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We enjoyed a powerful webinar for April ~ Trusting Divine Timing. Here’s what some people reported:

Hi there, Sheldan and Colleen, All I can say is to shout out a very big WOW!!!! This webinar was, by far, the most enlightening, powerful, inspirational and informative webinar ever given either by Sheldan, or anywhere else on the internet. Howard



Must have for your library~~

Webinar Archive “After Abundance” now ready for downloading…

We are on the brink of receiving prosperity funds as we unite in a great shift of our current debt slavery system.


In this live Webinar, Sheldan, guided by the Galactic Federation, explains what is to happen to us, during and after funds are delivered, to prepare us for the coming changes.

Free Webinar Preview: End of Debt Slavery

Topics include…

Prosperity Funds:

Why must prosperity funds be delivered before Disclosure? 
How will First-World countries receive prosperity funds? Third-World countries?

Debt Forgiveness:

How will debt forgiveness serve to end our debt slavery? 
What will happen to the banks and bankers? To corporations and their shareholders?

New governance:

How will the new government be formed? 
What will happen to the people currently running our governments?

Release of new technologies:

What type of technologies will be released in conjunction with the prosperity funds. 
What type of technologies will be available after the landings?

Managing our funds:

What do we do with our new funds? How will our lifestyles change? 
How long after the abundance program will the landings arrive?

How will we be mentored?

After the landings, how long will it be until we are mentored?

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Note from Galactic Heart…

I woke up this morning with a clear message to use Selenite. When I first woke up (20 years ago) to the amazing energies of crystals, I relied on them for healing but have not for quite some time. I was told by Saint Germain that I was to put the crystals down and remember that I am the crystal. So I stopped depending on the crystals. This was good for my spiritual evolution at the time. However, today I will be spending time with my Selenite crystal. I feel the Love already. Enjoy learning about Selenite. Use your own discernment if this is right for you.

Selenite Crystals…Connect To Divine Light For Personal Transformation

Source: Healing Crystals for You


White Selenite

Selenite crystals work to help you to bring light down from the higher realms into the physical body, to create personal transformation.

The white or transparent crystals have a strong vibration that may open the crown chakra and the soul star chakra.

This will assist you to contact the Divine Mind and to access the Angelic realm.

These are high vibration crystals, that also deliver clarity of mind, by cleansing the aura of negative energy build up, both within the physical and the etheric body.

Using White Selenite can be powerful for activating dormant abilities from past lives. It has the capacity to take you to the higher realms, which often happens quickly.

Where Does It Come From… Selenite Meaning

Selenite has been found in a large number of locations, including Mexico, Russia, Morocco, Greece, Poland, Germany, France, England, Australia and the USA.

Its color may be pure white, transparent, orange, peach, grey-blue, green, brown and bright golden yellow, like the cluster shown in the image above.

The meaning of the name Selenite comes from the Greek word meaning “moon”. This related to the way that there was a reflection of color within the first stones being looked at, and this was the color of the moon.


Green Selenite

Beautiful white non-transparent Gypsum selenite crystals, as well as the partly transparent stones commonly come from Mexico. These are popular as they can be shaped into many uses for metaphysical purposes.

Wonderful flat pieces of optical selenite can be easily bought, and many of these are made into long flat and rounded wands.

A lovely but less common color is the Green Selenite, which is very unusual, and mainly comes from Australia.

They occur as clusters of crystals and they are very fragile. They are fine needle-like green crystals, with some white and brown color towards the base of them.

Another very beautiful formation that is becoming more sought after is the formation known as Fishtail Selenite or Angel Wing Selenite.

This formation and the beautiful Golden Selenite, are powerful crystals to use for metaphysical purposes.

Desert Rose Selenite is a quite beautiful peachy brown rose shaped type that occurs naturally in Morocco.

It is a very helpful stone to use to strengthen the power of positive affirmations. Golden Ray Selenite is another beautiful high vibration type that has come to light and is powerful to have in a healing environment.


