Hey All of You Amazing Galactarians!

If you’re feeling a bit off don’t feel alone. This has been a huge transitional past week! You may notice physical symptoms such as sore throat, headache/migraine, extreme exhaustion, upset stomach, nausea, sinus drainage, congestion in the head and sinuses, and much more. You may also notice that there are days you can barely get out of bed due to lethargy, and depression and there’s a good reason for this. Most will just pass this shift off as flu.

The next thing that you may notice is that you feel like an emotional roller coaster, or what I would call emotional yo-yoing. And this is because you are entering a higher frequency again, stepping up with shorter “breaks” from huge incoming waves.

This is triggering all of the etheric bodies as well as physical systems within your body to acclimate to the new vibration and many might feel like they are within a “healing crisis”. The Creator of All That Is Was and Will Be along with Prime Creator are really cranking things up for our homecoming. This is all through LOVE!

Your mental body is in high alert for the significant shifts occurring and the discomfort this brings to your core identity programs. Your being is being reminded of the countless number of ‘end of the world age’ scenarios you have lived through but unfortunately, and typically, perished horrific deaths in the process.

There are many fear related programs that are being heightened at this time so be kind with yourself and others. These are such ANCIENT programs that you often don’t have a lot of control over them since you have never been able to “reach” them. They go back quintrillions of years ago at the beginning of The Game.

Don’t forget what Prime Creator is constantly reminding us of: The end is the beginning and the beginning is the end.

Now, part of this is due to things that Prime Creator continues to remove from The Game. And as he continues to remove more and more nefarious “items” from this reality, your body is literally going through a withdrawal experience. There is nothing but the best of intentions for you and a preparation for what is about to come! Do not forget He and The Love Lineage Team so love you, despite our history and our shadows.

So please be kind to yourself and do not forget that the animals are going through a similar “disruption” to their normal operations. Please be patient with them and understand that we are all getting ready for the momentous moment we’ve all been waiting for.

Remember there are three paths available; one is to the pit which is for all of those who wanted to annihilate Creator ‘s Children and Creations and have not one ounce of remorse in their hearts. Then there are those that are going to take a lateral path to the left (or west gate) and stay in the drama, but not the game. These are those who prefer to stay in the fight, resist truth and Prime Creator, and are just not ready yet for the leap! And then there are the rest, who are all working in various capacities to ready themselves for the big party! This is the right hand path or the east gate.

And let me tell you – it is one big massive universal celebration. We are not only monitored by so many to protect us and assist us, but many beings of light are absolutely fascinated by the “humans” arriving soon.

It has been said that many of us volunteered against all odds of success in helping to free Creator’s Creations. So many will view us with a curiosity that we don’t normally understand.

Lastly, you will be hearing a lot of dirt coming out about President Trump as well as Putin. I would like to pass on some messages I know and received this morning to relay to all of you:

1) EVERY ONE OF US has played both dark and light roles in this (yucky) game. Ask yourself this question; if you were hounded and hunted relentlessly, or your loved ones were decimated right in front of you, would your psyche be whole? Would you have feeings of revenge? Would you finally have had enough and seek justice in some capacity? Creator’s Creations faced this reality over and over again…we didn’t remember that this is a programmable virtual reality because it feels so real. We didn’t remember who we really are. We lost our ability to discern. Most of us don’t even now.

2) Even those who appear “dark or dirty” made correct choices at the end to bring this game to an end. In fact, MANY OF US DID!!! Many of us have provided The Love Lineage Team key intel to get this game stopped.

3) President Trump has been prepping for this end of game scenario as President of America for about 60,000 years.

4) Trump’s role required the strongest, wealthiest, most tenacious, most fearless, and most committed demeanor to fulfill his mission. The individual who played President had to have great wealth to avoid being caught in a corner by the heartless ones for need of funds. Let’s just say not many (if anyone) wanted this “part”.

5) When you read TRUST THE PLAN it means “reliance on integrity, ability, and character” of the plan. This plan is DIVINE AND BEYOND  SCRUTINY!!! It has been created at the highest energetic level you can even imagine and WITH OUR HELP!!!

6) President Trump has proven himself countless times with ACTIONS he has taken through executive orders, peace negotiations, defending our country’s safety and citizens, and FINALLY HONORING THE VETERANS! Don’t allow the news to alter your commitment to your President at this final hour. And remember MOST OF US have been veterans in many many lifetimes to support Team Light in some capacity.

7) President Trump would not be in this position without REPORTING INTO PRIME CREATOR. And not only does he do so regularly, but Creator is in the driver’s seat. This is why Q states TRUST THE PLAN. No matter what Trump did in his past, which by the Way Provided us TONS OF INTEL, he is guided and monitored by Prime Creator!

8) What started out as a game for Creator’s children, intended for treasure hunts and hide n seek, was hijacked and sadistically locked down so none of us could escape. Rent the movie Tron, which gives you one example of how this took place. It was never intended for any of us to escape this reality.

9) What is most imperative right now is for each of us to IMAGINE what it will be like to be out of the game, surrounded by love, support, and stepping back into our multidimensional selves! The time is NOW to cast out the thoughts of doubt and fear and FOCUS on the celebration!

As John Lennon said “imagine all the people living life in peace.” Well we are about to experience that!

We have gone through tremendous upheaval to get to this moment. DO NOT ALLOW OUR MOMENTUM TO BE SQUASHED, sidetracked, diverted, or crushed on the goal we have today…to bring us all back to where we really belong with our True Creator! We do NOT BELONG IN A COMPUTER SIMULATED REALITY!



I would like to remind you not to forget your daily request for healing from Prime Creator. The Love Lineage Team works around the clock to assist all of you in preparing for this major event. Please take a moment and state the following with a pure heart intention,

“I accept and receive all of the cosmic and planetary work that has been done for me, all the aspects of my being, and my lineage. It is done. Thank you. “

I love you all,



If you need assistance with your thoughts, emotions and feelings at this hour, please try the following three essences I created with Prime Creator:

1) This Hugs For You

2) Restore Your Sanctuary

3) Mission Accomplished: Keep The Faith

They were designed to help us at the final hour.