension and the individual is no longer able to align with those frequencies. Children often remember past lives and what life was like on the other side until they are three dimensionally taught by adults who tell them they are wrong.

Energetically sensitive young children often have a difficult time adjusting to the lower resonating energies of the third dimension. Never force a child into a situation that may seem ordinary to adult thinking but is causing them to experience fear or resistance. Even situations that seem ordinary like a large birthday party or loud music concert can overwhelm a young child or even an adult who is energetically sensitive.

Duality and separation beliefs that remain alive and well in individual consciousness will always express themselves in forms of good or bad because there is NO UNEXPRESSED CONSCIOUSNESS and even the smallest bit of old energy can manifest. The un-awakened do not understand this and so continue to create and further expand their three dimensional experiences with three dimensional solutions.

You have all lived many lifetimes during which you have had experiences of good, bad, and very bad. You have worn every color of skin and have been male/female/and both genders. Some of these lives were very short and some were very long. You have have lived mentally handicapped and extremely intelligent. You have been warriors and killers as well as peacemakers, and you have both hated and loved.

When you observe these things in the world around you, remember that there is a bigger plan than what meets the human eye, a plan in which each soul hopes to learn what he needs in order to awaken to his next level of awareness.

Once a person awakens to the deeper truths, he begins to stop thinking of himself as just a human who is subject to all the creations of duality and separation. Fear begins to lessen and life automatically becomes healthier and longer (unless the person chooses to leave) because their cells have begun to hold more of the body’s Divine Blueprint and fewer three dimensional beliefs about body. Physical living becomes less at the mercy of “fate” and more in the hands of the individual.

Allow Light to flood the cells of your physical body and speak to them. Give them permission to release all the old programing still being held from this and past lives and then avoid reprogramming them again through fear.

If God did not form ITself as…, then whatever it is has no law to maintain or sustain it. If God ever expressed ITself as disease, there would be no person, no mantra, no medical procedure, and no effort that could ever remove it because the creations of God are held forever in place by Divine Law.

It is a new time dear ones, one in which many commonly accepted beliefs are quickly dissolving. Each day more awaken in response to the intense waves of higher dimensional energy pouring to earth. Gaia who is a living soul and not a piece of dirt to be used and abused has had enough. She is shifting to her higher dimensional self and allowing her inhabitants to come with her if they choose.

Be prepared for more earth events, for the clash of differing levels of energy can and often does result in chaos. The old versus the new will express in whatever way it is able. All is proceeding according to plan and all is exactly where it needs to be so take your focus off of appearances and put it within where the answers lie.

It is commonly stated that a problem cannot be solved on the level of the problem but this is exactly what the world continues to do. Begin to meet the issues in your lives with truth and not with solutions wholly based in a belief system that is fast becoming obsolete. This does not mean you cannot see a doctor if you are guided to, or see a lawyer for advice but it means that you take your higher awareness with you, letting yourself be intuitively guided as well as being advised.

Stop analyzing everything according three dimensional concepts of how things should or must be.

Depending on old solutions and programs to bring about permanent and peaceful resolutions between people or situations will never be permanent and will always be subject to change because they are formed of duality and separation. Many know this but are afraid to rely on it.

Omnipresent Divine Consciousness is infinitely expressing ITself. Mind interprets the One Divine Consciousness according to whatever conditioned beliefs a person has accepted in his or her personal expression of the One Consciousness.

Learn to trust your intuition, seeking answers about anything and everything from within rather than from the level of the question. All answers lie within you because your true essence is Omniscient Divine Consciousness. The unconditioned mind of a person who has attained a consciousness of oneness is able to translate the events of the person’s life from a higher level and into forms of completeness and wholeness that are personal to the individual.

For example; A self realized surgeon will get new ideas about surgery if needed and a self realized mechanic will find himself knowing how to fix a complicated auto problem. Neither will get the other’s information unless they need it. It is unconditioned consciousness translated by an unconditioned mind into individual understandable form.

Learn to think of yourselves as spiritual beings, not so much as one with God, but actually being God and thus embodying all that constitutes Divine Consciousness–I AM wholeness, abundance, safety and security, harmony, completeness etc. etc. now. ONE can never be in conflict with or separated from ITself. Separation is the myth of humanhood.

You are in charge of you–always have been and always will be but you have not known this. No priest, guru, class, crystal, rule, or mantra has the power to make you more than you already are. A realized consciousness of Oneness is the key that opens all doors. When you first know, accept, begin to live from, and then allow oneness to become your state of consciousness, you open the door to its expression in even the smallest of ways.

Let go of beliefs about what you need or must have in order to be happy for they represent nothing more than majority concepts about happiness. To continue holding on to them only serves to block something higher, better, and yet unknown just waiting to express.

