Golden Age Messages from the Masters

through the founders of the Ascended Masters Mystery School

Are You Ready?

Part I

A time of discernment is definitely upon you and we suggest that you connect with your God Presence so profoundly that discernment becomes a natural part of your everyday lives. This means that your Presence becomes a conscious part of all of your exchanges with others and in whatever the world is offering you in terms of your media. There is so much to choose from in your world on every level, that your mastery in choosing its value is now before you.

~ Ascended Masters El Morya and Lady Miriam

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Within recent years, there has occurred a veritable explosion of articles to be found on your internet under a variety of intriguing headings. All profess, to one degree or another, to be the latest information on their subject, so that the reader might be brought “up to speed” on a daily basis regarding what is spiritually taking place in your world, both behind the scenes and in your octave.

Occasionally, an article appears that truly tries to assist you in expanding your own God awareness via prayer, meditation or the practice of merging directly with the Presence of God. Beloved ones, our purpose here is to offer you a mirror for your own reflection: Is what you are reading and how you are spending your time, energy and love really expanding your consciousness? Are other people’s opinions and perceptions really preparing you for the expansion of peace and forgiveness of yourself and others in real preparation for living as your God Presence on Earth?

While you may be aware of the great energies now flooding your planet, how are you dealing with them? Are you able to welcome them in great joy and peace realizing that these energies are literally changing you and all of life from the inside out? Are you able to send your love in deepest gratitude to your own beloved God Presence for the changes that are presently taking place on your planet as well as within your physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies?


Your beloved Presence will always be your primary “news” source. It is your ONLY true source of guidance that holds any lasting meaning, now and in the days to come. While you have a worthy part to play in the huge unfolding that is presently taking place around your world, your garnering of the information off your internet will likely fill your mind with the kind of information that quickly becomes outdated or unreliable, and it could keep you from fully realizing your daily part in simply sharing your magnificent love and light wherever you are and wherever you go.

Each day as you awaken, silently or aloud ask your beloved Presence to fill your mind with ALL that It knows you need to know for that day so It can guide you to the perfect fulfillment of your Divine Plan. You will then be more open and receptive to the Will and Wisdom of your God Presence. Taking time to deeply be at peace will also allow you to discern the ideas being presented to your heart and mind. And choosing the ideas that you realize are for your highest good and in harmony with your own Divine Blueprint will not require endless hours of getting information from the internet.

We are suggesting to you, beloveds, that perhaps very little of the information that comes through your internet is really contributing to the expansion of your consciousness or the fulfillment of your higher purpose for being in the world. Perhaps ask yourself if what you are reading is deepening your peace or assisting you in merging with the higher awareness of your already ascended Presence.


Everyone who has ever accomplished the Ascension has let go of all “the latest” within the realm of limitation they were leaving, so they could be truly free and completely receptive to the Presence of God within the new unlimited realm they were entering. The opportunity for many to complete their Ascension in this present lifetime is truly no different.

So now, dear ones, we ask, “Are you ready?” If you are, then each day your inner peace is growing stronger and your union with your God Self is expanding into the divine and loving partnership it was always meant to be. Hourly, you may be consulting with your Presence to gain clarification or direction so your choices are always reflecting the intent and direction of your Divine Plan for your life.


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