Hay House Ignite

In Partnership with Psychologies Magazine

The Date: 12/03/2016, 9amSponsored by: Hay House UKFormat: Lectures & EventsLocation: The Light Friends House, LondonDirections: Click Here

Hay House Ignite


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The Tribe is gathering

Hay House Ignite will bring together the next generation of Hay House authors for a day dedicated to your wellbeing. From juicing to self-love, from raising your energy to living your dreams, our speakers will equip you with a toolkit of techniques for living a healthy, creative and fulfilling life. You can expect plenty of inspiration, some serious ‘Aha’ moments and an amazing tribe of like-minded people. Let’s join forces and ignite!


Work Your Light!
Rebecca Campbell (10–10:45am)

Do you feel called to devote your life to something bigger? Our soul is always calling us to our highest path and purpose, but answering these calls takes both faith and courage. In this heart-opening talk Rebecca will guide you to listen to the calls of your soul, connect with the unlimited supply of Source energy and work your light so you can serve the world by being you.

Body Calm: The Meditation Technique That Helps Your Body Heal
Sandy Newbigging (10:45–11:30am)

Harnessing the power of the mind–body connection to experience vibrant health is easier than you think! In this interactive talk you’ll discover the meditation technique that not only helps you enjoy a calmer mind, but keeps your body healthy too. Sandy will guide you through your first Body Calm session to help you disengage from the stresses of everyday life and relax fully, so you can experience your own ability to self-heal. By using this simple meditation technique regularly you’ll be able to give your body the rest it needs to recover and remain healthy, while bringing about greater harmony within your heart, mind, body and soul.

Unstoppable Energy
Julie Montagu (12–12:45pm)

Would you like to feel more energized, and to wake up day after day feeling fresh, ready and unstoppable? Or does this sound like an unrealistic goal? Well it’s not! In this talk, Julie will share the secret to all-day energy and her favourite ways to naturally keep your energy levels high, so that you have all the energy you need to live an amazing life!

Lucid Dreaming for Lucid Love
Charlie Morley (12:45–1:30pm)

Do you want to dream your way to self-love, divine love and even romantic love while you sleep? Lucid Dreaming teacher Charlie Morley wants to show you how! Using methods verified by modern science as well as ancient Buddhism we can use the wisdom of the lucid-dream state to find love in our lives, both for ourselves and others. Whether it’s asking the dream for career advice or even asking, ‘How can I find my soulmate?’ lucid dreaming allows us access to the huge wellspring of wisdom that resides in our dreaming mind, and that loves us and others beyond our wildest dreams!

Radical Self-Love: A Guide to Loving Yourself and Living Your Dreams
Gala Darling (3–3:45pm)

What would it look like to stop living from fear and instead step into the life of your dreams? Gala will tell the story of how she went from living with depression and an eating disorder to living vibrantly. In addition to her own experiences, she will share the tactics and techniques you can employ to make radical self-love a daily practice, and learn how to feel happy every single day.

#HigherSelfie: Wake Up Your Life, Free Your Soul, Find Your Tribe
Lucy Sheridan & Jo Westwood (3:45–4:10pm)

Can you hear the cosmic alarm clock going off around the world? And yet, do you question how to live consciously when you’re away from your yoga mat and spiritual bookshelf? Perhaps you feel underqualified and uninitiated when it comes to speaking your authentic truth in your own life? Well hop on your unicorn and look no further as Lucy and Jo share their mission to unite all those waking up in this digital age, and guide you to have the confidence to be spiritually active in your own way.

Psychologies New Voice Winner

Psychologies and Hay House have launched a competition to find the most exciting new voice in wellbeing and in this talk the lucky winner will share their contribution to the wellness revolution with you.

Could it be you? Click Here for more details on the competition.

Say Yes to Your Crazy Sexy Life
Kris Carr (5–6:30pm)

New York Times bestselling author Kris Carr got the wake-up call of her life in 2003 when she learned she had an incurable stage IV cancer. With no traditional treatment options to fall back on, Kris embarked on a wellness adventure that not only transformed her life, but created a global health revolution. In this talk, Kris will share her inspiring personal story and give you essential self-care strategies to radically improve your total wellbeing. She’ll explain that true self-care goes beyond kale and includes embracing fear, taking risks and saying yes to your crazy sexy life!


9–10am: Registration
10–10:45: Rebecca Campbell
10:45–11:30: Sandy Newbigging
11:30–12pm: Morning break
12–12:45pm: Julie Montagu
12:45–1:30pm: Charlie Morley
1:30–3pm: Lunch
3–3:45pm: Gala Darling
3:45–4:10pm: #HigherSelfie
4:10–4:30pm: Psychologies New Voice Winner
4:30–5pm: Afternoon break
5–6:30pm: Kris Carr
6:30: Book signing with Kris Carr


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