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24 Hour Internet Marathon ~ Winter Solstice 
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     The Paris UN Climate Conference represents an historic opportunity to

put the world on course to meet the climate change challenge.

The United Nations Conference on Climate Change

November 30 ~ December 11, 2015
Paris, France

This is a 14-minute transmission to support this crucial meeting.
Join us at any time during the Conference dates.
The sooner the better!

Let’s help build the field and open the portals of light to insure that an intelligent climate agreement is reached that greatly benefits our transitioning world.

We are calling for intervening support to overlight and protect the UN’s 2015 Climate Change Conference and all people, groups, strategists, governments and countries who are directly influencing its most positive outcome.

Send your light of grace to the negotiation process and help empower the minds of everyone involved with ideas for sustainable solutions that are fundamental to lasting peace and financial justice.



It is now reported that the global temperature hike
is already halfway to the ‘two degree warming’ danger zone.
As the global climate summit in Paris is readying to kick  off, NOAA, NASA and other global temperature monitors have released data showing that the planet is halfway to two degrees of warming, the much publicized limit of “controllable” climate change.
This ‘2 degrees of Celsius’ is the threshold for the rise in global warming. If we cross this level, it is expected that we will enter into the ‘danger zone’ for climate change. At this level, arctic ice continues to melt and sea levels rise. Entire countries could disappear. A large percentage of animals become extinct. Fires rage, hurricanes are constant and droughts become more severe. The availability of freshwater would significantly decrease. Loss of life is inevitable.

Let’s shift this reflection! The Paris conference is perhaps the most important meeting for climate change to get international agreements in place. Can you give 14 minutes of your time to assist in making a call for Divine Intervention to overlight this summit and inspire the world’s political minds?
Conference Info:
There is a lot of information on the internet about this conference.
Please research: “United Nations Conference on Climate Change”


Join the movement for climate justice.
Starting the weekend of November 28th, people everywhere are coming together for two weeks of action calling for climate justice and an end to carbon pollution. There are going to be thousands of events around the world. Join the global movement for climate justice.


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I launched a website to help anyone take part in politics – now 10 million people have had their say

Politics should never be reserved for those with the time and inclination to be tribalists or hobbyists


Campaigners on subjects from human rights to welfare cuts have used to have their say Getty Images

Growing up in London in the noughties I was passionate about issues like feminism and the environment. But back then – like now – party politics didn’t really appeal to me, as it seemed more about proving a commitment to rigid ideologies rather than inspiring ideas. With political party members making up just over one per cent of the population, but hundreds of petitions started every day on it seems there’s huge appetite to tackle issues large and small, but not using the traditional methods.

Politics should never be reserved just for people with the time and inclination to be tribalists or hobbyists, and Westminster has got to become more comfortable about people engaging quickly and loudly with issues on a scale that suits them. When Simon Andree started a campaign on to spare his father from being lashed in a Saudi jail, he did it because the internet combined with media coverage is now the most effective way to quickly kick traditional politics into taking action. And on issues as diverse as the weight of catwalk models, the refugee crisis and the taxation of tampons, 2015 has been a year where MPs have been inspired by campaigns led by people, rather than the other way around.

The problems of the world can often seem intractably large and complex. Climate change, terrorism or injustice cannot always be understood, much less solved, with a magic wand or a single click. But personal stories like the ones which spark the most powerful petitions on our site do help to bring these issues to life and making people feel they can be participants in social change rather than spectators.


MPs snub 190,000 petition demanding David Cameron no confidence vote

Take Lindsey Garrett, who fought to keep her home – and the homes of 93 others – on the New Era estate in north London. She took her views straight to Number 10, won and inspired other communities around the capital to use the internet to try and change the debate on housing. It was her personal story that helped people understand and take action on a major issue. This is not always an easy form of politics for Westminster to grasp. It is independent, noisy and cuts across party lines. But these unplanned, open, online movements are a megaphone through which ordinary people’s voices can be loudly heard in the corridors of power.

