A Message to Lightworkers – December 28, 2018

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactic family members, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today.

And we see that for many, your energies are picking up a bit now, recuperating from the initial rush of the holiday season, and tapping into the anticipation that is building for the year of 2019.

And you are correct that this is a special, even an unusual year that you are headed into.

For one, since the fall of Atlantis, there has never been more open communication between those living upon the Earth and those living in ships surrounding Her, or living on (or inside of) other stars, planets, and space stations.

Your etheric connections and visits, telepathic conversations, and intuitive understanding and memory of these dear ones are growing daily.

You nightly visit those in your soul families and those with whom you are working diligently to create greater awareness on Earth of the Ascension path, as well as ongoing Disclosure of the existence of other (nonhuman) races on Earth, in the galaxy, and in the Universe.

We are aware that you feel disheartened at times as you look out onto the world.

It is so that there are numerous disinformation efforts afoot that are leading some astray, confusing many, and throwing into the mix of energies and emotions that are now flowing forth, some lower vibrations that you are better off moving away from and ignoring altogether.

We would say, do not be discouraged, angered, or fed up with these efforts, for they are short-lived and self-damaging at best.

Continue doing your own work—meditating, playing or creating high vibrational music or tonal frequencies, or creating art, dance, and other creative expressions that lift your and others’ energies, transmitting healing and empowering frequencies that lift the vibrations of others, and speaking those words that only encourage and celebrate your own and others’ lives.

These among other endeavors, areas of focus, and higher intentions are carrying you into the next year and  the years that follow with exactly those frequencies that will most assist you at this time.

Photo by Renee Turcotte

We do not speak of being the one who is “right” regarding what is happening now in the world, and whom to trust and whom not to trust in terms of information.

We speak of establishing your own frequency of Joy, of Love for yourself and others, and anchoring that into all that you do, feel, say, and believe emotionally and spiritually.

And that you consider that your only reality now.

It has long been typical of human life, that you do as you are ordered, threatened, or programmed to do.

And we would say now, as we have said often, that those times are over.

It is well time that you regained your own autonomy, in the sense that you do not wait for one authority figure or another to tell you it is time to celebrate life, or NESARA law, or the liberation of the planet.

You are that very liberation that you seek. You are that very “authority.”

And it makes no sense that you would await some other outer presence, now or in any Earth calendar year, to free you to live the life you have so badly wanted for so long.

The reason you dream of free living—freedom of expression, of thought, of community and personal life, of Being—is that you were born into this particular Earth life for the very purpose of anchoring that reality into the Earth Herself, and to begin living it.

Though we have said this many times, we find that it takes on new meaning now, as you lean into the beginning of a year whose astrological alignments are made to upend old arrangements that have lived out their purpose, and old forms of thought and social management that no longer apply to Earth life.

Is everyone celebrating this? You are aware that the old power crowd are not only disturbed and unhappy about these developments, but seeking to hide from their logical conclusion.

And so they are seeking places to hide inside, on, or above the Earth where they think they will be happily sequestered until “all this blows over” and the old order is restored. Yet they fool themselves on that account.

You are aware that there is only one new order anchoring into Earth life now, and that is the structure of crystalline consciousness, of that higher Light that your own soul is made of, and the frequencies of evolvement that naturally come with it.

And so we would look upon this coming year, despite images on your screens of mishaps and disasters,  understanding that there is far more at work now than you could possibly imagine or consciously grasp.

And that it is of such a high order in intention and integrity that there are no words in your language to express the powerful Light it holds, nor the Divine Love that has created it.

Photo by Angela Pereira

Go into this next year with the understanding that nothing is now as it has been, that you need not stress over this report or that, regarding which journalist or group is to be believed and which is to be disregarded.

What does your own intuition tell you?

What visions do you receive in your own quiet time, speaking with your Spirit team, or visiting the higher realms to learn more about your life mission—what do you sense and inwardly see is happening on the Earth now?

What are your own inner indications telling you?

Rely far more on these, and far less on devices and their outer transmissions, and you will find the Earth Herself singing her own song, and waiting and asking you to add your own voice to her beautiful vibration of freedom.

For this you came.

Namaste, dear ones! We are with you, always.


Copyright 2018, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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