Anmerkung: Durch die Konvertierung der Zeitzonen ist der Zeitpunkt für die Meditation in Deutschland am 1. Februar 2016 um 16:00 Uhr.

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World Synchronized Meditation
February 1, 10 AM Eastern US Time
For many of you, this is the first email you’re receiving about the prayer vigil. Welcome!
We are announcing the time of the meditation
Join us in silent meditation at 10AM Eastern US time, 5PM Israel Time on Monday Feb. 1. There will be millions of people holding the light at that moment.
In the last five days over 200,000 people have joined us through the video and the vigil website. On February 1st there will be millions of us radiating a peaceful pulse that has the power to shift the even darkest crisis. I have seen this work many times before, and with your help it will work again.
We will be on the ground overlooking the
villages held by both ISIL and Hezbollah
Imagine how committed the spiritual leaders are who are joining us for this important meditation. From this vantage we will offer prayers and chants from all three of the great Abrahamic traditions ~ Jewish, Christian and Muslim, as well as the local Druze religion. Then at the designated time we will pause and join with people from around the world who are sending their prayers to heal the region.
Many have said that prayer and synchronized meditation will not heal the divisions that are so deep in this region, but millions of people disagree. Scientific studies have proven the power of focused, massive intent, and now we apply it to the suffering people of Syria.
Don’t forget to join us at 10 AM Eastern US Time
February 1. 
Send your light to the children of Syria.
For security reasons we are holding back exactly where we will be during the meditation. On Sunday, just two days from now, we’ll let all of you know. Please continue holding us in your hearts as we prepare the way.
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Pope Francis and the Dalai Lama
We received word that two of the Dalai Lama’s monasteries in India will be joining us for the meditation, including Gyuto monastery near Dharamsala. We have also reached out to Pope Francis and are confident he will join us in prayer. A personal message is being hand delivered to His Holiness, and since both of these men put such a high priority on inter-religious harmony, we are sure they are supporting us. Speaking of harmony, Monday begins a week long celebration at the United Nations ~ Inter-religious Harmony Celebration. This is an auspicious time for so many dedicated people to be radiating their prayers of peace.
Have you seen the video?
Spread the word to the world!
James Twyman


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Monday is the Day
Millions of people will join in a Synchronized Meditation
to end the violence in Syria.
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Why did you say YES? Because you believe in the power of focused, positive energy projected through meditation and prayer.
Why did you say YES? Because you have the courage to say “Only Love is Real.”
Why did you say YES? Because you want to be part of a world movement unlike anything that has ever occurred before, and in doing so, heal the world.
Join us on Monday, February 1st for 
The Great Abrahamic Pulse
Here’s what you need to do: Stop at the designated time and hold the energy of love and peace as you imagine the children of Syria being fed, and the people of Syria living in peace. All you need is 10-15 minutes. James Twyman will be with leaders from the three Abrahamic religions ~ Jewish, Christian and Muslim ~ in a Syrian village on the Israeli side of the Golan Heights within eyesight of several villages held be either ISIL or Hezbollah. They will anchor the energy from the meditation and pulse it through the entire region. James will sing the peace prayers from the three religions, and the leaders will share prayers of peace from each tradition.
Time of the Synchronized Meditation:
7AM Pacific US Time
10AM Eastern US Time
3PM London Time
It will be sundown in The Middle East, and as the sun dips beneath the horizon we will imagine the end of the violence and the beginning of an era of peace. This is likely the largest synchronized vigil in history, so please join us.
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This is the moment we’ve been waiting for!
Most of the media has ridiculed this effort (Last night Bill Maher had some very interesting things to say). We are not here to defend, but to prove the enduring power of love. We are not here to convince anyone of anything, but to demonstrate the reality of peace, especially when harnessed by millions of people at the same moment. If you attend a church, ask them to be involved. If you still have people who want to join us, tell them everything you know. This is the moment of TRUTH. Let’s say YES to a New World!


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Synchronized Meditation for Syria and ISIL
Monday, February 1
Final Update
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Millions of people will join together
to prove the power of synchronized prayer
This is a final update so you have everything you need to join us for the meditation. To begin, the time of the vigil is as follows:
7AM Pacific US Time

10AM Eastern US Time
3PM London Time
5PM Israel Time
4AM (Tuesday) Auckland Time
(There was some confusion from an email sent two days ago. These times are correct.)
James Twyman and the Religious Leaders
Will be within eyesight of the ISIL villages
Thanks to The Abrahamic Reunion here in Israel, James will be joined by Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders on a hill overlooking the villages where so many Syrians are suffering. They will be putting themselves at risk to inspire YOU to join us for just 10-15 minutes of focused meditation at the time listed above. All you need to do is to FEEL the energy of peace, as if it is already present in Syria (This is the critical component to this type of prayer). Then visualize children in Syria being fed, people living in peace, and the government stable and serving the needs of all its citizens.
It’s Worth A Try
Most people believe they are powerless in the face of such violence. This is a simple way millions of people can add their energy to a positive solution for this humanitarian crisis. It has been proven over and over through other studies. Maharishi Effect Now we have the chance to demonstrate the power of our joined meditation and prayer. Please join us at the designated time, and share this with everyone you know.
James Twyman




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