Trust, Trust, Trust. Your higher self knows where you belong and how to get you there. Get out of your own way dear ones, and allow your already fully present Divine Consciousness to express.

The Arcturian Group






Newsletter September 2019

Dear brothers and sisters of the Tribe of Many Colors,

For eleven years I have taught and repeated the phrase “We are the strongest of the strong. We are the prophesied tribe of people who will ban together to stand for something great and move humanity into a new era! We are the rainbow tribe. We are those who are willing to stand next to our brothers and sisters from every background, every race, religion, culture, and nation with love in our hearts and the willingness to create change, hope and healing for our Mother Earth and each other.” This has never been said on a whim or as something nice to make you feel special but as a wake-up call.  A wake-up call to your own power and greatness in a time when Mother Earth would need the strongest of souls to gather together with one powerful mission to move humanity back into the circle of life.
Our world is changing rapidly brothers and sisters. Global warming threatens every eco-system on our planet and with it every species that lives here. Our beloved earth has gone through many climate changes throughout the 4 billion years she has existed but please understand, these climate changes are due to very small variations in Earth’s orbit that change the amount of solar energy our planet receives and on average have taken hundreds of thousands of years to change. The current and extreme climate change we are facing today is the result of human activity since around the 1950s. This change in climate is not a gradual thing taking hundreds of thousands of years, it has taken less than 100. We are living through the greatest planetary change in human history and not one of us will go unaffected by the global temperature rise. We are literally standing on a knifes edge… and it’s time for us to act! I believe in humanity, I believe in the good and with that good, I believe that human beings working together can make a great change. But if we want to see that change we ALL must do something. Eat less meat, or better yet stop eating meat altogether if you can. Refuse single-use plastics, support the children marching for a better future around the world, make your voices heard, sign petitions, put pressure on your governments to refuse goods from countries like Brazil whose leaders are burning the Rainforest for profit. Pick up trash where you see it in the water or on the ground, consume responsibly, and most importantly Be Love. While our world faces great and difficult changes we cannot allow ourselves to sink into the depression and sadness of what surrounds us, but rather let it light a fire in your bones to be the Strongest of the Strong! Let it empower you to stand for something and to act. More than ever we need to create a deep and personal relationship with our Mother Earth and understand the web of life. We are those who must make a stand and protect the health and happiness of our world and the generations to come after us. It’s time to be the Strongest of the Strong!

I will be focusing my lectures, workshops and ceremonies on how to empower the people! It is time for us to remember who we are and take our place as the great warriors and protectors of our Mother Earth!

It is time to become empowered!
It is time to move into the Sacred!
It is time for ceremony!

Love Little Grandmother

Upcoming Events 2019-202021-22 September: Shamanic Journey in Bern (Switzerland)
28-29 September: Shamanic Journey in Austria (FULL)
13 October: Creating a Sacred Circle and Crystal Ceremony IJssel (NL) (Part of Proceeds go to protect Brasilian Rainforest)
26 October: Creating a Sacred Circle Frankfurt
2-3 November: shamanic Journey (FULL)
1 Dec: Event with Maori Elder Toroa & Little Grandmother Kiesha “Praying for Mother Earth!”
1-2 February: Shamanic Journey in Dalfsen (NL)

More info and registration:
or email Joyce,

I love you dearest Tribe of Many Colors.

Little Grandmother, Kiesha Crowther

To learn more or purchase the book, go to 


EVENTS in 2019-2020 with Little Grandmother, Kiesha Crowther

Upcoming Events 2019-2020

21-22 September: Shamanic Journey in Bern (Switzerland)
28-29 September: Shamanic Journey in Austria (FULL)
13 October: Creating a Sacred Circle and Crystal Ceremony IJssel (NL)
26 October: Creating a Sacred Circle Frankfurt
2-3 November: shamanic Journey (FULL)
1 Dec: Event with Maori Elder Toroa
1-2 February: Shamanic Journey in Dalfsen (NL)

More info and registration:
or email Joyce,

BIG EVENT 1st December 2019


Maori Elder Toroa & Little Grandmother Kiesha

Praying for Mother Earth! (NL)

Warriors for Mother Earth

Join me & Toroa in this year’s big event to pray, sing, and dance for the healing of Mother Earth!
We will be focussing our prayers and energies for the rains to fall upon the thousands of fires burning all over the world. For the protection of the animal kingdom whom many face extinction at this time, and for the indigenous peoples and their sacred lands! Join me and my honored guest, Maori Elder Toroa Aperahama for a powerful Haka and an evening of united prayer for change and protection of our Beloved Mother Earth!

Our world is on fire and its time for us to become the warriors and protectors Mother Earth needs us to be!

Bring your drums, bring your rattles and crystals, bring your hearts filled with passions and your voices ready to sing!

