Ever feel like those in power have the upper hand? Like big corporations will always win and we’ll always lose? Me too. But 2015 proved us wrong.

2015 was the year that our campaigning helped kick Shell, with their heads in their hands and money pouring from their pockets, out of the Arctic. [1] It was the year we exposed that Santander was funding a rainforest-destroying company and shamed them into stopping. [2] But, if you still don’t believe that together we can’t take on the bad guys and win, take a quick look at this video:

The successes of 2015 should convince us that big business cannot always bypass us, that our leaders cannot continually ignore us. So how about making a New Year’s resolution to make your voice even louder in 2016? If companies like Shell and Santander think we’ll be quietly resting on our laurels in 2016, they should think again.

Thanks for everything,

India and the whole team at Greenpeace UK

P.S. Get started making your voice louder right now. 2015 didn’t just show us the power of people, it showed us the power of what we’re up against: climate change. Can you sign this petition for David Cameron to take tough action on climate change in light of the floods this winter? https://secure.greenpeace.org.uk/flooding-2016

[1] This year Shell backed out of the Arctic for the forseeable future, after a 3 year long Greenpeace campaign. Here’s how you made it happen: http://www.greenpeace.org.uk/blog/climate/victory-3-years-people-vs-shell-20150928
[2] This year we stopped Santander from funding rainforest destruction after our campaign went viral:http://www.greenpeace.org.uk/blog/forests/result-santander-stops-financing-forest-destroyer-april-20150226
Together we also helped local campaigners to secure a no vote from Lancashire county council on fracking. It was also the year that you stood with people from Mumbai to Moscow calling for a binding agreement on climate change – and won: http://www.greenpeace.org/international/en/news/Blogs/makingwaves/paris-agreement-expectations-COP21-wrapup/blog/55112/


We don’t accept any money from companies or governments so we can be independent and challenge anyone who threatens the planet or peace. To help us keep fighting climate change, defending our oceans and protecting ancient forests, you canmake a regular donation by direct debit. Thank you!



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