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Six new teachings recently added to Eckhart Tolle Now
Discussing happiness independent of active thought, Eckhart considers the purity of consciousness embodied in examples such as dogs and the classical idea of the holy fool.
Speaking with Authenticity
Kim shares a teaching on engaging the body in order to speak from a place of authenticity.
Life Is a Series of Challenges
Eckhart considers how the experience of difficulty, setback, and challenge is both unavoidable and an opportunity to deepen one’s consciousness.
Is there a limit to what stillness can do for the healing process?
Spontaneous healing within a state of Presence has been known to occur, but is not even remotely a guaranteed byproduct of stillness.
Do antidepressants interfere with the ability to be present?
Eckhart admits that he doesn’t have the experience to properly answer this question, engaging in conversation with questioner about the mutual experiences of substances getting in the way of presence.
Is there a way to be truly social without engaging in gossip?
Eckhart assures the questioner that it is indeed possible to be social without engaging in ego-motivated speech such as gossip (one can speak on shared interests and culture, for instance).
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