Join us on World Water Day

in a Global Synchronized meditation

Join us as we come together to Bless The Water around the World on March 22 for World Water Day.

Gather at your local water source, or home, and place good intentions and prayers into the Water. Let’s stand in solidarity with the World’s Water Protectors and take the first step towards cleaning and restoring the world’s water.

Register now to watch the FREE UPLIFT FILM, ‘WATER is LIFE’, on March 22, featuring water expert Dr. Gerald Pollack, Mayan Elder Tata Pedro, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Vandana Shiva and Whaia Whaea

And to listen to the LIVE AUDIO BROADCAST at 5pm Pacific from Unify, led by Chief Phil Lane Jr.

500,000 people are getting clean water access! 
Want to help us make it 1 Million?
Last year, the Bless The Water campaign helped Waterbearers get clean water filters to 8 countries, and this year they are delivering their first systems on US soil, on World Water Day March 22!
Just $50 gets clean water access to 100 people for ten years!

At UNIFY we organize global synchronized meditations and days of social action. We now have more than 7,500 organizers that bring their communities together for campaigns we launch on Peace Day, Earth Day, Water Day, and more.

Thank you for doing your part every day!

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