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April 2016

“Last Dance”

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  1. New Article: “Last Dance”

  2. Private Sessions: All sessions are fully guided by Universal Love and your true Life…details below.

  3. The Secret Language of the Heart by Barry Goldstein

Dearest Hearts,

As always, I pray you are well at heart while still in the unstoppable wake from the latest fast forward round of cosmic energies intent on driving us out of our minds and away from hardened beliefs and thought forms, currently conflicting with the Truth of our nature and the Love that we are.

Day after day, commanded by Love we are being called, through often tumultuous stimulation, to release our attention to the activity within awakening us to the magnificence of who we are…and asking us to cease inflating the characters we’ve been playing.

You have a right to know yourself as Love, and to manifest that personal Truth in your own unique and meaningful way.

For me, during this most recent round of insistent energies, and still, I find myself leaning into stillness often… consciously observing the energies, (compelling in their agitation,) my thoughts, responses, awareness’s and every shadow… with its side of the story attempting to disguise itself as a ‘pillar of truth.’ 

My illumined mind reminded me to allow only the one reality I am invibrational alignment with now, to stand unflinchingly… as my one pillar of Truth.”

It went on to say, “ let memories fade that are attempting to leave. Creative in their nature, they are (mostly) the carriers of partial truths and false concepts that split humanity… keeping them from knowing themselves as they are… in Truth now.”

The Last Dance

During this time I was made aware that the prophesied last dance (what many have called Armageddon), between the Darkness of 3rd dimensional consciousness and the Light of 5th dimensional consciousness is taking placewithin our beings now… and in turn…reflecting (and playing itself out) in the great external mirror.

Few amongst us are unaffected by this intense dance whirling and spinning us in all directions, at one time, in an attempt to capture our attention and alliance.One is the dance of enslavement and conflict… the other of freedom and Divine Love. One we have lived with for eons of time…one we have longed for even longer.

For each of us the last dance is personal not collective. Though the collective is obviously feeling the pressure and experiencing a shift in ‘reality’ at a grand level…were we to toss this dance off as something everybody is going through… we would miss what is ours to personally resolve, what is ours to personally remember and what is ours to add to the Light, the Love and the Consciousness of a new humanity.

We are at a crucial tipping point in our personal evolution… that is why the heat of the dance is on us. We are literally in the stargate of all potential to physically enter a new reality system.

We didn’t incarnate to live 3D lives. We didn’t incarnate to battle dual natures created in great part by a mind that attempts to control our thoughts until it owns them…and then turns them back on us to control our behavior.

Once we are no longer at odds or out of step with ourselves or each other, we are then in alignment to activate and solidify the undivided infrastructure of 5th dimensional consciousness within ourselves…and live the life we took on skin and bones to live.

Important to note is that the 5th dimension is not a place. It is a frequency created through each one of us through the activities of love, compassion and non-duality of any sort… thoughts, words, self-conversation or emotion… and by establishing Divine right order within.

We are not here to change ourselves…we are here to be ourselves.

For those that were here in the beginning of this now ending life cycle (undoubtedly the vast majority reading this), and back now to be here in the end… we knew… prior to taking on form, we would be indispensable to theactivity and outcome of this last dance.

Somewhere in memory, we knew our hearts were always to be the gateway (and transformational portal) through which the Darkness of our many 3rd dimensional lifetimes would pass and be transformed.  As a result, our true identity would be revealed by us and through us… in us and as us. We knew…somewhere in memory…we already had it in us.

In Closing

Dance this dance with all of your heart beloveds…one moment at a time… one movement at a time… one experience at a time… one breath at a time… and one heartfelt thought at a time.

You are in the grand finale of the most epic activity of the Divine Plan… thus far.

Know you are not alone, and you are being held and loved beyond measure by the greatest Love of All. 

“I know now why the caged bird sings.”
—Maya Angelou

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“Private Sessions”

All sessions are fully guided by intuition and Universal Love and informed by your true Life. Each is geared toward assisting you ingaining clarity, true perceptive and peace in your life, as you make your way through this dance and head toward your true destiny.

All sessions are interactive prompting the true strength and Spirit that moves in you to come front and center through you, for a rich and empowering experience.

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The Secret Language of the Heart

By Barry Goldstein

You might never listen to music or choose your playlists in quite the same way again.

I am so excited for my soul brother Barry Goldstein and the release of his original, highly acclaimed, unique new book that guides us (with playlists and all) in the ways to utilize music for healing, calming, upliftment, inner harmony and raising the frequency and vibration of our hearts. Barry, not only a Grammy award winner is a proven global master of music, sound and frequency as is clearly displayed in this brilliant piece of work. With Forward by Dr. Joe Dispenza, this book could not have been released at a more appropriate time.Available on Amazon

May you be blessed every single moment of every single day.

I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved!



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