Humanity’s Team is honored to be one of the co-sponsors of this world-changing summit, which features 20+ Indigenous leaders from around Mother Earth – including Hereditary Chief Phil Lane, Jr., Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Diane Longboat, Audri Scott Williams, Gilberto Arias, Grandmother Mona Polacca and so many others. They’re coming together for this amazing virtual council gathering to share how we can nurture a budding “spiritual springtime,” in which we walk a new unified path of healing and sacred action.

Complimentary Online Event 
The Second Annual 
Global Indigenous Wisdom Summit 
November 17-19

During this beautiful 3-day event, you will hear wisdom from Indigenous voices representing the four directions. They will share prayers, sacred songs, prophecies, spiritual teachings and pathways to healing, as well as inspiring examples for birthing a new era – one in which all members of the human family are treated with respect, understanding, compassion and justice.RSVP here for The Global Indigenous Summit – at no charge!

This summit is one to make time for!  See you there!

Yours in Oneness,

Steve Farrell
Worldwide Coordinating Director
Humanity’s Team

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