Love Little Grandmother

Place: Oudhoornsekerk Alphen aan de Rijn

Date and Time: 1st December Sunday afternoon at 14:00 – 17:00

Price: 35 euros

Buy ticket:
Bank transfer: NL52 TRIO 0197840205, Name: Little Grandmother

As soon as the payment is received we will send the ticket to your email address. (please write the email in the bank transfer) For more info and any questions: email Joyce,

Creating Sacred Circle & Crystal Ceremony River IJssel

Sunday 13 October in Zutphen (NL)
Part of Proceeds go to protect the Rainforest in the Amazon

Afternoon dedicated to the Healing of Mother Earth
Workshop in Zutphen (NL)

A part of the proceeds will go to a non-profit foundation that protects parts of the Amazon Forest in Brasil. 

This event will be dedicated to connecting ourselves to Mother Earth and offering her prayers of healing. We will be spending time in ceremony at the water’s edge of the river IJssel.

We will be creating a sacred circle and offering prayers to the four directions, the four elements, and our elders.

If you have a drum please bring it with you. If you have any crystals you would like to offer to the water, please bring it with you ass well.

In this workshop you will learn and experience in-depth:

– a deeper understanding of the four directions on this planet and in you
– a deeper understanding of the medicine wheel and how to make one
– a deeper understanding of sacred ceremony and conducting one
– working with crystals
– working with the elements and four directions in your everyday life
– How to connect to Mother Earth
– Guided Meditations

Place: Vrije School de Berkel, Henri Dunantweg 4, Zutphen
(15 min lopen vanaf het station, Parkeren Houtwal is 4 min lopen (op zondag gratis), Parkeren Polsbroek is 12 min lopen (op zondag gratis)

Time: 13:00 – 17:00

Price: 50 euros

A part of the proceeds: A part of the proceeds will go to the non-profit foundation “Stichting t.b.v. Bewustwording en Natuurbehoud”

This foundation is going to protect 150 soccer fields (1.000.000 m2) of ancient Brasilian Amazonian forest in de province of Acre, close to the border with Bolivia.

The foundation has contact with locals and will donate the money to a community that is deeply connected to Nature and Indigenous people, as the Huni Kuin Indians.

Every euro counts to protect and preserve a piece of land, so indigenous people can keep living on their rightful land, preserve their wisdom and guarantee the protection of their forest. More info about this initiative:, created by Ray Frenzel.

Buy ticket:
Bank transfer: NL52TRIO0197840205, Name: Little Grandmother

More info: Joyce,

Animal Totem reading by Little Grandmother

Your Animal Totem          

Animal totems, why do we have them and what do they mean?

Since I was eight years old, I could see a particular animal in the center of each person’s chest. The animal totem is there to teach you and guide you throughout your life.

When you know what your animal totem is, you can become more aware of its presence. You can be grateful for the animal totem being with you and grateful for its guidance and its blessings in your life. When you know what your animal totem is, you must learn all you can about this animal. What are its abilities? What are its strengths and weaknesses? Knowing these things you can learn so much more about yourself. You can also learn about what elements can help you. If your animal totem is a water animal, water is very powerful for you. It can be calming and energy empowering. If you have an earth animal like the badger or an armadillo who burrow into the ground, your strongest element would be the soil. This will help ground you and center your energy and bring you peace of mind and heart.

Read more about your Animal Totem, and how to receive it:


Dear Unify Family,

I’m sure you’ve heard of the forest fires raging in the Amazon.
As the lungs of our Earth are burning you may be feeling the outrage and the pain of this whole situation.We are too. Could this be our opportunity to Unify?

Maybe you are asking yourself “What can we actually do to save the Rainforest?”

The situation almost seems hopeless and it is multi-faceted.

We put our hearts and minds together and this is what we are going to do together:


  1. Coordinate an international response of skilled Wildland Firefighters from regions around the world that know how to address fires at this scale – They will be creating cut lines and water bombing the fires in shifts. Our partners, Flashover Disaster Management and Global Empowerment Mission will be helping us create the strategy and implement it with resources already on the ground.


  1. Work together with all the heroic organizations and the Indigenous Tribes that are on the front lines and unify a movement to protect the rainforest and create international pressure on the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro to do right by humanity – Amazon Watch, Extinction Rebellion,, Greenpeace, Avaaz, etc.


  1. Work with regenerative agriculture specialists who can restore the most bio-diverse eco-system on the planet and protect them by putting acres into Land Trusts. Our partners at Rainforest Trust buy acres of devastated land in the Amazon and re-forest them.


