31 July 2015

Your worth is not determined by others, it is determined by you. To Source, it was never in question. – The Keepers, 7.30.15

Hello friends. As you may have heard me and others mention, this year’s Lionsgate passageway is expected to have extra potency due to the fact that it is a triple 8 frequency (8/8/2015 = 8) this year. Traditionally, the Lionsgate portal is related to issues of sovereignty, personal power and self-love.

I’ve been hearing from many folks (and have been thinking this myself,) if the Universal “8” Year that we are in now is supposed to be all about abundance, balance and our “ship coming in,” what’s been holding it up? Good question and I believe there is an explanation. The “8” frequency is also about magnification and karmic ripening, along with manifestation. I have been seeing a pattern of deep clearing in many individuals. For me personally, the traditional “karmic ripening” time of Sun in Pisces was particularly odd and challenging this year, although some good things came from it including my latest book. The point being, that this is a year where the Universe has zigged where we expected it to zag more often than not. That is also not uncommon in a year of high magic to have some high weirdness thrown in for good measure. :) It’s as if the Universe in its wisdom has shown us the areas in which further examination and clearing were needed to fully manifest these higher, more abundant vibrations. Some have been intuitively obvious and some have not, but it certainly hasn’t been dull or uneventful.

Highly aspected Leo energy is the benevolent sovereign, the creative, the brave hearted, the radiant light and pure joy. It is the imagine of the beautiful dancing children as represented in “The Sun” tarot symbol.

Whatever material is emerging from your own personal depths with the energies now, allow it. It will be gently burned away as you pass through the Lionsgate of the 8:8 to reveal the emergence of your greater light and authenticity. – The Keepers, 7.18.15

Based on my research and intuitive validation about this portal: it will officially be opened at the Full Moon on 7/31, peak at 8:8 and be in effect until its closure around 8/12/15.

Astro-cosmically it is important to note that during this gateway we will have 5 Retrograde planets: Saturn, Pluto, Venus, Neptune and Uranus. Since I have been following the Cosmic Weather, this is an unprecedented occurrence. To have 5 out of 12 planets in Retrograde increases their potency on an inward level and gives an impetus to align with greater frequencies of self-actualization; especially when occurring in a strong vibrational portal such as this.

Dear ones, you are moving into a time when the Law of Vibration will be in more noticeable effect. That is, what is for you will come be in your experience and that will is not, will simply not be. Be mindful of the conscious vibration you carry, especially now and through the 8:8. The Gateway has been opened and you will experience hills and valleys within this energy. Shanti. – The Keepers, 7.23.15

Of course since we are still dealing with a world of contrast and duality this also increases the possibility towards acts of selfishness, greed, misuse of power and anger, which are all shadow aspects of the same energy. For those who identify as energy workers of all kinds, it is vital to hold a space of the highest love, abundance and peace for all beings. We will have several opportunities throughout this portal to return to a “zero point” creatively = which is extremely potent for envisioning the highest possible spiritual and material attainment for our world.

Thank you and remember to keep it Cosmic!

Image by Ellen Vaman.

NOTE: We are having our annual Distance Healing event in celebration of these potent energies on 8/8 at 5:00 pm PDT/8:00 pm EDT. Please join us via the link below. Happy Lionsgate!

8:8 Lionsgate Event with the Keepers



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