Integration of Old Aspects Of Self
Before The Embracing Of The New

Aloha My Beloved Friends,

It has been a very intense few weeks for myself as I am sure it has been for many of you too!

Today gradually everything became clear, all the pieces of the puzzle finally came together and without even knowing  when the new moon was (tomorrow 10.12.2015) myself and others were guided to truly let go of the past completely and from this day forth no longer look back in anyway shape or form but to move forward without any regrets, disappointment or bad feelings, knowing that every single experience brought us to where we are today and that today is the last day of our old life and tomorrow is truly a Brand New Beginning.

It has certainly been a blessed day and our experiences are totally explained in the message I received a few days ago.

I love you all and wish you a truly wonderful New Beginning.

With so much love and Aloha,


Thursday, October 8th, 2015 – Sue
Beloved ones, we greet you this day with enormous enthusiasm for the process you are all growing through. We know it has been a deep and intense time of self realization, self questioning and self reflection in which you have questioned your very raison d’etre, your purpose in life and many such deep inner questions. Why am I here, what is the point of all of this and so on and so forth.  We have observed with intrigue how you have all dealt with these inner times of reflection and inner questioning. We have come to the conclusion that this time has served you all well and that our experiment has had positive results and outcomes which are yet to be seen in your world.  
What caused this time of inner contemplation and questioning? It was the position of your moon and stars. It was a time destined exactly and specifically for this. It was meant to trigger a letting go of old dysfunctional patterns of behavior that did not serve you and to kick start new and better ways to go about your lives in a more positive light and with of course a more positive outcome.   Throughout this time within you were separated from your loved ones needing time alone to self reflect. You were in fact deeply connected to all those in your vicinity and have been assisting each other, even though you were not even sharing verbally, for the most part, what was going on.  Through the interconnectedness of who you are you have been clearing up even more clutter from the collective consciousness that has been reflected back to you through your own lives.  
Now is the time to begin again. As the new moon dawns after the waning of the old one you will begin to see and feel a new bounce to your step – a new zest for life. Even though on the outside nothing seems to have changed much, on the inside you will be well aware of the infinite abundance of blessings and you will begin to feel these blessings bubbling up inside to grace your lives. Be the blessings you wish to receive and give these blessings to others. Allow yourself to be the one that blesses and you will be blessed – it is the law. Await nothing, expect nothing, for when you await nothing in return, you will receive unexpectedly everything that you wish for without the pain of waiting for it to arrive – just the acknowledgment that you have longed for this magical moment for a long, long time.  We ask you to trust our enthusiasm and encouragement and to believe that all we speak of is coming. Let go of all of the doubt that you have been feeling and allow the magic to unfold, and even more so allow the gifts to be delivered and, more importantly, allow the gifts to be received. You would be astonished at how many of you are still unable to receive their gifts. Be at peace with what is beloveds and trust that everything is unfolding in perfect divine timing, in perfect divine ways, even though it may appear on the outside to be very different. 
Trust in your innate wisdom, there is no one else who can give the wisdom of your soul more clearly than yourself. Peace be with you and rest now in the understanding and the knowing that all is well in your world, no matter the appearances. God gives each one of you opportunities to express your mastery to others and in the giving is the receiving. Practice these truths and you will receive that which you so desire. 
We love you, we adore you and we watch with interest for your recognition of your God-given perfection and the truth of who you are and the realization of these truths by each one of you in turn. 
Awaken to the truth and be the One you know yourself to be now. 
Susan Michele Moll

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