International Forgiveness Day is Sunday, August 2nd!
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UNIFY Family~

We believe that the power of forgiveness can change the world.

As Archbishop Desmond Tutu says, “With each act of forgiveness, whether small or great, we move towards wholeness.”

This Sunday, August 2nd, is International Forgiveness Day. It is a day for us to move towards wholeness- both within ourselves, and together with all of humanity. Our partners at the World Wide Forgiveness Alliance and A Moment Of Calm are organizing a global wave of forgiveness that will sweep across the whole world.

Join us! Wherever you are, at 2pm in your local time zone, take 2 minutes to pause and focus on forgiveness. Forgiving even just one person helps to create wholeness- for you, and for all of us.

Want more info? Check out our video here.

Last year, over 1.7 million people participated, creating a wave of forgiveness that swept across the globe. This year, even more will join- and we want you to be a part of the forgiveness wave that we know will help heal our planet.

We know forgiveness isn’t always easy. Get inspired by stories from last year’s International Forgiveness Day. Here are a few stories shared:

I forgive my daughter-in-law for not doing things to my satisfaction.

I forgive myself for letting my dream be lost and not focused. I will forgive myself for not giving myself permission to do what I am passionate about.

I forgive someone who hurt my family member deeply. I was witness to the anguish and pain of my loved one. I have worked on this forgiveness for over a year… I know it is time to let go.

I forgive my ex-partner for abandoning me.

I forgive everyone who made me feel that I was not good enough and who crushed my dreams as a kid.
 And when you’re ready: share your story of forgiveness.

For more information or to share or read stories of forgiveness, click here.

Big Hugs,

you UNIFY Family


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