Angel Wing Selenite

Why Would You Use It

Selenite crystals are high vibration stones that will move your spiritual growth forward quickly. They are a stone of the third eye chakra, the crown chakra and the soul star chakra.

By opening the crown chakra, this stone allows you to access the transpersonal chakras, from the eighth chakra through to the fourteenth chakra.

Use this stone at the heart chakra or third eye first, and you may find that you will feel the energy moving through the crown chakra.

Once it clears any negativity or distortions from the crown chakra, the energy is then free to flow via the stellar gateway to the soul star chakra.

Many of you that have incarnated at this time have been spiritually active in past lives, and developed gifts and talents that your higher self still remembers.

Using Selenite may help you to learn how to be psychic, as it has a strong vibration. This stone may act as a conduit to other dimensions, as you remember your past lives in different places.

How To Use It

Many people own Selenite Crystals yet have not used them. Once you make contact with the energy of your stone, you may find out the best way to use it, to benefit you personally.

It is now coming to a time on this earth, as the vibration of the planet is rising, that many of you who own one of these, may wonder the best way to use it.

Using a piece of Fishtail Selenite like the one shown below, which is also known as Angel Wing Selenite, may help you.

Selenite crystals can be held at the heart as you are meditating, and this can be beneficial to help to relieve any stress or anxiety you may be feeling.

The Angel Wing formation is very special. Using one of these might help you to begin connecting with angels, and they may also assist your psychic communication abilities.

It can be beneficial to keep a piece on your body and Selenite crystals can also be used to grid the home to aid the removal of negativity.

Just as long as you keep in mind that it should be kept dry. Begin by using a piece of Selenite in your daily meditation.

You may choose to use them at the third eye chakra. The energy will move up to the crown chakra and the soul star chakra, and into the higher transpersonal chakras.


Using Selenite for Healing

Selenite wands like the lovely one in the photo on the right are wonderful healing tools.

You can get wands that are made from the white Gypsum Selenite variety, which is known as satin spar.

You can also use a natural golden selenite wand, as these occur naturally in a perfect shape to use for healing… see image of one below this.

When you hold a piece of this stone in your hand, particularly a wand shaped piece, and you should be able to quite quickly feel the energy within it.

The vibration of a piece of Selenite crystal often sets in to train the birth of the psychic power of mental telepathy.

These lovely stones are very beautiful, and look quite different to the translucent Selenite, which is often called optical selenite.

Satin spar Selenite Crystals may have vertical lines running down the length of the stone, and this is usually in the direction of the point of the wand.

Crystals shaped like this may be referred to as light wands, as these wands are quite reflective of light. They make marvelous healing tools, as they will channel energy through them, and this energy can be directed by the healer.

Wonder How to Use the Light Wands

So how do you use them, you may wonder?

If you have a wand shaped piece of this stone, you can gently squeeze it to activate it, then hold it to any area of the body where you feel you might need help.

A healer, or anyone who wishes to use them for healing, can also use them to sense where the health problem is located in the body.

This is useful if you are unsure of exactly where in the body the problem originates.

The way that you discover where the problem might be, is by gently squeezing the wand and moving it.

When you recognize that you are feeling a change in the energy flow, this tells you that the energy in this area is not flowing as it should be. The healer would also activate their wands to use them for healing, by gently squeezing them.

You then point them towards the specific problem area that you have become aware of, when you previously used them to locate the health issue.

The vibration of these wands is powerful, as once activated they will cleanse the etheric field of the body of any negativity.

selenite-skullie-sq250.jpg.pagespeed.ce.futz2i dxG

Who Should Use It

The best way to begin using your Selenite crystals is in meditation. Start by going deeply into relaxed inner awareness and allow yourself to feel and experience what the vibration of your particular stone has to offer you.

Using one of the crystal skulls made from this gorgeous white stone is very powerful.

They may help you to make connections with specific spirit guides that are waiting to work with you, via the energy of the skull formation.

Selenite is a link to the Lightbody, and helps to bring through new codes to assist in its anchoring.

Using this crystal may allow you to gain access to your past memories and gifts, and make major changes in your current life, in line with your soul’s purpose.

