Enjoy a fascinating interview with Dr. Greer speaking about New Energy and its implications on Jill Blakeway’s podcast.

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Steve Greer
Dr. Greer at New Living Expo
April 29 & May 1, 2016
San Mateo Event Center
San Mateo, CA

Disclosure: Ending Illegal UFO Secrecy and Creating a New Civilization on Earth
April 29 – 5 – 7 pm
 From the Father of the Global Disclosure Movement learn:
– Why are UFOs above top secret? And who is keeping the truth from us?
–  Beyond Silicon Valley: Zero-point energy and anti-gravity.  How UFOs actually work – and why power elites don’t want you to know.
– Disclosure and Implications: Mass action to create a new civilization free from war, pollution and poverty, now !
– Our interstellar future: Universal peace and the coming interplanetary society of Earth.
ET Contact: The Science of Consciousness and our Interstellar Future
Sunday May 1 – noon – 2pm
– Why Consciousness is the key to universal Contact and communication with Interstellar Civilizations and how your own mind is the key to discovery;
-How the experience of Cosmic Consciousness and other higher states of consciousness will provide the foundation for peace on Earth and Universal Peace;
– Outline of the higher states of Consciousness, how they evolve and how eventually Celestial perception and other innate powers like remote viewing unfold and how Consciousness develops;
-How ET Civilizations utilize Consciousness Assisted Technologies and Technology Assisted Consciousness to interact with humans, earth and one another, and how YOU can become an Ambassador from Earth to those civilizations;
-Why it is essential for a critical mass of many of us to become Spirit warriors to effect change and overcome the current suppression of ET contact, free energy technologies and create a
new Universal Peaceful Civilization on Earth in our lifetime!
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Enjoy a fascinating interview with Dr. Greer speaking about New Energy and its implications on Jill Blakeway’s podcast.
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