In the four years since I launched in the UK – this week welcoming its 10 millionth user – we’ve started to see the incredible potential the web offers to decentralise power from political elites to citizens. The barriers to entry for political protest are being flattened, while sites like ours are proving that anyone with a laptop and a story to tell can start, run and win a campaign on whatever issue matters to them. In the UK, users now win 50 campaigns a month. Globally, they win a victory every hour. We’ve barely started to tap the internet’s power as a campaign tool, but it’s already pushing political power down and out to where it belongs – in the hands of ordinary people.

When launched in the UK we did so with the belief that by giving anyone the campaigning tools that big organisations have, people could change politics on their own terms. Petitions are an old form of technology but they also reveal a glimpse of the future: individuals creating big campaigns online that create even bigger changes in the real world.

Brie Rogers Lowery runs UK

This month on Eckhart Tolle TV
Welcoming Life
When we are at the mercy of our life situations, we can become stressed and vulnerable, putting our relationships, our jobs, and our quality of life at risk. In this issue, Eckhart directs us to the source of true satisfaction in life, ours to discover when we access aware presence and give up the compulsion to think. When we practice timeless presence, we can awaken to life’s meaning…WATCH

Eckhart’s book, Guardians of Being, is a collaboration with Patrick McDonnell, the creator of the acclaimed comic strip MUTTS. To Patrick, his cartoons are like little prayers or sutras. With humour, this cartoon explores how living in the present moment can be challenging even for the best of us…View more
Homage, Aspiration, and Eckhart
In this story, Paul tells us about the impact that Eckhart Tolle’s teachings have had in his life, and his awakening to his true nature. Paul also shares a wonderful poem about form and formlessness, inspired by Eckhart’s words…View more
Body, Mind, and Spirit:
A Time for Being with Kim Eng
By Lisa Aisling Montagu
“We are body, mind, and spirit,” Kim Eng reminds me one day when we sit down to talk about her practice. “Those are the three dimensions of our human existence. The formless realm of spirit, the Being, is the one that is easiest to overlook. So before anything else, we have to accept our inner state, whatever is happening inside of us. That acceptance opens the doorway into the spiritual dimension.” View more
Pass it on Community Clips
Eckhart Tolle TV allows members to create and share video clips of Eckhart’s teachings. Each month we share a new Community Clip.
Pass it on Novembers’s Pick
Description: Eckhart reads from Meditations by Marcus Aurelius about the stories we invent in our minds. We impose stories on situations, people and things, which make life problematic. Our interpretations and judgments about the present moment are stories we create. We have the power to let go of our interpretations, and simply be with what is…View


