Survive Economic Collapse By Turning Your Passion Into A Side Income

FEBRUARY 22, 2016


By Activist Post

Economic collapse does not often arrive in an overnight cataclysmic event. Rather, it tends to be a long and slow deterioration of the conditions which offer the widest opportunities to prosper. Therefore, for those attuned to the signposts, evasive action can be taken well in advance of the greatest threats.

For most people, those signposts revolve around stock markets and other traditional indicators within the mainstream economic paradigm. However, regular readers well know that there is little to gain by gearing your economic strategies to a completely rigged system.

In order to stave off the whims of economic manipulators, as well as legitimate shifts in industry – such as the rise of robotics and artificial intelligence – it behooves us to analyze what tools are available that liberty-minded individuals can use right now to create a path that will end-run what the mainline economy has to offer.

Here are 6 resources to help survive economic collapse by turning your passion into a side income.

Social Media: Most people don’t need to build their own platform anymore. Mastering YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook can provide a very handsome side income or even a full-time salary no matter what type of product, service or message you’re selling. These channels are massive networks which you can tap into immediately and leverage for free. No barrier to entry.

Are these platforms being spied on by the NSA? Sure, but do they care about your hobby account? Probably not. Don’t let paranoia paralyze you from taking action and being successful. Use these channels to your benefit.

Blogs: Did you know that Activist Post started as a free Blogger site? We now have over 100 million page views thanks to you! It shows that anyone can build a basic blog and become successful. We knew next to nothing about the technical aspects when we began. We just had a passion for the ideas of freedom and a strong desire to share them. Along the way we have developed partnerships with people who filled in the technical gaps, and met others who brought in new elements that we didn’t even know were missing. The point is that you don’t have to know everything in order to start a business; learning as you go often forces the mind to remain open and alert while maintaining a hunger to grow and improve.

Today, blogs are very simple to set up. if you need something basic to start. It’s free and you can point a premium domain name to it (i.e. can be changed to easily on Blogger). If you envision needing a more flexible website in the future, you’ll want to begin with WordPress which comes with some minimal costs like hosting and tech support. Or if you have a small budget, you can hire one of many website builders for small businesses. If you treat your blog like most people treat their Facebook pages (post lots of content), you’ll soon be the one making money from your work, not Zuckerberg.

Online Store: Shopify has made it simple to set up a professional looking ecommerce website with a blog. It’s a turnkey solution. They have a 14-day free trial and it’s as low as $9/month after that. It’s slightly less than you’d pay in rent for a brick-and-mortar storefront, wouldn’t you say?

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon): In times of uncertainty, find the “channels” demonstrating abundance. Amazon is one of those channels. Even in a bad economy, Amazon reported a 23% increase in sales in the third quarter of 2015. Amazon is the 3rd most visited website in the United States and they have around half-a-billion credit cards on file ready for one-click purchasing worldwide. If you sell products, you must use Amazon FBA.

The FBA program allows you to send physical products to Amazon’s warehouses for them to handle sales, processing, delivery, returns and customer service. Three strategies people are using to make money on Amazon are retail arbitrage, private label products, and custom products. The first month of FBA is free and then it’s $40 per month. Plus, Amazon takes a commission and pick-and-pack fees when you sell something. Here’s a good quick-start guide to Amazon FBA.

Kindle Publishing: Writers and authors must consider publishing directly to Kindle whether you write books, newsletter special reports, or even shorter article pamphlets. The Amazon Kindle sales channel is massive and you can make good money if you provide quality content and market it well. Learn more here.

Peer-to-Peer Economy: As some technology is disrupting certain occupations, other technology is enabling more opportunities. Peer-to-Peer apps like Uber and Lyft match drivers with people who need transportation. If you have a vehicle, you can make money with Uber or Lyft. If you like to cook or throw parties, check out the EatWith app. If you’re a handyman, babysitter, or have any other skills, TaskRabbit can match you with people in your neighborhood seeking your services. If you have technical or artistic skills, check out Elance or Fiverr to find customers. If you’re into finance, check out Bitcoin. Craigslist for everything else. All of these networks, or channels, are thriving.

These are some of the key ways that we at Activist Post have taken charge in our own lives. We expand upon the other methods that can help you thrive during what is shaping up to be a very turbulent 2016 in our free 21-page report for email subscribers. This report focuses on the full range of strategies to achieve self-sufficiency and sound financial and physical health.

Watch a video overview of this FREE Special Report presented by Derrick Broze.

Have you turned your passion into a side business? Did it become a full time endeavor?  Feel free to document your challenges and success in the comment section.

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