  1. Orchestrate a synchronized prayer and meditation vigil for rain in the Amazon. This is all a symptom of humanity being out of alignment with the natural forces. Let’s restore that balance and make peace with Pachamama.
Please donate here to these organizations and we will make sure they are supported with what they need to do play their critical roles in this crisis.
Join us on International Amazon Day, September 5th at 11am PDT
for a livestream @
Including a Synchronized Guided Meditation @ 12 pm PDT.
We will be joined on the Livestream by:
  • Elders from the 13 International Indigenous Grandmothers
    • Grandmother Mona Polacca of the Hopi/Havasupai/Tewa
    • Grandmother Flordemayo of the Maya
  • Chief Phil Lane
  • Leaders from tribes in the Amazon
  • Atossa Soltani from Amazon Watch
  • Leaders from the Global Empowerment Mission and Flashover Disaster Management
  • and other special guests
Protecting the Amazon is the greatest act of peace we can make together.
We look forward to sharing hearts and empowering the noble missions underway.
These are some of the organizations we are working hand in hand with:
– sent with the deepest love and gratitude for you from the entire UNIFY family
At UNIFY, we conduct Global Synchronized Meditations and Collective Social Impact Campaigns to contribute to the growing field of peace on earth. We unite communities to elevate consciousness on Peace Day, Yoga Day, Water Day, Earth Day, and more. If you’ve read this far, please know we love you!




Blessing of the Energy Centers Live Stream Presented by Dr. Joe Dispenza
Bless Your Energy Centers To Download New Frequencies From The Quantum Field
September 18th | 6:00am EST

“When that energy begins to come out, there’s a pattern in the field that begins to open up.”

– Dr Joe Dispenza
For Live Stream translations into german and spanish language go to  and
Why Your Perception Of Reality Is Holding You Back From Infinite Possibilities

The more you define reality with your senses and focus primarily on the physical, you cannot sense the invisible field of frequencies, information and infinite possibilities.

If you are unaware of these frequencies, they do not exist to you, and you will never experience a reality full of infinite possibilities. Until you become aware of your body’s energy field, you will be stuck in a reality that looks like this…
  • Always preparing for the worst case scenario as your body is taken over by the hormones of stress
  • Trying to control or force outcomes in your life resulting in the creation of repeated negative experiences
  • Obsessing about your problems and giving all of your attention to what is wrong in your life
  • ​​​Being confused and helpless because your brain is sending incoherent messages to your body
  • ​​Feeling anxious and unworthy to create a better circumstance for yourself
During the Blessing of the Energy Centers live stream meditation, you are going to send and receive frequencies that:
Opens you up to insights, epiphanies, and creative downloads of frequency and information from the quantum field
Creates an overwhelming feeling of gratitude and worthiness to receive blessings in your life
Epigenetically changes the expression of your DNA to biologically upgrade your body
Creates syntropy in your body so you can become more coherent, orderly, and healthy
Ascends energy from your heart directly to your brain, creating a new consciousness of wholeness
Tune into a new level of light and information that you can use to influence and affect matter
Changes In Energy From The Blessing of the Energy Centers Meditation
In our retreats, we use a gas discharge visualization machine that measures the ambient electromagnetic field of our students to see how their energy changes after the Blessing of the Energy Centers meditation.
The images show GDV measurements of students’ energy centers before and after the Blessing of the Energy Centers meditation. Notice the difference in the size and the alignment of each center.
These GDV measurements show the radical change in our participants electromagnetic field and energy before and after our Blessing of the Energy Centers meditation that you will experience on the live stream.
The Pineal Gland Explained By Science
As you connect to deeper levels of the unified field, the brain is activated by a greater energy that carries specific information in the form of thoughts and imagery. In that moment, the increased energy in the form of a profoundly powerful emotion captures all the mind’s attention.
The Pineal Gland Releases Its Metabolites

Cerebrospinal fluid moves through a closed system called the ventricular system. When you inhale and follow your breath to the top of your head and then hold your breath and squeeze up and in, you are accelerating the cerebrospinal fluid.

On the surface of the pineal gland are tiny hairs called cilia. The accelerated fluid moving faster than normal tickles the tiny hairs, which overstimulates the pineal gland. The overstimulation combined with the electrical activation created by an increase in intrathecal pressure, causes the gland to ejaculate some very profound, upgraded metabolites of melatonin into the brain.
Deliver Energy Directly To The Brain

As energy is released from the body to the brain, it passes by each spinal nerve exiting between each vertebra. The excitation of this system further switches on the peripheral nerves, which then transfer more energy to different tissues and organs in the body.

As a result, more energy is delivered throughout the body. In a sense, you become more conscious and awakened.

Create an Electromagnetic Field Around Your Body

As you accelerate the movement of cerebrospinal fluid, you create an electromagnetic field around your body. When the torus field is moving up, out, and around your body, and when the pineal gland becomes activated, a reverse torus field of electromagnetic energy is drawing energy into your body through the top of your head.