The Safety of Love–The Arcturians and The Illusion of Sorrow

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Beloved ones,
We the Arcturians come to you within your NOW to salute you for your ever-expanding transmutation into higher and higher frequencies of consciousness.
As your consciousness expands into the frequency of reality which is the threshold connecting the fourth and fifth dimensions, often known as the Rainbow Bridge, your perceptions of reality take a quantum shift.
The reason for this shift is because your fifth dimensional perceptions come online with your 3D brain. This shift occurs when you then begin the process of reconnecting with your multidimensional mind.
This reconnection with your multidimensional mind occurs once your consciousness expands into higher delta and gamma wave thinking. You may not be aware of this shift within your consciousness, but will become increasingly aware of the messages you are receiving from the fifth dimension and beyond.
Actually, your fifth-dimensional perceptions come “online” with your multidimensional mind, which is the interface between the higher worlds and your third and fourth dimensional thinking. Then, once you become aware of your multidimensional mind, you become aware of your incoming information from the higher octaves of your Multidimensional SELF.
More and more of you are starting to think in a multidimensional format. The difference between your third/fourth dimensional thinking and your multidimensional thinking is time. Time rules your physical world. When you love what you are doing, “time flies.” When you are doing something you dislike, time crawls.
In reality, time is an illusion of the third/fourth dimension. Long ago, ascension meant that one consciously traveled into the highest realms of the fourth dimension at the close of their physical incarnation. Now, ascension means to consciously travel beyond the fourth dimension and into the fifth dimension.
Within this NOW there is a worldwide process of ascension into the fifth dimension. However, you can only participate in this event if you can perceive it. The difficulty is that if your consciousness is only consciously calibrated to the third/fourth dimensions, you will only perceive the third/fourth dimensional realities.
There is no “good/bad” or “right/wrong” to these choices of consciousness and perception. Some humans are not interested in a conscious connection to the process of planetary ascension. Many of them have been wearing an earth vessel for myriad incarnations and desire to remain within the third/fourth dimensional format to which they are accustomed.
However, more and more of you are remembering and dedicated to fulfilling your mission to assist in Planetary Ascension. Your first challenge is to expand your consciousness enough so that you can be in constant, conscious connection with your own multidimensional expressions of SELF.
This conscious connection with your higher and higher dimensional expressions of your SELF serve as a “Jacob’s Ladder.” This ladder of ever-expanding frequencies of reality will guide you when it is your NOW to release your earth vessel and return Home.
This “Jacob’s Ladder” is actually the frequency trail that you created when you volunteered to take a vessel to assist Gaia with Planetary Ascension. Those of you who came in in the late 1940’s and early 50’s had to “hide” your higher light for many decades before you could openly perform your mission.
The difficulty was that if you “hid” your true, Multidimensional SELF for too long, you began that it was YOU. Fortunately, the higher frequencies of light entering Earth’s atmosphere within your NOW are interacting with your 97% DNA, which has be “turned off” for most of your earthly incarnations.
(For information about this DNA, please see:
This 97% of your DNA serve as personal wormholes of multidimensional light. Hence, they serve as the communication route between the frequency of you wearing an earth vessel and your true, multidimensional consciousness that is now being activated.
The “lost ones” who knew they could not expand into their higher frequencies of light, had to amplify their fear campaigns to lower the consciousness of the masses. However, “the masses” are increasingly awakening to the truth of their multidimensional nature.
As more and more of you consciously acknowledge that you are multidimensional beings, your innate higher perceptions of clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience will also become normal.
These higher dimensional perceptions give you important information about your environment that is far beyond the perceptions of those who still wish to harm and dominate.
Most important, your higher perceptions allow you to recognize your increasing power to transmute your reality into a higher frequency of resonance via the power of your innate unconditional love and violet fire.
As each of you, as well as within groups, consciously transmute your reality into a higher frequency the forces of “power over others” will be left behind in the lower astral realities that they have created.
Also, your expanded perceptions allow you to perceive possible realities from the perspective of the fifth dimensional NOW. Hence, can perceive a “possible realities” before they occur.
You can then support that possible reality by sending unconditional love and violet fire into it before it even occurs. By this contribution, you simultaneously ground a higher dimensional version of reality and transmute any attempts of the lost ones to interfere with the Divine Plane.
It is in this manner, those who are ascending into the higher frequencies of reality can assist by creating a safer world for those who are just beginning their process of awakening.
Just as you were guardians of your third dimensional reality while it was your primary reality, you will maintain your third dimensional guardianship as your expand your conscious awareness back into the multidimensional being that you have always been.
Thus, with every “step” you take into the higher frequencies, you leave a trail of “bread crumbs” for others to follow. It is true that there are still enemies against the light. However, those “enemies” are decreasing more and more each day.
By transmuting new projects far beyond the reach of the lost ones, you greatly assist with the process of Gaia’s ascension. Most important, your protection and guidance assists with the inevitable defeat of the lost ones. Since Gaia is a free-will planet, those who choose to serve the darkness will be left behind until they choose to serve the light.
