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Peace Agreement Signed for Syrian Conflict

A Miracle of Synchronized Meditation?

Ten days after millions of people gather for a
worldwide synchronized meditation, an agreement is signed in Munich to end the violence in Syria.
Many will think it was just a coincidence, but consider this: After nearly every worldwide synchronized meditation focused on an area of the world experiencing extreme violence and war, a peaceful solution was achieved within two weeks. I remember the first time I saw this phenomenon – I was invited to perform in Baghdad by Saddam Hussein in 1998 at the same time the US and its allies were preparing another bombing campaign. Of course it was a propaganda move by the Iraqi dictator, but it felt like a great way for focus positive attention on a very negative situation. The call to pray and meditate for peace was sent out, and by the time I was performing the concert in the Iraqi National Theater millions were mobilized.
No one could have predicted what happened next.
Though there didn’t seem to be any possibility of avoiding another military conflict, Kofi Annon arrived the next day and three days later a peace accord was signed. No bombs fell and no one died. I could share story after story as impressive as this one, and they all lead to one unavoidable fact – when millions of people focus their positive energy on a situation of world crisis, the situation changes!
Are we taking credit for what happened today? Of course not. What we are doing is using this to illustrate what could happen if we continue this movement of peaceful, prayerful activism. My goal is to have an “Army of Light” ready to respond at a moment’s notice whenever a situation arises that needs our focus – at least a million people from around the world we can contact days or even hours before we gather to shower our energy on a given crisis. We hope you will continue to support this movement. You are not powerless, and this is the way you can help change the world! 
Next we focus on the Heart of the Mother
Next week I will send out a video you can share with everyone you know. Our goal is ONE HUNDRED MILLION PEOPLE sending their energy and love into the heart of the earth – Mother India. I will be there with 3.5 million people celebrating peace, and there are already 10 million people registered for the prayer vigil. The synchronized meditation will take place on March 11, 12 and 13 at noon your local time. We want to create a wave of penetrating light that sweeps across the planet. Please help us reach our goal and continue this powerful movement.
The Levitation Course
Next week we’ll be sending a very special gift to everyone that has been part of this powerful movement of synchronized meditation and prayer. I have been working on this program for over a year, and next week you’ll be able to register. It will be a way we can raise funds for the next phase of this adventure. STAY TUNED!

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