Blessing of the Energy Centers Live Stream Presented by Dr. Joe Dispenza
Bless Your Energy Centers To Download New Frequencies From The Quantum Field
September 18th | 6:00am EST

“When that energy begins to come out, there’s a pattern in the field that begins to open up.”

– Dr Joe Dispenza
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Why Your Perception Of Reality Is Holding You Back From Infinite Possibilities

The more you define reality with your senses and focus primarily on the physical, you cannot sense the invisible field of frequencies, information and infinite possibilities.

If you are unaware of these frequencies, they do not exist to you, and you will never experience a reality full of infinite possibilities. Until you become aware of your body’s energy field, you will be stuck in a reality that looks like this…
  • Always preparing for the worst case scenario as your body is taken over by the hormones of stress
  • Trying to control or force outcomes in your life resulting in the creation of repeated negative experiences
  • Obsessing about your problems and giving all of your attention to what is wrong in your life
  • ​​​Being confused and helpless because your brain is sending incoherent messages to your body
  • ​​Feeling anxious and unworthy to create a better circumstance for yourself
During the Blessing of the Energy Centers live stream meditation, you are going to send and receive frequencies that:
Opens you up to insights, epiphanies, and creative downloads of frequency and information from the quantum field
Creates an overwhelming feeling of gratitude and worthiness to receive blessings in your life
Epigenetically changes the expression of your DNA to biologically upgrade your body
Creates syntropy in your body so you can become more coherent, orderly, and healthy
Ascends energy from your heart directly to your brain, creating a new consciousness of wholeness
Tune into a new level of light and information that you can use to influence and affect matter
Changes In Energy From The Blessing of the Energy Centers Meditation
In our retreats, we use a gas discharge visualization machine that measures the ambient electromagnetic field of our students to see how their energy changes after the Blessing of the Energy Centers meditation.
The images show GDV measurements of students’ energy centers before and after the Blessing of the Energy Centers meditation. Notice the difference in the size and the alignment of each center.
These GDV measurements show the radical change in our participants electromagnetic field and energy before and after our Blessing of the Energy Centers meditation that you will experience on the live stream.
The Pineal Gland Explained By Science
As you connect to deeper levels of the unified field, the brain is activated by a greater energy that carries specific information in the form of thoughts and imagery. In that moment, the increased energy in the form of a profoundly powerful emotion captures all the mind’s attention.
The Pineal Gland Releases Its Metabolites

Cerebrospinal fluid moves through a closed system called the ventricular system. When you inhale and follow your breath to the top of your head and then hold your breath and squeeze up and in, you are accelerating the cerebrospinal fluid.

On the surface of the pineal gland are tiny hairs called cilia. The accelerated fluid moving faster than normal tickles the tiny hairs, which overstimulates the pineal gland. The overstimulation combined with the electrical activation created by an increase in intrathecal pressure, causes the gland to ejaculate some very profound, upgraded metabolites of melatonin into the brain.
Deliver Energy Directly To The Brain

As energy is released from the body to the brain, it passes by each spinal nerve exiting between each vertebra. The excitation of this system further switches on the peripheral nerves, which then transfer more energy to different tissues and organs in the body.

As a result, more energy is delivered throughout the body. In a sense, you become more conscious and awakened.

Create an Electromagnetic Field Around Your Body

As you accelerate the movement of cerebrospinal fluid, you create an electromagnetic field around your body. When the torus field is moving up, out, and around your body, and when the pineal gland becomes activated, a reverse torus field of electromagnetic energy is drawing energy into your body through the top of your head.

Since all frequency carries information, now your pineal gland is receiving information from beyond the visible light field. You’ve now created an antenna in your brain, and this antenna is picking up information from the quantum field.
Everything You Need To Know About Your Energy Centers
The Light Spectrum of Electromagnetic Frequencies
This figure represents the entire spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies from the zero-point field slowing down in frequency all the way to matter. In the middle, labeled visible light, is the only spectrum of reality we perceive.
The Energy Centers
Each energy center has its own specific energy that carries its own frequency carrying a certain message. Think of these individual clusters of neurological networks as mini-brains.
The Flow of Creative Energy In The Body
As we evolve our creative energy, it can be channeled from the first center all the way up to the brain and beyond. Once we feel enlightened energy, we begin to truly feel worthy and the energy can finally rise to activate the eighth center, where we receive visions, insights, and manifestations, that come from a greater power in and around us.
How Your Energy Gets Stuck
When energy becomes stuck in our body, it cannot flow to the higher centers, and we cannot evolve. Getting that circuit flowing the way it was designed to do is the whole point of doing the Blessing of the Energy Centers meditation—we bless each of these centers so we can get stuck energy flowing again.




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