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About us and the pride in our products

Golden Ratio Products are unique masterpieces of form and harmony. The glassware and porcelain tableware, all designed using the Golden Ratio design principle, are like musical compositions in solid form. Their subtle waves of form complement each other, as in a symphony or sonata.
These practical and yet beautiful products are – for the most part – hand-made and a positive addition to your home, office, spa or retreat center.
Discover for yourself the amazing difference these products can make in your experience. Just having these Golden Ratio Products in your environment raises the vibratory level of your surroundings and energizes the physical spaces in which they are placed.
We too are seekers and students of consciousness, which is what attracted us to these products in the first place.
Knowing that the creative expression of certain artists and crafts-people are showing us how to translate the ages-old awareness of the Golden Ratio design principle into physical forms, is an inspiration and our primary motivation for bringing these product lines to the countries of North America.
Golden Ratio Products is the exclusive importer for the USA and Canada, of Nature’s Design’s line of glassware, and glass & porcelain tableware from Switzerland.
With our office and warehouse based in southern Maine, we are uniquely positioned to market and distribute these incredible products throughout North America.
We welcome your wholesale and retail inquiries, as well as your suggestions for new products you would like to see added to this growing line of energetically-alive housewares.
For more information, download the latest “Owner’s Manual including Frequently Asked Questions”.
Thank you for visiting; now feel free to look around and shop!
Best regards,
Halsey & Patricia Snow
Glassware by Nature’s Design, based in Switzerland.
About the Flower of Life design.
The design or symbol which is referred to as the “Flower Of Life” is created by a series of intersecting circles. The circles which make up this design all intersect at specific angles making a symmetrical design which is banded by two larger circles surrounding the inner design.
This design has been found in ancient structures all over the world, and is countless centuries old. One of the most notable of these locations is the ancient Egyptian temple to Osiris, the Egyptian god of the afterlife and resurrection. At this site, the Flower Of Life symbol has been found on the walls and monuments, and has been somehow placed into the stone (flash-burned) in a way which remains unknown to this day. All over the world, wherever it has been found, this symbol is referred to as the “Flower Of Life.”
Although this universal symbol has not been studied in a scientific manner, those who have studied it say that it contains within it all the geometry of life itself. Similar to the Fibonacci Sequence of numbers – also known as the Golden Ratio, this symbol seems to contain within it a key to life on the physical plane. Perhaps this is why it is considered one of the greatest expressions of Sacred Geometry.
“The ‘Codes of Creation’ embodied upon the walls of the Osirion [temple to Osiris] are keys to understanding our bodies, the continuity of birth, life, death resurrection and the significance of the ‘Shift.’ “ (Braden, p.77)
Many other symbols of Sacred Geometry, such as the Tree Of Life, the Vesica Pisces, and the Seed of Life, can all be found within the Flower Of Life symbol. It is a symbol which both holds and emanates great power and intention, and it responds to whatever intention is directed towards it by your thoughts and feelings. In this way it serves as a magnifier of your own creative spark, however conscious or unconsciously you may be of that aspect of your Self. The best way to discover the power and significance of this ancient symbol is to explore it yourself.
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  • YouTube: Spirit Science 6 (The Flower of Life)

The Flower of Life design is a ancient energetic symbol of Life and can be used energetically to enhance anything that you are seeking to imbue with such energy. The different colors in which the Flower of Life symbol appears on the base of our glassware and ceramic-ware energize specific intentions which have been identified in the field of color therapy. The significance of the different colors are:
The significance of the colors
Gold: Associated with energetic support for the expansion of consciousness, and biological enhancement on all levels.
Rainbow / Happy: Is associated with a joyful, life-affirming consciousness- the energy of joy.
White: Is associated with physical & emotional healing.
Platinum: Associated with feelings of self-love and self recognition, sometimes referred to as self-esteem.

Gold Flower of Life
Gold Flower of Life, as it is burned into many of the Golden Ratio Products.
Variations on the Flower
Variations of the Flower of Life all contained therein.

Variations on the Flower
You will find these four different styles Flowers of Life embedded in many of the Golden Ratio Products.


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