Ancient Greece &
Modern Meditation

Greece is going through a major transition as political leaders, banks, and the mass population head towards a solution that has yet to reveal itself.

People are scared and what happens in the Ancient City of Athens will ripple throughout the world.

A dedicated group of Greek meditators will head to the Temple of Poseidon on the full moon Thursday and go deep into prayer.

They invite the entire global community to join with the intention of lifting the vibration of Greece.  Every person involved.

The Meditation will be at 11:00 PM in Athens on Thursday July 2nd ( 8PM GMT, 1PM Pacific)

Join from wherever you are for however long you’re inspired to join.  Even three deep breathes helps. Visualize a graceful solution.  Let’s send an electromagnetic pulse into our earth and shift the situation towards a success for the people of Greece.

You can join the facebook event at the following link:

Thanks again for creating history with us.

– Unify



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