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When you order Sheldan’s “YOUR GALACTIC NEIGHBORS” book ~~ You receive a free Webinar Archive

In the past few months Sheldan has presented live Webinars about key Galactic Federation Members. The Sirians, Pleiadeans and Andromedans.


Your Galactic Neighbors is a handbook for the future. This invaluable work will introduce you to more of the most benevolent star-nations that populate this universe.

As a special holiday offer if you order the book Your Galactic Neighbors … we will send you 
the Webinar 33 Galactic Federation Members archive download … for FREE.

(This offer is good until Dec. 31, 2015)

Click Here to order Your Galactic Neighbors

FREE BONUS WEBINAR ARCHIVE DOWNLOAD (when you order Your Galactic Neighbors)

Webinar 33 Galactic Federation Members

Sheldan answers your many questions about Galactic Federation Members


Topics include…

• Why have so many GF members come to earth?
• What are they doing to assist us?
• Human Members: What are they like?
• Non-human Members: What are they like?
• Who will meet us first when the landings come?
• Which GF members will mentor us?
• Will some GF members stay here after we are fully conscious?
• What will happen to the dark cabals?
• Gaia becomes pristine again

To order the book, Your Galactic Neighbors, and receive your free bonus Webinar ~ Galactic Federation Members: CLICK HERE

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