Newsletter September 2019

Dear brothers and sisters of the Tribe of Many Colors,

For eleven years I have taught and repeated the phrase “We are the strongest of the strong. We are the prophesied tribe of people who will ban together to stand for something great and move humanity into a new era! We are the rainbow tribe. We are those who are willing to stand next to our brothers and sisters from every background, every race, religion, culture, and nation with love in our hearts and the willingness to create change, hope and healing for our Mother Earth and each other.” This has never been said on a whim or as something nice to make you feel special but as a wake-up call.  A wake-up call to your own power and greatness in a time when Mother Earth would need the strongest of souls to gather together with one powerful mission to move humanity back into the circle of life.
Our world is changing rapidly brothers and sisters. Global warming threatens every eco-system on our planet and with it every species that lives here. Our beloved earth has gone through many climate changes throughout the 4 billion years she has existed but please understand, these climate changes are due to very small variations in Earth’s orbit that change the amount of solar energy our planet receives and on average have taken hundreds of thousands of years to change. The current and extreme climate change we are facing today is the result of human activity since around the 1950s. This change in climate is not a gradual thing taking hundreds of thousands of years, it has taken less than 100. We are living through the greatest planetary change in human history and not one of us will go unaffected by the global temperature rise. We are literally standing on a knifes edge… and it’s time for us to act! I believe in humanity, I believe in the good and with that good, I believe that human beings working together can make a great change. But if we want to see that change we ALL must do something. Eat less meat, or better yet stop eating meat altogether if you can. Refuse single-use plastics, support the children marching for a better future around the world, make your voices heard, sign petitions, put pressure on your governments to refuse goods from countries like Brazil whose leaders are burning the Rainforest for profit. Pick up trash where you see it in the water or on the ground, consume responsibly, and most importantly Be Love. While our world faces great and difficult changes we cannot allow ourselves to sink into the depression and sadness of what surrounds us, but rather let it light a fire in your bones to be the Strongest of the Strong! Let it empower you to stand for something and to act. More than ever we need to create a deep and personal relationship with our Mother Earth and understand the web of life. We are those who must make a stand and protect the health and happiness of our world and the generations to come after us. It’s time to be the Strongest of the Strong!

I will be focusing my lectures, workshops and ceremonies on how to empower the people! It is time for us to remember who we are and take our place as the great warriors and protectors of our Mother Earth!

It is time to become empowered!
It is time to move into the Sacred!
It is time for ceremony!

Love Little Grandmother

Upcoming Events 2019-202021-22 September: Shamanic Journey in Bern (Switzerland)
28-29 September: Shamanic Journey in Austria (FULL)
13 October: Creating a Sacred Circle and Crystal Ceremony IJssel (NL) (Part of Proceeds go to protect Brasilian Rainforest)
26 October: Creating a Sacred Circle Frankfurt
2-3 November: shamanic Journey (FULL)
1 Dec: Event with Maori Elder Toroa & Little Grandmother Kiesha “Praying for Mother Earth!”
1-2 February: Shamanic Journey in Dalfsen (NL)

More info and registration:
or email Joyce,

I love you dearest Tribe of Many Colors.

Little Grandmother, Kiesha Crowther

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EVENTS in 2019-2020 with Little Grandmother, Kiesha Crowther

Upcoming Events 2019-2020

21-22 September: Shamanic Journey in Bern (Switzerland)
28-29 September: Shamanic Journey in Austria (FULL)
13 October: Creating a Sacred Circle and Crystal Ceremony IJssel (NL)
26 October: Creating a Sacred Circle Frankfurt
2-3 November: shamanic Journey (FULL)
1 Dec: Event with Maori Elder Toroa
1-2 February: Shamanic Journey in Dalfsen (NL)

More info and registration:
or email Joyce,

BIG EVENT 1st December 2019


Maori Elder Toroa & Little Grandmother Kiesha

Praying for Mother Earth! (NL)

Warriors for Mother Earth

Join me & Toroa in this year’s big event to pray, sing, and dance for the healing of Mother Earth!
We will be focussing our prayers and energies for the rains to fall upon the thousands of fires burning all over the world. For the protection of the animal kingdom whom many face extinction at this time, and for the indigenous peoples and their sacred lands! Join me and my honored guest, Maori Elder Toroa Aperahama for a powerful Haka and an evening of united prayer for change and protection of our Beloved Mother Earth!

