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From Maureen Moss

March 2017


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Dearest Hearts,

With a high pressure month behind us of planetary, political and emotional pile-ups, relentless cosmic pressure waves and solar and magnetic storms… with more in front of us… the questions (in part) continue to arise, when will life ease up, the sadness, divided thoughts and rise and fall of emotions subside?

The short answer is when we hold in singularity one reality and revive the one true Essence of Love that holds it in place.

Deep inside we know this, and something even deeper inside is driving us towards that end.

This last round of life… in the past two months… has been almost epic in prompting us somewhere other than against our true natures. While conflict, confusion, anger and pressure have been plenty, we can feel the forces of something greater activating, pushing and prodding our true Selves to the surface and assisting us in redefining our capacities and capabilities.

It’s not easy feeling so deeply the friction between worlds… one so polarized and far from truth, compassion and Love, while the world we crave, the peaceful one, rubs on us strongly to give it Life, to give it form, to give it Love.

Most of our lives we’ve lived in the friction between worlds, though more subdued in its expression, as we’ve woven in and out and between Higher and lower consciousness and natures… but we can’t any longer. We’re discovering it’s unbearable.

Our true natures with its indispensable Essence of Love is unable to withstand simmering in a pressure cooker with mixed thoughts, mixed consciousness, fear, duality, unharnessed emotions and fragments of potential.

It wants (actually needs) to be released. Everything around you, in you and above you is influencing you to do just that… one breath at a time, one moment at a time, one choice at a time.

It’s Love (or lack thereof) that has been creating the sadness, the feeling of being on the edge and the pressure so many are experiencing. And it’s Love that has been revolting against everything unlike Itself. It knows it has a new human nature to unfurl, intimacy to create with you, and worlds to reveal.


Revolutions confront us on many fronts now, as do endless dimensions of Love and realizations, waiting upon us to acknowledge them and fold them into our consciousness.

On (in) this stage of our evolution Love will continue dualing with everything unlike Itself… nothing we haven’t experienced in many lifetimes prior to this one, though the difference now is it’s deeply personal.

We are amazing significant Beings…here at the beginning and back again to stir up the momentum of a New Human and a New World.

Through the span of time we haven’t been educated about the radical upheaval Love creates on its way to expressing its full capacity (though many saw it a time or two,) nor informed often enough that it is Love waking us up, causing personal chaos and disruption and poking at our thoughts, consciousness and comfort…as it was.

Similar to a life review, though more refined now, we are passing through another evolutionary doorway to filter remaining conflicts, blocks and similarities from the many lives we have lived… at odds with Love, or as One with Love… as a matter of realignment with Original intention and purpose. As a result, deeper realizations can be felt pitting themselves against long held beliefs.

We must sort them out for ourselves, choose one at a time and ground it in the name of Love.

In Closing

As I’ve written before though perhaps never more poignant than now, there is a spectacular metamorphosis occurring unlike what we have known in our human forms. A great deal of evolution rests on our powerful shoulders, not only for our Selves and this earth, though for the fabric of Creation and the very nature of Heaven. We are the answer to many cosmic, ancestral and earthly untold prayers.

Decades ago I was informed that if Stewardship of a Planet with infinite and unrestricted potential is going to be given to a human race, they had best be prepared and know Love and how it operates through their bodies.

The Pleiadians were clear when they told me that through chaos and dismantlingNew Evolved Human would enter a Golden Age unlike any other… not only for the seeming magic it would bring to Life but the Life it would bring to the mystical.

I know this with my whole heart. And I know, that even without a large body of evidence, you instinctively do as well.

Maureen Moss, © 2017. Please share wherever you prefer keeping name, content and the intact.

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