Working outside of the time-space continuum is one of the greatest influencing factors to manifesting your highest preferences.



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Shifting from the Code of Time
Time, as we define it, is an illusion… yet, we are continually controlled by its energetic tick tock. Stepping outside of time is indeed possible but only if we can change our definitions about it.

Many physicists do not regard time as a “passing” or that time is a sequence of events that occurs. Instead, they see that time is malleable and all is actually happening in the same moment. All realities exist simultaneously. This means that all possible experiences for you exist right now.

We get confused about this idea because of how we have been trained to perceive. We have been educated to look at things from inside the box of linear time dimension. We regard things as existing before, now or after and that these conditions are finite. We talk in terms of what something once was, or, what something will be.

The illusion of time is merely a human construct. Many of the upheavals and social chaos that we are experiencing in our world today are directly related to giving precedence to this human law rather than the natural order of our divine existence. Living in artificial time disconnects us, both as a species and an individual, from our true eternal nature.

We often emphatically say that we do not have enough time to get the things we want to do, done. Sometimes we feel pressured by its limits and daunting deadlines. These feelings only affirm a belief in time and a strong allegiance to its boundaries.

There ARE ways to not be controlled by it, and even to surpass it all together. It just requires some shifts in our perception.

The purpose of this life altering program of MORPHOGENESIS is to give you practical and very grounded ideas on changing your definitions about time so that you can ultimately break through its barriers and into a more inspired existence.
Working outside of the time-space continuum is one of the greatest influencing factors to manifesting your highest preferences. With ability see beyond the linear sequence, you can choose whatever parallel reality you prefer to experience, and even, traverse them all. You are empowered through a simultaneous existence.
Once you are free from the rigid construct of linear time, your skills of multi-dimensionality will soar. The ability to perceive beyond the physical dimension is the key to this actualization.
If you have not yet enrolled, I invite you to join me and thousands of others in this accelerating program of MORPHOGENESIS. Let’s together, open our seals of perceptionand experience our eternal, timeless nature.
big heart embrace,

Tiara Kumara
Morphogenesis Program Creatress

Open the Crystalline Seals into Avatar Consciousness
Many of us are learning how to use our expanding perceptions to bend the reality of the physical dimension, opening the door into a whole new level of energy mastery. As part of the crystallization process of our new ‘unity consciousness hologram’, we are changing the way that we think so that the dual perception can go multi-dimensional.

Certain expanded perceptions hold the master key to unshackle the body and by way of the internal ‘crystalline seals’. These energetic seals comprise the frequency overlays that give passageway to the expanded DNA blueprint.



The 1st Seal of Coherence

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Change within you the coded genetic sequence that upholds the incoherent patterns of ‘relational separation’. This is one of the main carnal locking mechanisms that prevent our rise into sustained levels of divine coherence.
The 2nd Seal of Perception
Break free from the perceptions that keeps you confined to self-limiting thought programs. This opens the way for the manifestation of a brand new human experience. You will learn how to thrive with your Higher Mind and live through Expanded Sense Perception.

The 3rd Seal of Encodement
Move beyond the body’s ‘memory fields’ that keep you bound to a limited blueprint, one that has been programmed by hereditary traits, belief systems and human habits. We are upgrading the body’s energetic infrastructure so that you can handle greater frequencies of light encodement.

The 4th Seal of Resonance

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Change the channel to the program that you wantto see and to shift  into a new resonance of multi-dimensional living. You will learn how to bend reality and through metaphysical principle and thrive through the guidance of positive synchronicity.

The 5th Seal of Still Point
Step on to a pathless path and to reveal your power from the void. You will learn how to serve as an empty cup and from internal stillness, one of greatest self mastered states that there is.

The 6th Seal of Fusion
Shift the perception and bring multi-level ‘fusion’ to the divisive human nature. Instead of seeing things from a dual lens, you will learn how to perceive from multidimensional vision. Your energy blueprint is recalibrated into the oneness vibration through focus on ‘whole brain’ functioning.

The 7th Seal of Transcendence
Learn how how to maneuver across the great time divine into a more spatial, simultaneous existence. Working outside of time is one of the greatest influencing factors to manifesting your highest preferences. Once you are free from the code of time, your skills of multi-dimensionality will soar.

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