Furthermore, as more of humanity recognizes that they are multidimensional beings who have vessels of light on myriad dimensions and realties, they too will realize their own inner powers of transmutation of darkness into light.
Within this NOW, many of you, our light workers, are moving through your final initiations into your fifth dimensional consciousness. These initiations appear as problems, but if you recognize them as initiations, you can remember to use your innate multidimensional powers of transmutation and unconditional love.
Please remember that if you assist just two people to remember their true multidimensional nature, and those two people each tell two people each, and this continues from person to person to person… just think how many people will know the TRUTH.
Will the truth set free humanity from the limitations of the 3D Matrix? It will only set free those who want to be “set free.” There are still many humans who are not ready to move beyond a third dimensional matrix of realty.
Gaia has chosen to be a free will planet in which all Her beings could make their own decisions. Therefore, those who are not ready to ascend can continue their lessons of incarnation on Earth until the NOW of Gaia’s ascension. Within that NOW, they can choose to ascend or to continue their third dimensional adventures on another planet.
As you can see, Gaia’s original blueprint has long been corrupted. This corruption was because Gaia also choose to offer the opportunity to live within polarities which appeared to be separate. These polarities, such as good and bad, are only polarities if one does not perceive that which resonates between the extremes of the third dimensional spectrum.
Fortunately, as your consciousness expands further into the frequencies of the fifth dimension, you can perceive the higher dimensional energy fields that connect that which was perceived as a “polarities.” Then, instead of perceiving polarities you will perceive a “spectrum of light.”
With the awakening that NOTHING IS SEPARATE, you realize that “everything is ONE.” When “all life is ONE” then you cannot have a winner or looser. You are ALL in this together. When you are all connected in unity there can be no competition with each otherand no domination over each other—the concept of “other” will be extinct.
Do you see how the third dimension will and is shifting into a higher frequency of Gaia’s holographic program? Whereas before, Earth reality was based on “separation from” and it is now transmuting into “Unity With.”
You have all seen that the lower frequency realities, such as the third and fourth dimension, are resistant to change. This resistance to change has occurred because many have not felt safe, and one must feel safe to try something new and advanced.
How does one “feel safe” when they think they are alone in a frightening world? They don’t! In fact, they often feel sorrow.
“The Illusion of Sorrow”
The dizziness, bright light and loud buzzing are a little easier for me to bear this time. However, it seems to takes forever before I can accustom myself to this intense light. Gradually, I can see the circle of light before me and I can feel Lady Astrea gently reminding me that it is my time to enter the circle.  Again, the Ladies come to me and remove an unseen veil and, as they do so, I hear the voice of Lady Leto from within saying, “This veil is the ‘Illusion of Sorrow’.
As you may recall from your life dreams, the theme is again and again the loss of love and the resulting sorrow.  Know my One that love can never die.  It may change or move to a higher vibration but it cannot die.  Once the energy of love has been formed on Earth, the creator of that energy has made a lifelong friend.  For, to be creators of love is the major Earth lesson for all of mankind.”
As the Brothers of Hilarion’s retreat take the veil, I hear Hilarion’s voice saying, “The energy field of Love acts as a shield.  When you become a master of energy, you will be able to see love energy in any environment.  Love energy is different from all other energy fields.  Other energies leave the aura of the creator and begin their traverse throughout the realities, which is eventually terminated in their three-fold return to the creator.
Love energy, of course, also leaves the creator, but it leaves a small portion of itself with the creator as a shield of protection.  This is because love is very attractive and adhesive. It clings to all that it comes in contact with.  Love is the most powerful energy force known on the planet Earth, with divine love being the highest frequency of all.”
I then hear the voice of Apollo, “Dear One, good morning again.  How you have suffered in this life!  How you have felt unloved and unlovable.  The sorrow that has come to you from the illusion of loss of love has been your most difficult life lesson.  As you know from your individual karma in other lives, you have tended to not value your loved ones and have instead focused your energies elsewhere.  Because of that pattern you have ‘feared’ the karmic retribution of loss of love and, my dear one, as you know, ‘Fear Precipitates’.
“Know now in your heart of hearts, love can never die.  Love always remains in the Soul of the lover and the loved ones.  Love is a Soul quality and, therefore, rises eventually to the level of Soul.  Even if the being is to die, it does not matter because the Love shall automatically be passed up to that one’s higher body.  Remember that there is no true sorrow, as there is no true separation.  Separation is the ultimate illusion, particular to the planet Earth.  On the sun, we are all one.
“Remember now that your feelings of sorrow are truly loneliness for home.  This loneliness for home is a divine discontent.  Allow divine discontent to guide you into your spiritual heart.  Use this illusion.  Feel the sorrow and carry it to your heart.  Set it at the feet of the Oneness where your Soul will mop your brow and touch your heart.  The One awaits your gift.  The giving is your treasure.”
With Apollo’s mighty words I feel myself fading and know that I am now returning to Earth…
Q and A on Sorrow
How have you transmuted fear and sorrow in your life?
How have you assisted others? You sharing will assist others…
Blessings, and thank you for your comments,

