It is Time to Claim Who YOU Are Now!

Aloha Beloved friends, It really feels to me as if we are at this cross roads right now! Although at the time I received the message, a week ago, I doubted its clarity and truth and wasn’t sure I would even send it out! But today I feel, it is time to claim our Mastery, but their is a part of me that is scared stiff that I am perhaps kidding myself and questioning am I really ready and advanced enough for this? In fact I have found myself questioning everything in my life and really wanting to get to the divine truth in all matters! I know I want to be ready now and to step into my Divine Feminine power, love and light but at the same time I am afraid to claim my divine heritage!

In spite of all my own personal doubts about my ability to step into this role fully, I herewith commit to letting go of all that no longer serves my spiritual growth and to be the courageous divine feminine being that I Am and step more into who I truly am to the very highest and best of my human ability, with lots of help from my Higher Self, Beloved Mighty I Am Presence and all my beloved Guides and Angels. So Be It!

I ask that if this feels right to you that you also commit, whether male or female. Let us all step into our divine heritage and claim our Mastery here on the Earth now! Together we are Victorious!

Blessings filled with so much love to you all for a truly Masterful week!

Aloha Sue

August 22, 2015


Beloved ones, we greet you this day and salute you from a place of unconditional love, and honor your individual processes at this time. We know there is much a- foot upon your planet, and at times it is not always easy to stay centered and focused upon the good and that which you desire. There have been times such as these in the past, but none as powerful and energy packed as these days that are here now.


Extreme fluxes of divine light and energy are entering your planet on a daily basis and it is, to say the least, not always easy to accommodate this intense light and energy into your physical vehicles. Trust in the innate wisdom of your soul. Allow your soul and body elementals to guide you and let you know what is needed in this moment for you. Is it rest, play or simply being quiet and drawing in these energies to anchor them beneath your feet and to the core of the Earth? Follow your feelings, follow your intuition and you will be doing exactly what is most called for in every now moment. You may not feel like having a party, you may feel like being extremely quiet and inward and resting in the space of your precious abode. Do not mitigate yourself or judge yourself for not feeling like having a ball. There is a time and place for everything, and this time is surely for deep and profound integration of Light and energy. The more you rest and allow, the more light and energy you will be able to take in and integrate into your body and consciousness.


This can at times seem like hard work, although on the outside it appears you are doing nothing! You are in fact moving mountains within your cellular structure and assisting the whole to be able to integrate this Light more easily. With every single person that is willing to go within and listen to their physical vehicle everyone on the planet is helped, for we are all One. So when one integrates it assists the whole.


There is no separation, although at the present time this concept is still foreign to most of you because, although you may speak about and know the concept mentally, you may not have had the actual experience of Oneness. When you do, and you will, you will truly know that there is and never has been any form of separation – only a separation from yourself and who you truly are. The quicker you can grasp the truth of this, the easier you will be able to take on board the responsibilities that come with mastery. Mastery has already been achieved. it is just your human consciousness that needs to catch up to where you have arrived. Part of you is still in the old paradigm, not believing you are worthy or fully enlightened. When you begin to trust that you are and that just walking the Earth and living your truth is part of your Mastery. You do not have to perform great miracles to be the Master that you are. Claim your Mastery from within, be willing to allow it to show itself to you with each passing day and you will begin to live the art of Mastery on a daily basis in your everyday lives without any effort at all. First you need to believe it and claim it and then automatically you will begin living from this place of Mastery within yourself, instead of from the fear-based ego that is still trying to hold you imprisoned in its grasp of old.


You knew when you agreed to come at this time that one day you would have to step out of the very comfortable box you have been hiding in, and would have to step outside these confines and the security of being anonymous and show your true self, show your light. You have all been masquerading for so long you have forgotten who you truly are. It is time to take off the costumes you have been wearing and bare your authentic soul to the world and share your wisdom and Light. Let nothing hold you back from sharing your love. Be love at all times, especially towards yourself which has, to say the least, always been your most difficult task.


Beloved ones it is time to claim your Mastery and live from your soul self. Accept this challenge and step outside of the comfortable box you have been hiding in and begin to really live your divine purpose and be the Love and the Light that you are. We love you, we adore you, we appreciate you and we welcome you all to the celebration that awaits you as you decide to claim your Mastery and step up to the challenge of living life as a Master upon the Earth.


Blessings beloveds, we are here to assist you every step of the way. Trust and allow us to guide you into your new found freedom.


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