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The Great Potential in Loss

This month’s content is excerpted from a classic program with Eckhart recorded in 2001 while on retreat in India. Speaking on a breadth of topics of perennial relevance, Eckhart shares essential wisdom on realizing the truth of who we are in our deepest nature. As with any of Eckhart’s talks, we’re confident you’ll hear something new with each engagement.

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Kim Eng

Awareness Meditation

A short awareness practice you can use any time to sense your inner body and observe the arising and dissolving of forms.

Q and A

Do I need self-esteem to love myself and others?

Eckhart discusses the uniquely human phenomenon of relating to oneself—and the possibility of transcending a mind-made self-image.

Q and A

I struggle surrendering to things like injustice.

Our identification with concepts leads to difficulty in accepting what is. Eckhart explains.

Q and A

As presence grows stronger my pain-body becomes more dramatic.

Eckhart discusses the challenge of a sabotaging pain-body and the witnessing presence that becomes our ally.

Q and A

What will dissolve the central core of self?

Surrender is the simplest answer.

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