UPLIFT Weekly No. 11  Feb 06 – 12 2016

Do you find that you feel too deeply and are challenged in expressing that authentically? Do you love Yoga, but find that all too often it is literally a pain in the butt? Are the spontaneous memories of children actually the best evidence for past lives?

This week on UPLIFT, we explore all of these themes, as well as learning how to live your life as much in the flow as possible and the many health benefits of getting grounded with your feet on the earth.
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The Science of Being in the Flow

Do you have an ‘autotelic’ personality? Research shows developing this character type improves both creativity and performance.

Do you Feel Too Deeply?

Do your emotions seem to be so bottomless in depth they stop you functioning? Here’s how to channel them constructively into expression.

The Many Benefits of Earthing

How connecting with the Earth beneath your feet can help reduce Stress, rebalance your Hormones, and reverse Inflammation.

Is this the Best Evidence yet for Past Lives?

Is Reincarnation real? Evidence from children’s spontaneous testimony may be the strongest evidence yet.

Is Yoga a Pain in the Butt?

Yoga Butt injury is no joke. Instead of chasing dreams of a streamlined behind, working with Yoga’s spiritual roots can lead to a more balanced practice.

Watch ‘The Science of Breathing’ Free

and learn how focusing on your breath in Yoga can improve your well-being

Dr. Mithu Storoni, a medical doctor, neuroscientist and Yoga teacher explains how controlled breathing in Yoga can help you de-stress, increase your focus, and improve your overall well-being. She explains the simple breathing techniques that are most practical and the science  behind why they have been proven effective.

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