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MARCH 2017
A Way Forward through Chaotic Times
David T. Nicol
One of the characteristics of our strange new post-US election world is that things are in such flux it is difficult to orient ourselves to the new environment and know what actions to take. It is as though a bomb has blown open a gaping hole in the established structures of thought, leaving most of us scrambling to make sense of our new reality. We are being required to re-evaluate our most fundamental assumptions about how things are and where we thought we were going.
In this psychic maelstrom there are real dangers. We can hear in our times the echoes of previous traumatic episodes of history, and many of us are working hard to assess whether or not our situation will likely unfold in similar fashion. However, this opening also creates an unprecedented space for the influx into society of radically creative ideas and energies. Thus we also have an opportunity to make rapid, non-linear progress in our collective evolution.
Much of my work over the past ten years has involved tuning into and working with collective fields of consciousness. What I sense emerging on a deep level in the collective right now are new energies of unprecedented creative power. It is as though there is virtually unlimited support for completely fresh ideas and directions, whereas old, habitual arrangements seem by comparison almost lifeless. We are all up-leveling to a fundamentally new world and are being asked to discover our new shape in this emerging reality.
Free Public Events by Gaiafield
March 1 ~ 12pm Pacific
The World Peace Prayer Ceremony: 
Linking 7 Regions of the World in Global Prayers for Peace

Global Shift Meditation with Fumi Johns Stewart

Please join us Wednesday March 1 for our next Global Shift Meditation, when we will convene a beautiful World Peace Prayer Ceremony, led by Fumi Johns Stewart, executive director of World Peace Prayer Society.
Since 1955, the World Peace Prayer Society has spread the Universal Message and Prayer for Peace, May Peace Prevail on Earth, to millions of people worldwide. Over 200,000 Peace Poles, bearing the inscription of the Universal Prayer in different languages, have been dedicated by friends and supporters in 191 countries. One of the most powerful ways this prayer is offered is via the World Peace Prayer Ceremony. In this sacred ritual, peace in every nation on Earth is invoked as a potent group prayer.
We are delighted to share that on March 1, we will be joined by representatives of World Peace Prayer Society from 7 different regions of the Earth: Australia – Scotland – Uruguay – Israel – Nigeria – Japan – USA. Hearing the voices of people in different accents, languages, cultures, and customs united in the Universal Prayer for Peace on Earth is a powerfully uplifting experience. In these uncertain times, it is more meaningful than ever to come together in common sacred intent to help strengthen the bonds of global community. We hope you will join us.
Gaiafield Project director David Nicol will be your call host.
March 12 ~ 6pm Pacific
Full Moon Earth Treasure Vase Meditation with Cynthia Jurs

Every full moon, we are delighted to offer the profound Earth Treasure Vase Global Meditation, in partnership with Cynthia Jurs, founder of the ETV project. For over 25 years Cynthia has travelled to communities all over the world, bringing her practice of filling consecrated clay vessels with prayers and offerings, and ceremonially burying them in the Earth. Through this great work, she has woven together a planetary network of light that we can now connect with and strengthen each full moon, for the healing and protection of the Earth.
Please join Cynthia and David for another soulful meditation on March 12. (Note: You do not have to register again if you already registered for last month’s ETV event.)
Gaiafield in the Media
Inner Peace Summit

Inner Peace Summit 2.0
David Nicol is one of 28 fabulous speakers in this free online summit to provide strategies, tools, and wisdom to help you build your own personal Inner Peace tool box. Starts March 12!


The Science of Magic

Please enjoy this interview with Gaiafield Director David Nicol by Gwilda Wiyaka on The Science of Magic Radio Show.
Guest Blog
John Robinson, PhD
Sacred Activism and the Conscious Elder
This post 11/8 world is a time of collective initiation. Conscious elders, startled into a shocking new historical era, now face profound and unexpected tasks, gifts and responsibilities. This is not our old familiar world and we cannot go back. But this horizon holds the potential for a psychological and spiritual renewal unprecedented in human history, one that will produce a quantum leap forward if we participate meaningfully. As Howard Thurman advised, “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive!” This is a time for discerning what makes us come alive and then doing it!

Click here to read full article

Partner Offerings
In the spirit of collective empowerment, the Gaiafield Project shares inspired offerings from fellow thought leaders we have had the pleasure of working with in the fields of subtle and sacred activism. The teachers and organizations that we recommend have been a great source of inspiration to us and we sincerely hope they will be for you as well.
MARCH 2017
Divine Birth/Divine Self Mystery Teachings
Cultivate Your Divinity & Birth Our New World
Feb. 28 – May 16. 2017 (open to all sexes)
Led by Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D, Seven Sisters Mystery School is now accepting enrollment in this profound program of empowered awakening.
This original program carries some of the most exciting energy on the planet regarding women’s power and awakening.
Fully online and weekend retreat (March 4-5) only options now available.
International Women’s Day
Global Sisterhood Sister Circles
March 8 ~ 7pm in your local time zone

Join the Unify Global Sisterhood Movement as we rise together in local Sister Circles world-wide to unite for a global synchronized meditation, prayer, and action to transform, uplift, and inspire the world!
                                             Click here to learn more.
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Embrace Humanity in the Spirit of Peace
Join us in a
World Peace Prayer Teleconference
Connecting 7 regions of the world
Australia – Scotland – Uruguay – Israel –
Japan – Nigeria – USA
Co-create a global field of love by embracing each region
and country of the world with our collective prayers for peace
Wednesday, March 1st, 2017
12 noon San Francisco PST
5:00pm Uruguay
8:00pm Scotland
9:00pm Nigeria
10:00pm Israel
5:00am Tokyo (March 2nd)
7:00am Melbourne (March 2nd)
for details and call-in information
for details and call-in information
A Program of The Shift Network
Global Shift Meditation
Hosted by David Nicols Phd
Director and Co-founder of The Gaiafiel Project
Activate peace, compassion and harmony in the hearts of humanity
 Ignite love for plants, animals and all living things
Release the exponential power of prayer and affirmations
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