Since all frequency carries information, now your pineal gland is receiving information from beyond the visible light field. You’ve now created an antenna in your brain, and this antenna is picking up information from the quantum field.
Everything You Need To Know About Your Energy Centers
The Light Spectrum of Electromagnetic Frequencies
This figure represents the entire spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies from the zero-point field slowing down in frequency all the way to matter. In the middle, labeled visible light, is the only spectrum of reality we perceive.
The Energy Centers
Each energy center has its own specific energy that carries its own frequency carrying a certain message. Think of these individual clusters of neurological networks as mini-brains.
The Flow of Creative Energy In The Body
As we evolve our creative energy, it can be channeled from the first center all the way up to the brain and beyond. Once we feel enlightened energy, we begin to truly feel worthy and the energy can finally rise to activate the eighth center, where we receive visions, insights, and manifestations, that come from a greater power in and around us.
How Your Energy Gets Stuck
When energy becomes stuck in our body, it cannot flow to the higher centers, and we cannot evolve. Getting that circuit flowing the way it was designed to do is the whole point of doing the Blessing of the Energy Centers meditation—we bless each of these centers so we can get stuck energy flowing again.




You can find more testimonials here  >




Published on Apr 1, 2018

Können wir den Medien vertrauen? Diese Frage stellte der Schweizer Historiker und Friedensforscher Dr. Daniele Ganser in seinem 60 Minuten langen Vortrag in Basel am 3. März 2018. Ganser betont, dass es sehr wohl gute Journalisten gibt. Es gibt keinen Grund umfassend allen Medienberichten zu misstrauen. Aber die Zeit, in der man den Medien blind vertraute, sei vorbei, so Ganser. Denn es gibt immer wieder Manipulationen, Verdrehungen, Lügen und Kriegspropaganda in den Medien. Ganser rät beim Medienkonsum wachsam zu sein und stets die eigenen Gedanken und Gefühle zu beobachten. Was wird auf der Ebene der Gedanken und Gefühle ausgelöst, wenn ich dieses lese oder jenes sehe? Daniele Ganser präsentiert im Vortrag konkret 11 Mediengeschichten und fordert jedesmal das Publikum dazu auf, den Blick nach innen zu richten, um zu erkennen, was die Geschichten für eine Wirkung haben.
Dies sind die elf Geschichten: 1) In Frankreich hat 2007 die Zeitung “Paris Match” das Bild von Präsident Sarkozy im Kanu manipuliert. 2) In Grossbritannien hat 1997 die Zeitung “Mirror” das Diana-Bild manipuliert, um einen Kuss mit Dodi vorzutäuschen. 3) In der Schweiz hat 1997 die Zeitung “Blick” das Bild zum Luxor-Terroranschlag manipuliert und eine Wasserlache rot eingefärbt, so dass diese wie Blut aussah. 4) In den USA hat 2015 die Zeitung “New York Times” das Bild der Politiker, welche nach dem Pariser Terroranschlag auf einer Seitenstrasse demonstrierten, unfair geschnitten, so dass es aussah, als ob die Spitzenpolitiker sich unter das Volk gemischt hätten. 5) In Israel hat 2015 die Zeitung “HaMevaser” Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel aus dem Paris-Bild geschnitten. 6) In Deutschland hat 2012 das ZDF das Homs-Video falsch zugeordnet. 7) Weltweit hat Facebook 2016, während dem US Wahlkampf, die falsche Geschichte verbreitet der Papst unterstütze Präsident Trump. 8) In Deutschland hat 2003 die Zeitung “Bild” im Vorfeld des Irakkrieges behauptet, Saddam Hussein habe ABC Waffen, was falsch war. 9) In Grossbritannien hat 2003 die Zeitung “Sun” behauptet, dass Bin Laden mit Saddam Hussein kooperiere, was gelogen war. 10) In Grossbritannien berichtete BBC am 11. September 2001, während den Terroranschlägen, zu früh über den Einsturz von WTC7. 11) In der Schweiz hat 2018 die “Aargauer Zeitung” unfair über diese Tagung im Scala Basel berichtet, noch bevor die Veranstaltung überhaupt begann.
Am Schluss bedankt sich Daniele Ganser noch bei dem deutschen Journalisten Ken Jebsen (vom Presseportal KenFM) und dem Geographen Rainer Rothfuss für ihren Mut und die gute Zusammenarbeit und bittet beide auf die Bühne. Alle drei blicken mit Freude zurück auf den Tübinger Vortrag “Medial vermittelte Feindbilder und die Anschläge vom 11. September 2001 – Vortrag von Daniele Ganser”, der auf YouTube inzwischen die 1Millionen-Views-Grenze überschritten hat. Daniele Ganser:

Published on Sep 4, 2019

Tagesschau macht Außenpolitik! Weit ab vom Staatsvertrag der ARD. Im Staatsvertrag des ARD-Senders, der die Tagesschau produziert, ist auch der Programmauftrag formuliert. Demnach hat auch die Tagesschau den “Rundfunkteilnehmern und Rundfunkteilnehmerinnen einen objektiven und umfassenden Überblick über das internationale, europäische, nationale und länderbezogene Geschehen in allen wesentlichen Lebensbereichen zu geben.” Soweit die gesetzliche Grundlage und der Auftrag. Die MACHT-UM-ACHT untersucht die Wirklichkeit, die Praxis der wichtigsten Nachrichtensendung Deutschlands. Unter der Überschrift “Nahe Biarritz – Gewalt und Festnahmen bei G7-Protest” macht die Tagesschau aus der Alternative zum G7-Gipfel eine Krawall-Nummer. Kein Wort von den Inhalten der Protestierenden. Andere Medien können es zeitgleich besser. Zum Beispiel “euronews”, ein Kanal der NBC Universal. Dort wusste man von Umweltaktivisten und von den Autonomie-Bestrebungen der Basken zu berichten. Man ließ sogar Teilnehmer der Proteste zu Wort kommen. Der deutsche Sender stellte sich mal wieder tot. Objektive und umfassende Überblicke? Fehlanzeige.
Mit der Überschrift “Israel greift Syrien an – Bombardements gegen ‘Killerdrohnen‘” übernimmt die ARD schlicht die Sprachregelung des israelischen Militärs. Natürlich ohne die Frage nach dem Völkerrecht aufzuwerfen oder den wichtigen Hintergrund der andauernden widerrechtlichen Besetzung der syrischen Golan-Hohen durch Israel auch nur zu erwähnen. Stattdessen dieser Rechtfertigungssatz der Hamburger Redaktion: “Israel hatte in der Vergangenheit mehrfach betont, dass der Iran nicht dauerhaft Militär in Syrien stationieren dürfe.” Dass ein souveräner Staat wie Syrien auf seinem Gebiet Militär jeglicher Art stationieren kann, ist den “Außenpolitikern” der Tagesschau offenkundig unbekannt. Man hat in der Redaktion eindeutig die Haltung der Kanzlerin zu Israel, die das Netanyahu-Regime in die deutsche Staatsräson einbezieht, völlig verinnerlicht. Ein Höhepunkt falscher Außenpolitik ist diese Überschrift zur Vorbereitung der Landtagswahlen: “Brandenburg und Sachsen – Viele fühlen sich als Bürger zweiter Klasse”. Fühlen? Das meint offensichtlich, die Brandenburger und Sachsen hätten bloß so ein Gefühl. Die harten Fakten, die dem “Gefühl” zugrunde liegen, will die Tagesschau einfach nicht erzählen:
– 95 Prozent des volkseigenen Wirtschaftsvermögens gingen in westliche Hände über. – die Bevölkerungszahl in Ostdeutschland entspricht heute der von 1905, ist also vorindustriell. – die Zahl der bundesdeutschen Millionäre verdoppelte sich mit der Wende auf über eine Million. – im Osten stieg mit der D-Mark die Zahl der Arbeitslosen von null auf vier Millionen. – die Ost-Eliten wurde mit der Wende fast komplett gegen Funktionäre aus dem Westen ausgewechselt. Gefühl? Die Bürger der ehemaligen DDR wurden in die Zweit- und Drittklassigkeit gestoßen. Der Hamburger Sender zelebriert mit dem Begriff “Gefühl” eine Art West-Außenpolitik gegenüber dem Osten der Bundesrepublik: Arrogant oder blöde oder beides? Ganz sicher ist die Meldung weder objektiv noch umfassend.
Diese und andere Produkte der Tagesschau-Redaktion zeichnet die MACHT-UM-ACHT-Redaktion, die Alternative zur Tagesschau, mit einem Warndreieck aus. “Denn kaputte Nachrichten”, so Uli Gellermann, “machen Köpfe kaputt. Davor warnen wir.” Bei dieser Aktion helfen die Zuschauer der MACHT-UM-ACHT mit ihren Mails. Unter der folgenden Mailadresse DIE-MACHT-UM-ACHT@KENFM.DE können die Zuschauer weitere Vorschläge für Warndreiecke einsenden. Dafür bedanken wir uns herzlich. Der Journalist und Filmemacher Uli Gellermann beschäftigt sich seit Jahren mit der Dauermanipulation der Tagesschau. Gemeinsam mit den Co-Autoren, Volker Bräutigam und Friedhelm Klinkhammer, schrieb er das Buch „Die Macht um Acht: der Faktor Tagesschau“. Eine herausragende Lektüre über die tägliche Nachrichtensendung der ARD. Bei KenFM nimmt er mit dem gleichnamigen Format die subtile Gehirnwäsche der Tagesschau alle zwei Wochen unter die Lupe. +++ Abonniere jetzt den KenFM-Newsletter: +++
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I have been a part of a lot of great podcasts. I have learned so much from my guests and their experiences. That said, I am confident that this interview with Dr. Joe Dispenza just might have the biggest impact. Bestselling author of my favorite books You Are the Placebo and Becoming Supernatural, Dr. Joe Dispenza scientifically breaks down the literal impact our mindset has on our biology and energetic fingerprint. Dispenza has the data, and can deconstruct the mystical in such a rational and scientific way that it makes it hard to remain a skeptic. So jump in with me and open your mind to what is possible. Last but not least, please help support the podcast by checking out our sponsors. Of course, the day 1, my company Onnit, and our new sponsor Truff hot sauce, which is like heaven in a bottle. It’s truffles. It’s hot sauce. It’s insane. Head to or use code word AUBREY for 15% off.
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Hello everyone! Several big themes came up in the September Energy Update: GRIEF leading into transformation and POWER – the integration of power, the healing around power and new levels of power hitting you in your life. Also, HEART RESONANCE and HEART ENERGY are going to be our lighthouses this month. We are learning to listen to our hearts, listen to our bodies, listen to our senses at an all NEW LEVEL for us, and it isn’t how most of us were trained, but it’s beginning to become the norm. So when you ask your heart how you’re doing and what you should do next, it’s going to invite you often to REST, to PAUSE, to have a moment of PRESENCE to remind you that it’s all okay. So it’s a paradigm shift for sure. The one other piece to look out for this month (and this really relates to heart energy too), you might find that you’re HEALING some old power abuses or reactions. Because as we enter this new phase of authentic power, we look at power from all sides – the lighter and brighter sides and the shadow sides. So there’s a lot going on – integration, power and heart – a bit of a triad. Take care everyone, Lee
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Mit freundlicher Erlaubnis vom J. Kamphausen Verlag Die 2 für mich wertvollsten Bücher und Kinderbücher, die ich je gelesen habe Eckhart Tolle Jetzt! Die Kraft der Gegenwart: Eine neue Erde: 2 Kinderbücher (auch für Erwachsene geeignet): Tolles Tierleben: und Miltons Geheimnis: Hier noch zwei weitere Meisterwerke von Eckhart Tolle: Stille spricht: Leben im Jetzt:


Published on Aug 28, 2019

In ihrer neuen Gesprächsreihe “Die Lust am Leben – Über die Kunst ein erfülltes Leben zu führen” spricht Simone Langendörfer mit der Bestseller Autorin Anke Evertz. Simone Langendörfer ist Achtsamkeits-Expertin. Mit ihrem innovativen Mentaltraining Self-fulfilling Management® positionierte sie sich als Beraterin in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz. Sie ist erfolgreiche Buchautorin und regelmäßig in unterschiedlichen TV-Formaten zu Gast.
Ihr Gast heute ist Anke Evertz mit der sie sich darüber unterhält, was es bedarf um ein glückliches und erfülltes Leben zu führen. Im September 2009 erlitt sie einen schweren Brandunfall. Daraufhin befand sie sich neun Tage im Koma und erfuhr in dieser Zeit eine Nahtoderfahrung. Hier wurden ihr die Gesetzmäßigkeiten der geistigen Welt erklärt. Sie traf auf ihren “geistigen Lehrer”, der sie mit der Wirkung ihrer Gedanken konfrontierte. Sie sah ihren Lebensfilm. Während der Zeit des Komas besuchte sie immer wieder ihren Körper, der einbandagiert mit Verbrennungen im Gesicht und der Hände auf der Intensivstation im Krankenhaus von den Ärzten versorgt wurde. Es war ihr freier Wille schließlich wieder in ihr irdisches Leben zurück zu kommen. Die Erinnerungen ihrer beeindruckenden “Reise in höhere Dimensionen” brachte sie mit. Auch ihr Leben veränderte sich in allen Bereichen: Sie konnte und wollte nicht mehr in ihrer begrenzten und begrenzenden Verstandeswelt leben. Sie “bewohnt” seither ihren Körper liebevoll und achtsam. Sie fühlt sich eins mit der Quelle und steht nach wie vor mit ihr in Resonanz. Nach neun Jahren beschloss Anke Evertz ein Buch über ihre Erfahrungen zu schreiben, die wirklich einzigartig sind. Heute hält sie Vorträge und Seminare und teilt ihren wertvollen Wissensschatz mit den Menschen. Erfahren Sie hier mehr über Anke Evertz: Das Buch “Neun Tage Unendlichkeit” von Anke Evertz finden Sie hier:

Dear Beautiful,

Whether it’s noticed as a rumbling of deeply buried emotions, the sense that everyone around you is on edge and about to explode, or just a feeling off from your known sensations of alignment, there is no doubt that something big is going down on planet Earth. At this moment, the majority of energies that create feelings of being off kilter is the gravitational force of our planet literally shifting into 5D consciousness.

