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Here is the most positive news that you will hear this year…

For years people have asked me, “What can I do?” to push back against Technocracy and destructive government policies. Fear, anxiety and ignorance have held us back, but no longer! Forget the excuses. Forget the roadblocks. Put away procrastination. 

I’m putting my money where my mouth is and calling everyone’s bluff! Here is high-quality activist training available to everyone…!

In short, I have partnered with one of the leading activist trainers in the nation, Mary Baker, to teach you how to be an effective spokesperson and activist for the values you treasure and the communities you live in. 


Mary lives in San Diego, California and she has developed a revolutionary and validated training program called Citizen Ninja. Her workshops are appropriately titled, How to Become a Citizen Ninja™. The spectacular feedback she receives from former students confirms that Citizen Ninja can be mastered by anyone and that it WORKS! Here are some things you will learn:

  • How to discuss controversial topics with anyone
  • How to permanently sideline your fears
  • How to handle bullies in the public arena
  • How to present facts in order to overcome false narratives
  • How to persuade anyone to your position.

Using the latest webinar technology, the How to Become a Citizen Ninja™ training will be delivered remotely to students just as if you are sitting in the same room with Mary. First, each class will be limited to just 30 students so that interaction is enabled. There will be a total of 8 hours of training, delivered in four weekly sessions. Each student will be required to have and read Mary’s book, Citizen Ninja: Stand Up To Power, as well as the course workbook.

Because of the efficiencies of distance learning using Internet technology, we have pared the per-student cost down to just $50, and that will include receiving your own personal copy of Citizen Ninja: Stand Up To Power and the course workbook.

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Are you ready to become a Citizen Ninja? I hope so because now there is no excuse not to!

Head over to the Solutions page on Technocracy.News and put your name on the special mailing list to receive more information about upcoming classes and schedules. 

You can do this! We are hoping to train hundreds of Citizen Ninjas in 2017 and thousands in 2018. Can you imagine the impact we could have on America’s future? 

More details to follow soon…

Yours for Liberty, 

Patrick Wood
Editor and Author


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