Our world is on fire and its time for us to become the warriors and protectors Mother Earth needs us to be!

Bring your drums, bring your rattles and crystals, bring your hearts filled with passions and your voices ready to sing!

Love Little Grandmother

Place: Oudhoornsekerk Alphen aan de Rijn

Date and Time: 1st December Sunday afternoon at 14:00 – 17:00

Price: 35 euros

Buy ticket:
Bank transfer: NL52 TRIO 0197840205, Name: Little Grandmother

As soon as the payment is received we will send the ticket to your email address. (please write the email in the bank transfer) For more info and any questions: email Joyce,

Creating Sacred Circle & Crystal Ceremony River IJssel

Sunday 13 October in Zutphen (NL)
Part of Proceeds go to protect the Rainforest in the Amazon

Afternoon dedicated to the Healing of Mother Earth
Workshop in Zutphen (NL)

A part of the proceeds will go to a non-profit foundation that protects parts of the Amazon Forest in Brasil. 

This event will be dedicated to connecting ourselves to Mother Earth and offering her prayers of healing. We will be spending time in ceremony at the water’s edge of the river IJssel.

We will be creating a sacred circle and offering prayers to the four directions, the four elements, and our elders.

If you have a drum please bring it with you. If you have any crystals you would like to offer to the water, please bring it with you ass well.

In this workshop you will learn and experience in-depth:

– a deeper understanding of the four directions on this planet and in you
– a deeper understanding of the medicine wheel and how to make one
– a deeper understanding of sacred ceremony and conducting one
– working with crystals
– working with the elements and four directions in your everyday life
– How to connect to Mother Earth
– Guided Meditations

Place: Vrije School de Berkel, Henri Dunantweg 4, Zutphen
(15 min lopen vanaf het station, Parkeren Houtwal is 4 min lopen (op zondag gratis), Parkeren Polsbroek is 12 min lopen (op zondag gratis)

Time: 13:00 – 17:00

Price: 50 euros

A part of the proceeds: A part of the proceeds will go to the non-profit foundation “Stichting t.b.v. Bewustwording en Natuurbehoud”

This foundation is going to protect 150 soccer fields (1.000.000 m2) of ancient Brasilian Amazonian forest in de province of Acre, close to the border with Bolivia.

The foundation has contact with locals and will donate the money to a community that is deeply connected to Nature and Indigenous people, as the Huni Kuin Indians.

Every euro counts to protect and preserve a piece of land, so indigenous people can keep living on their rightful land, preserve their wisdom and guarantee the protection of their forest. More info about this initiative:, created by Ray Frenzel.

Buy ticket:
Bank transfer: NL52TRIO0197840205, Name: Little Grandmother

More info: Joyce,

Animal Totem reading by Little Grandmother

Your Animal Totem          

Animal totems, why do we have them and what do they mean?

Since I was eight years old, I could see a particular animal in the center of each person’s chest. The animal totem is there to teach you and guide you throughout your life.

When you know what your animal totem is, you can become more aware of its presence. You can be grateful for the animal totem being with you and grateful for its guidance and its blessings in your life. When you know what your animal totem is, you must learn all you can about this animal. What are its abilities? What are its strengths and weaknesses? Knowing these things you can learn so much more about yourself. You can also learn about what elements can help you. If your animal totem is a water animal, water is very powerful for you. It can be calming and energy empowering. If you have an earth animal like the badger or an armadillo who burrow into the ground, your strongest element would be the soil. This will help ground you and center your energy and bring you peace of mind and heart.

Read more about your Animal Totem, and how to receive it:


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