While many people have grandiose notions of what life will be like on a 5D Earth, many overlook the sacred milestones that let us know that such a shift is underway.

No matter how hard you work to stay positive, remain centered, or be as present as possible, such activities employ the ego to do the busy work, while often perceiving moments of ‘feeling off’ as some sort of punishment or indication that enough work has yet to be done. This is why in the new spiritual paradigm, endless spiritual busy work is replaced with authentic self-care. Such self-care won’t guarantee specific outcomes, but it will transform your daily experiences — out of the brink of despair and into the light of true emotional freedom.

In understanding the inner workings of alchemy, feelings of displacement indicate movement, whether occurring on a physical, emotional, or energetic level. Movement, whether the movement of thought, the changing of your emotions, or even the birth and death of each passing moment acts as the evidence of change in motion. If run by a spiritual ego, you are likely to perceive the alchemical movements of change in action as proof of feeling off. Once defined as a problem or a less than desirable experience, your ego will work hard to change your experience, even though that may not be anything close to what you need to face, heal, and process in any given moment. Then, when the ego cannot decisively shift your experience out of the ‘offness’ you perceive, it creates a bigger enemy out of what is merely the evidence of your highest evolution in progress.

While your ego has the right to dislike any way in which this process unfolds, it doesn’t mean your energy field has malfunctioned or is less aligned with the Universe.

It’s simply a matter of undergoing a radical awakening process, where your ego is being stripped of its imagined sense of control, while it works diligently to control the nature of your experience. As we learn to relax our nervous system through extensive breath work, authentic self love, daily entries in a gratitude journal, along with many other facets of self-care, we are able to cultivate a vibration of consciousness that allows the nervous system to remain relaxed, even when the tumultuous terrain of change is occurring. As your nervous system learns to welcome change and even be excited about change, instead of intimidated by it, there become fewer and fewer messages sent to your ego asking it to save you from what is truly your highest expansion under way.

The ego is often a forgetful homeowner, who chases construction workers off its property, forgetting the crew was hired to rebuild the home that once dwelled on a plot of land. In the same way, your ego attempts to undo all the healing underway, just so you can feel more immediate relief, even though it truly plays no part in how, why, and what you manifest. Gone are the days where you needed to live every moment in some fantasy of alignment, as if the Universe is waiting for your most incredible spiritual performance before giving you the things that are already destined to be.

When not blinded by the ego’s insistence on what should happen, when it should happen, and why, you are able to see high vibration as an awareness of this process, which makes it so much easier and far more magical to get through. Whereas, in a low vibration, there is less awareness of a divine plan, which makes it nearly instinctive to believe in perceptions of fear, struggle, doubt, scarcity, and separation.

The more we allow ‘feeling off’ to be the vital proof that we are expanding into 5D consciousness, the less controlling the ego tends to be, as your nervous system relaxes in the presence of existential progress. When ‘feeling off’ can be a tangible sign of huge energetic processes being worked out in you and throughout the planet, you are able to see through the veil of fear and step beyond the threshold of superstition once and for all.

When ‘feeling off’ doesn’t remind you of how misaligned you are, but simply reflects how much self care is needed to support the huge leaps in consciousness being made on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, you will have outsmarted even the spiritual ego with the wisdom that only unconditional love may know.

You may not like how it feels and you may not know where any of this is headed, but you most certainly couldn’t ever be off course, unless your personal agenda differs from the divine plan of Universal will. It’s not wrong to’ feel off’. It’s a sign of massive expansions under way. The question is, can you allow yourself to relax and welcome in this depth of healing, even when it doesn’t feel the way you desire?

These feelings won’t last forever. Life most certainly will get better and will most likely begin to shift once ‘feeling off’, triggered, resistant, defensive or shut down is not wrong to experience in any way. Once its not against the spiritual law to feel exactly as you do, you will have created the proper space and perspective to tune into your needs and assist in the healing progress — now that any part of your healing is no longer being judged.

May the love of Source carry you forward and walk you home through the loving presence I transmit — from my heart to yours.

All For Love,


So many of us yearn to answer the call by being the change we wish to see, but how do we actually do that in a way that makes sense to the details and demands of our everyday lives?

This is why Matt created Project Resolution: a free monthly call series to unite our intentions, align our vibrations and aim our desires for a heart-centered society– to create tangible change from an energetic and emotional perspective.

You’ve heard of the power of prayer circles. You’ve seen the effects of group meditation. Now we take things a step further by gathering on a monthly basis to receive guidance channeled from Spirit, and implement the exact action steps that complement the Divine Plan already under way.

Please join Matt & people from all across the globe THIS THURSDAY, 9/5
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