This is an URGENT SPECIAL YOUTUBE video by DR. STEVEN GREER discussing new information regarding the “ATACAMA Humanoid” Coverup.
Dr. Greer discusses dangerous historic and current information about plans and actions that are leading to a faked “alien invasion.” He presents detailed (with documents and photos) info about severe corruption in the intelligence community – and the history of academic corruption, as well as media corruption, and more, causing horrific problems on earth.

With truth, vision and direction, this is a not to be missed packed presentation on the Carol Rosin Show that stretches from important DNA and health information to relevant facts for our very survival.
Dr. Greer uniquely presents a feasible geopolitical and scientific solution oriented vision based on real facts (not in main stream media) and with important steps to take.
This is a call to action from Dr. Greer for a full investigation! Stanford University Misconduct contact’s are as follows: The Office of the General Counsel (650-723-9611) or the Office of International Affairs (650-725-0076). Known or suspected violations of this guide memo must be reported to the Compliance & Ethics Helpline (650-721-2667 or to the Office of the General Counsel. MISCONDUCT “General Guide” Page:
Cold Harbor Genome Laboratory Press:
  • Hillary E. Sussman, Executive Editor, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
  • Email:
We are asking that anyone with legal experience who can investigate these matters, scientists, and whistle-blowers – to please step forward and contact us at
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