Daily Step Into Heaven #11

Step into Heaven with James Twyman Monday – Friday with these 1-2 minute videos. They promise to trigger the EXPERIENCE of your own Divinity! Just watch and enjoy! And join us for the Step Into Heaven daily conference call. Hundreds of people gather every day to take the lessons even deeper. Look for details at the bottom of this page.

But first…if you haven’t pre-ordered James’s new book “Giovanni and the Camino of St. Francis,” do it today and receive over $350 in FREE gifts! 


St. Francis of Assisi is waiting…

“This is the first book I’ve written in seven years, and it’s my favorite! The story appeared in my mind when I was walking the Camino of St. Francis several years ago, and it wouldn’t let me rest till I finally wrote it down. I think you’re going to love this book.”

Order during the pre-release and receive all these gifts instantly:

1. Five music CD’s from James

2. Ten movies taking you on a virtual Camino journey

3. Four part online course on the spirituality of St. Francis of Assisi


On March 20th three people who pre-ordered the book will receive these amazing gifts:

#1 All expense paid journey with James to Italy to walk the Camino

#2 The original Peace Troubadour guitar James took on his early peace missions

3. The walking stick James used to walk the Camino in September

To order the book and receive all these gifts CLICK HERE

Join James at one of his upcoming events and be one of the first to see his one-man musical “The Passion of St. Francis.” CLICK HERE for the schedule.

Daily Step Into Heaven #11

You’re going to love these short inspirational videos. Watch them everyday and share them with your friends! They’re literally designed to assist you in realizing that you never left Heaven except in your imagination.

Click Here for Video

Daily LIVE Conference Call…

Want to join James and hundreds of others Monday – Friday? Our Step Into Heaven Conference Call is a powerful addition to this new program. Calls last around 20 minutes, giving you a BLAST of insight and energy to last through the day. Come see what the excitement is all about!

Monday – Friday, 2PM Eastern US time

1 (712) 770-4010, Code 660321#

James Twyman 4110 SE Hawthorne Blvd. #177 Portland, Oregon 97214 United States (503) 278-7331

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