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Today we invite you to UNIFY with us on a mission of global importance. Our campaign is intended to heal the wounds of war in Syria. We begin our efforts with global synchronized prayers and meditations to support the rise of peace and healing within us and all around us. We will transform this unified prayer into concrete “on the ground” assistance for children, mothers and families torn apart by this war. 

We invite you to watch our short film “Hope In Syria” and visit our website with complete details on our campaign efforts and the various ways you can join us, unify with our global partners, participate, and make a difference in the lives of those most in need of help.

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In Peace,

— the UNIFY Team

Today We Rise for Syria
Our Global Campaign to Heal the Wounds of War

If we Rise and Unify as One Global Family, with love and compassion, we have the power to heal the wounds of war, save our brothers and sisters, and transform those cries of pain into tears of joy – for all of humanity.
The Syrian Crisis is the greatest humanitarian tragedy of our time. Over a half a million people have been killed to date. Men, women and children, families, and over 11.6 million have been forced from their homes. Tension between regional and world powers are peaking to new heights and the opportunity for resolution is more present than ever.To heal the wounds of this war, our mission is to create a global movement that brings tangible results for the local situation in Syria, while creating inner peace and healing for the global community.

At UNIFY we share virtual and in-person transformational experiences that support your most passionate, peaceful, purposeful, and amazing life.

We also organize global synchronized meditations and days of social action. We now have more than 10,000 organizers that bring their communities together for campaigns we launch on Peace Day, Earth Day, Water Day, and more.

Thank you for doing your part every day!




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