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Puja Set - Blanca Peak

Puja Table at Blanca Peak,CO
Dr. Greer will be sharing a Puja ceremony with the group on Friday night.

February 26, 27, 28, 2016
Miracle Springs Resort and Spa – Desert Hot Springs California
Advanced Intensive on Contact, Remote Viewing and Becoming an Ambassador to the Universe.
Offered as a full weekend with Dr. Greer in person- and also as a webinar .
Join Dr. Greer at Miracle Springs Resort and Spa in Desert Hot Springs CA, outside of Palm Springs. 
Group Meetings will cover:
-The Philosophy of Contact, Meditation Training and the Science of Consciousness – Friday night , February 26, 2016- 8 – 11 pm
-Remote Viewing Training – Saturday afternoon, February 27, 2016 – 1:30 – 5:30
-Contact and the Crossing Point of Light ( with video of actual contact ) – Saturday night , February 27, 2016 – 8pm – 11pm
– How to set up a contact group and the Interstellar Human Future – Sunday afternoon, February 28, 2016,  2 – 6pm
See below for details of each session.
When not in session enjoy the world’s best Natural hot mineral water .
Nestled in the foothills just minutes from Joshua Tree National Park, Miracle Hot Springs Resort and Spa overlooks beautiful Palm Springs and the California desert.  You can practice your remote viewing and meditation while in the courtyard of eight natural hot mineral pools.  Discovered centuries ago by Cahuilla Indians, these waters are known worldwide as the very best for therapeutic and health benefits.
The live in-person presentation is $295 paid in advance or $395 at the door. click here OR
Via live webinar – whole presentation is $95;  $30 if you wish to choose specific segments.  (webinar link to follow in next email)
The price for the in-person presentation is for the whole weekend.  Single session admission is not available.
There is a special room rate for this group at Miracle Springs  which will last until February 7, 2016.
Call Miracle Springs Resort and Spa and ask for the rate for “Dr. Greer Presents”
For reservations: 800-400-4414 ; website:
The sessions will include:
Friday February 26, 2016 – 8 pm – 11pm – Session 1
-The philosophy of contact and becoming an Ambassador to the Universe
-The central role of consciousness – the Aware State as the foundation for peaceful Contact
-How higher states of consciousness develop – the ancient Vedic siddhis and remote viewing
-The session will end with an ancient Sanskrit puja and actual meditation instruction including breathing techniques and mantra meditation.
Saturday February 27, 2016 – 1:30 – 5:30 pm – Session 2
–   How remote viewing works, and why: understanding the nature of your infinite mind.
 –  Practical techniques for remote viewing that you will learn from Dr. Greer and can use at home.  Actual techniques that work will be taught.
–  Q & A
Saturday February 27, 2016 – 8 pm – 11pm – Session 3
– Contact and the Crossing Point of Light – What exists beyond the Crossing Point, or speed of light, and how it manifests around us
–  Video and stills from the CSETI archives of actual contact with full explanations from Dr. Greer of the lights, sounds, tones and other ET Contact phenomenon. You will be amazed!
– Understanding ET Contact and transdimensional phenomenon – materialization, dematerialization, bilocation, thought/technology interfaces, electronic transdimensional ET Contact and more.
Sunday February 28, 2016 – 2pm – 6pm – Session 4
– How to set up a CE-5 Contact Group and why its important to do so: Mass Consciousness and how it can create a peaceful interstellar future.
– The CE-5 protocols
– Dealing with covert military interference counter-measures and suppression. –      The history of interference and how our CE-5 teams have overcome it.
–  Military stagecraft and abductions – how they work and how to be a mind warrior to transcend them.  How to deal with radionics and psychotronics and understanding how they really operate.
–  The Interstellar Human Future circa 3000 AD -A vision of an entirely new civilization on Earth that is interstellar and rapidly approaching!
Click here to get your ticket for this amazing weekend 
in person with Dr. Greer !
Click here for webinar tickets.
Additional Appearances by Dr. Greer
Dr. Greer in person:
Live at Conscious Living Expo – LAX Hilton – Sunday February 21, 2016 – 6 – 8 pm
click here for tickets.   (You must also purchase a ticket to the Expo to attend the lecture.)
Webinar – watch on Sunday February 21, 2016 – 6- 8 pm or at your convenience.
click here for the webinar.
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