Living in 5D
While in a Crazy 3D World

2019 is promising to be a year of increasing chaos in the world.

This is especially true if the reports about thousands of sealed indictments, military tribunals, increasing numbers of migrants at the US borders, and ongoing battles in Washington DC about returning troops—and everything else—are accurate.

Even if none of these situations actually manifests or worsens, the geopolitical scene remains alarming on many fronts. It’s enough to keep you in a state of low-frequency anxiety about what may transpire in the days to come.

How then can we continue our journey into the Fifth Dimension amidst all this chaos and uncertainty? It’s not easy. But it’s truly possible. We simply need to focus on our own individual Ascension process and continue to raise our frequency in any way we can.

Be Careful about Believing the News

First, it’s important to really get that most of the alarming events that are apparently happening in the world may not even be actual. Remember that most of the news that is reported is only second-hand—at best. And it’s generally reported, either intentionally or unintentionally, with a particular polarizing bias.

If you simply believe something because it’s reported in the news—whether by the mainstream news or by independent journalists online—you may be making a mistake. The days of being able to trust the news we receive are truly over.

As is becoming all the more evident, fake news reigns across the board, and it’s difficult to know anything for sure, if you are not right there where an event is actually happening (and even then, you really can’t be positive about what you’re witnessing, because something may well be happening behind the scenes that is not apparent).

Are these Events Actually Impacting Your Life?

Secondly, it’s important to ask yourself if any of the events apparently occurring in the world are actually impacting you in your personal life. Usually, they are not. It is generally only what you think about the events that impacts you.

Now, you may believe that being worried or angry or aghast at terrible things you read or hear about in the world is a sign of a caring, ethical person—and, of course, you are right. And you know you are one of these people.

You care deeply about the suffering of others, you care about immoral, selfish decisions that are made by heads of state. You care about those who are attempting to create a better world. You are an empathic, spiritually-oriented person who feels pain when others suffer.

But the question is: Does your shifting into anger, blame, depression or fear when taking in the news actually serve you—or those who are suffering—in any way? If you can actually do something concrete to alleviate the suffering, of course, it’s important to do that. But most of these situations that are alarming are really out of your control.

It’s important to recognize the belief, often unconscious, that if you get upset about alarming news happening in the world, this confirms your belief that you’re a “good” person. In a way, it does—in that it indicates you have a healthy response of empathy, an important sign of spiritual awakening. But staying in that consciousness of upset and maintaining it by dwelling on it and communicating that upset to others is not a sign of higher consciousness.

As you surely know, all upset emotions, such as anger, fear, hatred and polarization are low-frequency. None of them assists you into 5D consciousness.

Focusing on your Own Ascension Process

So how can you maintain that higher consciousness amidst all the chaos and uncertainty happening in the world? By focusing on your own Ascension process — and staying loving, kind and joyful in your own life.

And—very importantly—by staying in trust: trust that there is a higher plan working out that is sometimes difficult to see but that you have recognized before when you’ve had experiences of higher consciousness.

You likely know well what the higher aspects of consciousness are: being centered, calm, loving, forgiving, joyful, peaceful, optimistic. This is essentially 5D consciousness. You’ve probably experienced it before, perhaps seemingly through nothing you’ve done; it just kind of happens from time to time. Or maybe that’s been your response when something wonderful happens in your life.

Now it is time to very consciously create and focus on these higher-frequency emotions and moods, whether there seems to be any reason for them or not.

Riding the 5D Waves of Energy

There is a lot of help now to do this. Powerful waves of 5D energy are flowing onto the Earth at this point—and are gathering strength. They are becoming more and more accessible to us. It doesn’t take much to tune into them, reach up into their energies. And when you do, you may find you can ride these waves and experience synchronicities that are off the charts and even witness small daily miracles.

You can decide to consciously trust what is occurring in your life, no matter how much change, loss or uncertainty is present—and wait to see how new, higher-frequency relationships, events and circumstances begin to flow into your life as you consciously let go of what is no longer working for you.

Living Your Life as if You’re Already in 5D

Another way to stay in 5D consciousness is to begin living your life in any way you can as if you are already living in a 5D world. Tune into your “ideal” life that you’ve dreamt about—one in which you imagine yourself to be free of stress, free of fear, free of the feeling of obligation or too much responsibility.

Envision a life that is perhaps filled with creativity and pleasure and joy. Or one in which you are successfully involved with your spiritual mission. In short, one in which you imagine yourself to be happy, fulfilled and free.

What would that look like? What would be you be doing? How would you spend your days? How would you feel?

At first, it might seem impossible to live this ideal life when the life you’re currently living is so different. But look more closely. There may be something you could do now that is a step in the right direction.

Perhaps it’s something small that might lead to a situation you’re dreaming of. Or there’s a way to begin doing something that can develop into something bigger and better. Maybe it’s a different way of achieving something than you’ve ever thought of before. Maybe you don’t need all that money you’ve thought you’ve needed to begin creating your dream.

Open Your Expectations and Beliefs

Photo by Alex Grey

The main thing is to become aware of your expectations and beliefs that have developed while living steeped in a limited 3D consciousness, and begin seeing how you’ve held yourself back with these old attitudes. Perhaps you’ve been laboring under a belief that you don’t “deserve” a happy, free life for some reason.

Or you have a programming about being “responsible” and having to work hard to prove yourself—and that you’re irresponsible if you want life to be easy and pleasurable.

Be aware that these kinds of beliefs are not truth; they’re simply cultural beliefs you’ve somehow been taught that are based on a belief in lack and limitation. And often on a belief that people are naturally lazy or selfish and they need to work hard in order to prove they’re not.

Of course, you want to be responsible for your actions; you don’t want to compel others to take care of you because you aren’t taking care of yourself. You have to tune into right action for yourself in every situation. But generally, you’ll probably discover that if you follow your inner guidance, you’ll find choices in which you will have your needs met in a responsible, rightful—and yet easeful—way. It doesn’t have to be hard.

Expect Miracles

In fact, see if you can begin expecting miracles. Realize there are possibilities now that didn’t exist before. Expect your limitations to fall away and to receive what is necessary for you to live the life you want—free of stress, anxiety or fear.

And then focus on the emotions you’d experience if you were already living in your 5D life. Feel these emotions deeply. Act as if it’s all already happening. Trust.

If you’ve been on a spiritual path for any length of time, you’ve likely heard all these encouragements before. Perhaps you’ve tried them with varying amounts of success. But realize that now, during these times as we shift ever-more-quickly toward the Fifth Dimension, these practices are all the more powerful. It’s easier to experience results; it takes a lot less effort.

As you do this, you’ll become all the more aware of the old limiting 3D beliefs and habit patterns you’re still holding onto and be able to let them go. We’re in the higher Fourth Dimension now where reality is much more fluid and open to miraculous events. Take advantage of this—and begin living your ideal 5D life now!


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