thanks in advance for your comments


Our Changing Perceptions are Transforming Reality


Webinar Preview: Divine Reality & Prosperity

Like a collapsing house of cards, our 3D world is teetering and about to topple.

With our awakening perceptions of reality, we are now able to help the Galactics even more. Discover how the ‘new you’ is assisting in the acceleration of our consciousness shift.

Topics include…
• How the “New You” is altering your perceptions
• Developing a new consciousness
• How the concept of transparency is changing your world
• What once was acceptable is no longer good enough
• A new science is transforming our world
• Prosperity, ETs and new governance
• Relearning how we perceive ourselves

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Obstacle to Joy
A Hole in the Flute

Sonntag, 22. November 2015

»So etwas wie ISIS gibt es nicht«: Journalist zerstört westlichen Terror-Mythos

Tyler Durden


Am vergangenem Samstag, dem Tag nach den Terroranschlägen in Frankeich, die die Straßen von Paris in eine Kriegszone verwandelten und bisher 130 Menschen das Leben kosteten, wandte sich der syrische Staatspräsident Baschar al-Assad mit einer Botschaft an die Weltöffentlichkeit. Er verurteilte die Anschläge massiv und bezeichnete die Attentäter als »Barbaren«.

.Aber er wies auch darauf hin, dass Syrien seit nunmehr fast fünf Jahren unter dieser Art des Terrors zu leiden hat. Und in einer Geste des »Ich habe euch ja gewarnt« sagte er dann: »Wir erklärten [damals], nehmt das, was gerade in Syrien geschieht, nicht auf die leichte Schulter. Leider haben die europäischen Regierungsvertreter nicht zugehört.«

Assad nutzte die Gelegenheit auch, um erneut darauf hinzuweisen, dass die westliche Unterstützung der regionalen Mächte, die (direkt oder indirekt) sunnitische Extremisten in Syrien unterstützen, die eigentliche Ursache des Problems sei. Die Wortwahl, derer er sich bediente, war etwas weniger barsch als im September, vermutlich weil er die Spannungen nur einen Tag nach den Anschlägen in Paris nicht weiter anheizen wollte. Und so sagte er: »Ganz Frankreich stellt sich heute die Frage: Verfolgte Frankreich in den vergangenen fünf Jahren die richtige Politik? Die Antwort lautet Nein.«

Es ist anzunehmen, dass sich Assad mit seinen Worten auf die westliche Unterstützung für die verschiedensten militanten Gruppen bezog, die versuchen, ihn zu stürzen. Diese Gruppen, einschließlich des IS, der sich früher »ISIS« nannte, haben vom amerikanischen GeheimdienstCIA, von der Türkei, von Saudi-Arabien und Katar immerwieder Gelder, Waffen und Ausbildung erhalten.

Die Situation vor Ort ist allerdings so verworren, dass es praktisch unmöglich ist, genau zu verfolgen, in wessen Hände die Waffen und das Geld letztlich gelangten und wem sich die Kämpfer anschlossen. Selbst Beobachter, die Verschwörungstheorien ablehnen, können kaum bestreiten, dass die USA ISIS nicht zumindest indirekt mit Waffen versorgten und seine Kämpfer ausbildeten.

Von allen bisher veröffentlichten Dokumenten wurde die folgende Passage aus einem an die Öffentlichkeit durchgesickerten und als geheim eingestuften Dokument des Pentagon vom August 2012, das der amerikanischen Bürgerrechtsbewegung Judicial Watch vorliegt, offenbar weitgehend überlesen. Dort heißt es:

»… besteht die Möglichkeit, dass ein erklärtes oder unerklärtes salafistisches Hoheitsgebiet im Osten Syriens (Hasaka oder Deir Zor) ausgerufen wird. Dies ist genau das, was die Mächte, die die Opposition [in Syrien] unterstützen, anstreben. Sie wollen das syrische Regime isolieren, da es für die schiitische Expansion (im Irak und Iran) als strategisch hoch bedeutsam gilt.«

Das war’s. Das ist der entscheidende Beweis – aber scheinbar hat niemand davon Notiz genommen.

