Hi friends of UNIFY,

Hope you’re new year is off to a great start!  The first week of 2019 for Unify has been very productive.  Later this month, we’ll be sharing some of the global synchronized events we’ve got planned.

In the mean time, we have a couple free webinars from our friends happening this week. One is called Meditation 2.0: The Practice of Direct Awakening with Craig Hamilton and the other is called Mystic Activations. Check them out and invite your friends.

Wishing you an incredible weekend.
– The Unify Team

Have you ever had an experience of spiritual awakening?

If so, I’m guessing it was probably one of the most meaningful moments of your life.
But if you’re like most of us, chances are your spiritual experiences have also been
fairly short-lived, leaving you longing to reconnect with the sacredness you felt in those
moments, but not sure how to make that a sustained reality.

That’s why I’m excited to be writing today to let you know about a powerful new
discovery that can help you bridge that gap once and for all.

It’s called Meditation 2.0 – The Practice of Direct Awakening 

As a spiritual seeker, you’ve probably tried meditation practice in the hope that it might
bring you closer to the awakening you’ve sensed is possible.
But have you noticed that most meditation practices tend to be repetitive and (dare I say
it) even tedious?

The truth is that they rarely give us experiences of the promise of illumination they point

If that’s been your experience, too, I have big news for you.
Over the past few decades, a pioneering consciousness researcher and spiritual
teacher named Craig Hamilton has been radically reinventing meditation–and spiritual
practice as a whole–from the ground up.

And I can promise you one thing–the meditation Craig teaches will never leave you
feeling bored or wondering why you’re doing it!
In fact, the “direct awakening” practices Craig has developed are such a radical
departure from the meditation most of us have been taught, that it’s really more
accurate to think of it as an evolution of meditation.

Or as Craig calls it: Meditation 2.0

Through his extensive research and work with thousands of students, Craig has
developed a way of meditating that enables you to tap directly into the miracle of
awakened consciousness every time you practice.

Instead of spending decades doing “indirect” practices like repeating mantras, watching
your breath or being “mindful” in an effort to prepare for a future moment of
Enlightenment, you can literally practice aligning with the limitless energy, intelligence
and freedom of Enlightenment right now.

I’m inspired to be writing you today to invite you to join Craig for a free global online
gathering in which he’ll share the essence of this powerful, life-changing practice–and
the groundbreaking discovery behind it.

Meditation 2.0 – The Miracle of Direct Awakening

In this 90-minute webinar, Craig will share the surprising truth he’s learned in his
decades of meditation research–and the unexpected discovery that is revolutionizing
the way we think about spiritual practice and awakening.

I’m so excited that Craig is going to be sharing these precious teachings with our entire

To learn more and register for the live event at no charge, just visit this webpage:
Meditation 2.0 – The Miracle of Direct Awakening

I hope to be with you for this momentous gathering!

– Evolving Wisdom

P.S. Make sure you register for the event even if you can’t attend live and Craig’s team
will send you the recording.Find out all the details here

Mystic Activations –
A FREE webinar series to activate your soul’s power

Join our good friends Sonia Sommer and Eliza Tobin,  for a very special  webinar series to kick off the new year.

Sonia and Eliza have learned Mystic tools from a variety of spiritual traditions and made them practical and useable. They’ve distilled them down into a powerful method that you can use everyday! They get the importance of incorporating practices that are juicy, fun, inspired, that you can’t wait to do, vs. “shoulding” yourself about your practice.

Come learn these simple practices that bring your spirituality off the mat and into your life!

You’ll also receive direct transmissions into your being to activate your soul’s potential + downloadable resources to deepen your experience.

Join Sonia & Eliza  for this fun, interactive 4 day series
January 7-10th, 2019
12:00 pm PT / 2:00 pm ET
You can join from anywhere in the world + if you can’t make it live we will send you the recordings to experience on your own time.

We look forward to an empowered New Year for our global community.


Eliza Tobin is a visionary artistan artistic mystic, a plant poet, a creativity activator. Eliza’s art and teachings blend plant medicine, Kundalini yoga, intuitive painting and shamanic journey to support the rise of the creative energy within her students.

Sonia Sommer is a master healer who draws upon more than 25 years of experience as a Structural Integration Practitioner, mindfulness teacher and modern day shaman. Her clients include professional athletes, talented people you’ve seen in movies, tired moms and drained CEOs. After working with her, clients experience optimum wellbeing while learning tools to live a deeply happy and passionate life.

At UNIFY, we conduct Global Synchronized Meditations and Collective Social Impact Campaigns to contribute to the growing field of peace on earth. We unite communities to elevate consciousness on Peace Day, Yoga Day, Water Day, Earth Day, and more. If you’ve read this far, please know we love you!


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