UPLIFT Weekly No. 23  April  29 – May 6  2016

What does it really mean to be Awake?
Can you be ‘spiritual’ and also be yourself?
How does Seratonin impact the flow of your life?

This week on UPLIFT we learn grounded tools to support loved ones with anxiety, a young comedian shares brave insight into depression and Charlie Chaplin teaches us about the power of Self Love.
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Charlie Chaplin’s Incredible Poem on Self Love

Charlie Chaplin is known for his inimitable comedy, however there is more to him than meets the eye. Here is his advice on Self Love.

This is Your Brain on Serotonin

Serotonin is vital for your mood, dreams, appetite and even the flow of thoughts. But how does this mysterious neurotransmitter actually work?

Spiritual People Don’t say F**k

Do you feel you have to Play a Role in order to fit into Spiritual Circles? It’s time to Show All of Yourself and Risk Being You.

Eight Tools to Help Loved Ones with Anxiety

Are you watching a Loved One suffer from Anxiety? These grounded tools are designed to Help you Positively Support your friend, partner or family member.

Seven Signs You Are Truly Awake

Fall under the spell of the Present Moment and enter a whole new dimension of existence where Magic Happens. What does it really mean to be Awake?

Why we Need to Talk about Depression

A teenage comedian shares his moving story about living with depression and explains how, by talking about it, we can help stop this silent epidemic.

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