 Dieser kurze Auszug aus dem Dokument belegt, dass die USA wussten, was sich da anbahnte, und dies ihrer Ansicht nach »genau das [war], was die Mächte, die die Opposition unterstützen, wollten«, um nicht nur Assad zu »isolieren«, sondern auch den »schiitischen Halbmond« (Iran, Syrien, Hisbollah) aufzubrechen.

Obwohl dieses Dokument und insbesondere der zitierte Absatz entscheidende Bedeutung besitzen, wurden sie sozusagen gewohnheitsmäßig übersehen. Tragischerweise dienen Tragödien wie die vom vergangenen Freitag in Paris nur dazu, die öffentliche Meinung um ein Narrativ herum aufzuschrecken, und nicht dazu, die Gesellschaft zu einer ehrlichen Suche nach Antworten zu mobilisieren. Und dies ist eine sehr gefährliche Angelegenheit.

In diesem Zusammenhang und insbesondere auch aufgrund des Drängens des französischen Staatspräsidenten François Hollande auf eine Änderung der französischen Verfassung, verweisen wir auf dieses Interview des Journalisten Geraoid O’Colmain, der innerhalb weniger Minuten die ganze Farce auffliegen lässt: »So etwas wie ISIS gibt es nicht. ISIS ist eine Schöpfung der USA, wie wir aus offiziellen Quellen des amerikanischen Militärs und freigegebenen Dokumenten wissen…«.

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Thank You!
Peace Prayer Wave
swept through every time zone around the world
to envelope the globe in love and prayers.
Hundreds of participants from every continent joined
as one heart and mind to send a wave of peace to
the people and regions of the earth where peace
is needed now.
Afghanistan, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Columbia Costa Rica, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, Morocco, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, Venezuela and Virgin Islands.
We thank our global communities who joined us in 
Peace Prayer Wave
Sharing Prayers received from around the world

In all the places and all the spaces in between, may the ice of fear in people’s hearts melt and allow love to flow freely like the rays of sunshine that light world without discrimination – and so may it be.
Peace is always an option, it is always very near, often only a smile away. Peace stands on love, forgiveness,  truth and acceptance. I pray that a transformation may take place in every heart. We are one.
May the Light of Love be ignited and burn brightly in our hearts to transform the darkness that is trying to overcome the world.  May we unify in this beneficial energy and let it shine brightly wherever it’s needed.
Focusing on what unite us all! All differences are only illusions… in the core of it we are ONE! Intense trust in the possible, acknowledging our peaceful and merciful power! We do choose! We can choose different! Peace Prevails on Earth! And it start within (the collective) ME!
Our united energy may dissolve all the accumulated fear, hatred and anger.  No need to victimize ourselves with our negative power any more.  Let’s heal ourselves of all religions, beliefs and philosophies.
Blessings love and peace – may god bless all nations and open the eye of blind people causing hurt on the planet may light of god come and clear the darkness from heart of people including politicians to end this war and bring peace to all the world and justice. Dear father and mother bless our planet and bring peace clean the hearts of people and bring light to darkness . Amen…
Let Wisdom prevail for the safety, security, happiness and peace for all on the globe.
South Africa
May the Divine Spirit of Peace find a welcome in your hearts and in the hearts of all those involved in terrorist activities. Amen.  and so be it.
United Kingdom
May peace, love, happiness and compassion be in every heart of every living being on Earth. May all beings be peaceful happy and compassionate in the UK and in Europe; in Africa and the Middle East; in Asia and the Pacific, in North, Central, South America and the Caribbean. May all human actions and interactions be guided by love, compassion, kindness and peace and so it is.
United States
My heart is open and sending love and light around the world today. As we collectively use our focus of attention on  creating an enormous surge of Global Love, and holding and noticing how fantastic it feels; knowing we together support one another and ourselves as we particpate and create universal harmony. Together we are strong and resilient.
May Peace Prevail On Earth

We invite you to continue sending your prayers for peace at noon daily to build on the energy field we have created in unison for peace to prevail on earth.
Booklet of Flags of The World
Send Your Prayers
May Peace Prevail On Earth

 Click Here to Download your Booklet

Plant a Peace Pole to keep the PEACE ignited


The World Peace Sanctuary | 26 Benton Road | Wassaic | NY | 12592








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