It aids you to break through illusion, so you may see yourself as you truly are, from a spiritual perspective. As you make contact with the higher realms, it is common to find that you will see quite strong colors, including lovely golden light.

They are on the zodiac birthstone list, and Selenite crystals are easy to buy. It is possible to obtain these lovely stones in a variety of different formations quite easily.

These crystals are often very beautiful, so it is common for people to be drawn to one of these stones, and have no idea why.

These lovely stones have been designated as a Taurus birthstone, so if this is your sign you may particularly benefit by using them.

How Will It Help You

These lovely crystals have many wonderful qualities, and are positive stones for opening up of gifts that you had not been aware of. As you use them to make contact with your guides and open yourself to spirit, many interesting possibilities may emerge.

Using them can be very beneficial, as using one of these crystals is also one of the methods to relieve stress. These crystals embody a helpful energy to relieve anxiety, and using this crystal instills deep peace.

Selenite crystals dissolve in water readily, so if you think about this fact, you may not be surprised to learn that they will aid the kidneys. This is one interesting area that they will help, but they may improve many other places in the body as well.

Overall they are positive stones, and may assist the movement of your spirituality and health in a positive direction. You may like to use a long flat selenite wand to create a multi-crystal wands, as this is one common way they are used.

But the possibilities are many and varied. This will depend on exactly what healing outcome you desire to achieve. Although it is important to cleanse crystals regularly, Selenite is a stone that you need to take a degree of care with when cleansing it.


Moldavite crystal

Combining It With Other Stones

If you want your spiritual path to accelerate, use this stone in combination with other sixth, seventh or eighth chakra stones or crystals. By the use of regular daily meditations you can expect to move your spiritual growth forward quite quickly.

There are many stones that are common to all three higher chakra groups, and combined with Selenite they make a powerful meditation experience.

Some specific ones that you might consider would be Herderite, Danburite, Tiffany Stone aka Bertrandite, Moldavite, Natrolite, Yttrium Fluorite and Phenacite, as well as Pink Petalite and Clear Quartz Crystals.

Meditation with Selenite alone or combined with any of these stones may open and activate the soul star chakra, via the crown chakra. The soul star chakra is sometimes called the Seat of the Soul.

These lovely crystals are among the group of powerful high crystal energy stones.

To decide which of the stones to combine with it, read the articles on each of the high vibration stones, as they have quite different outcomes.

Pink Petalite is one of my favorites to use to get started with, as this may take you to the higher realms to contact angelic beings, who may aid your search for enlightenment.

Clear Apophyllite and Angel Phantom Quartz aka Amphibole Quartz crystals are also good to combine with Selenite to aid contact with angels.

Beautiful crystal jewelry made from any of the high vibration stones may move you forward more quickly on your personal journey.

Use these while doing a meditation to boost psychic abilities, as any of these crystals also have the potential to develop psychic abilities.

The development of telepathy, clairaudience and clairvoyance, or having psychic visions is possible once you begin to use the high vibration stones like Selenite.

If you’d like to boost the possibility of developing telepathic gifts, you may like to combine this crystal with stones that help you to develop this capacity.

This includes stones such as Petalite, Apophyllite, Phenacite, Natrolite, Muscovite, Ulexite, Labradorite Crystal, Eudialyte, Blue Kyanite and Blue Calcite.


Pink Petalite

When you buy a new stone or crystal, it is advantageous to use it on its own first. Once you are fully aware of its energy, you may choose to combine it with other stones. Knowing how you can combine various stones may be helpful, as this allows you to get the most from your crystals, and may help you to solve specific problems in your life.

Cleansing Selenite

Note: DO NOT WET your Selenite Crystals, as they may dissolve in water. Alternatively they may not actually dissolve but may discolor or pit. This may vary according to the specific variety. 
Even sealed pieces that have been fashioned into pendants or made into hearts or other shapes may lose their lovely sheen. In some cases, depending on the type, thin slices may come away.

Contact with water is not recommended for any variety of Selenite. When cleansing these stones, use other methods of cleansing your crystals.

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