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In PAO’s May Webinar, Sheldan Nidle shares his unique understanding of the history of UFOs with his listeners.

If you sense that friends, family members and/or associates may be curious to learn about “Gaia and the History of UFOs”, we invite you to send them a “Live Webinar” registration link.

By pooling our collective energies during a live Webinar, we can be partners with the Galactic Federation and greatly accelerate the timeline for announcements, abundance and disclosure.

Help us spread the word: send our registration link to at least 3 people who are new to, or unfamiliar with, galactic information.

To get your registration link: Click Here


What is a Live Webinar?

A PAO Webinar is a live Internet broadcast in which Sheldan discusses galactic topics and then answers your questions, like in a chat room. You hear Sheldan speak, and see pictures and charts illustrating his discussion topics. Each Webinar lasts between 1 and 1½ hours, the final ½ hour being devoted to your questions.

Does anything special happen to me while I attend a live Webinar?

Yes, you will:

feel yourself being activated through heightened energy fields by a connection to the Galactic Federation.
be attended to by Galactic Federation medical teams. 

* be part of the collective energy from fellow attendees and the Galactic Federation.

How do I join a Webinar?

It’s easy to join a Webinar on either a PC or Mac® computer. Just click the registration link, fill in your information and then click on the “Register Now” button. You will automatically be directed to PAO’s secure shopping cart where you can make your registration payment.

Initially, you will get an e-mail receipt showing that PAO received your payment. Within 48 hours, you will receive your confirmation e-mail to “Join a Webinar”. This is your personal link to PAO’s Webinar.

You will receive 2 e-mail “Reminders”, 1 day before, and 1 hour prior to, the scheduled Webinar.

To participate in PAO’s Webinar, click the “Join the Webinar” button or the link in your confirmation e-mail. We ask you to join the Webinar 5-10 minutes prior to its starting time so you won’t miss a minute!

Please Note: PAO offers two Webinar dates to accommodate different time zones. Your registration fee allows you to attend both days.

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