st step to getting the word out re “Unacknowledged”.
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We would like to thank all of you for your support of “Unacknowledged”, the feature film and new book. Both are set to be released this spring! 
The premiere is set for Monday evening April 24th in Los Angeles at the LA Live Regal Premiere Theater.  The film will be released to the public on May 9th!  We hope the book “Unacknowledged” will be available even sooner!  We will be sending out information about how you can attend.
Our goal with “Unacknowledged” is to reach as many people as possible to effect positive change for Disclosure and developing and releasing free energy technologies to benefit humanity.

Here’s how you can help.


1)  To invite to the Premiere ……..Do you have a DIRECT connection to any celebrities?  political leaders with large followings?  Someone who is a mover/shaker in society?

If so , please write to and let us know if you can be the point of contact to that person or if we can contact them directly to extend a special VIP invitation to the premiere.

2)  Do you know anyone in any of the categories above – worldwide – who you think would be willing to promote “Unacknowledged” via their social media – twitter, facebook, YouTube and elsewhere?    Can you directly ask that person for us? We can provide you with materials we are developing to get the word out to as many people as possible. Can we use your name to access that person?

3) Do you know anyone with a large following that you or we could contact for Dr. Greer to be on their podcast? Radio show? Television show?
We are not looking for a random list of important or influential people but someone you have a direct connection to who would help promote the film, the book and these ideas via their social media network, hosting Dr. Greer for an interview or coming to the Premiere and being willing to step up and step out as supportive of Disclosure and free energy.

Soon we will be sending everyone a dynamic link which will include a new trailer that you can post and share with others to get the word out about “Unacknowledged” and more information about the grass roots movement for Disclosure and free energy.

 In the meanwhile, if you directly know any leaders who would get involved now, please contact with as many details as possible.
Thank you so much for your help!
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