by Marlene Swetlishoff
June 25, 2018Beloved Ones,

I wish to have discourse on the quality of love called happiness. Happiness is the experience of joy, contentment, and positive well-being, combined with a sense that one’s life is good, meaningful, successful and worthwhile. The feeling of happiness is achieved by following one’s heart and doing what they love. When one does this, the individual feels connected with the happiness that is within them. They have a sense that everything they have been looking for in their life is already within them and can be accessed at any time. By connecting with their true nature through regular periods of stillness and silence, their outer circumstances and experiences reflect to them their inner state of being and this brings them more abundance, love and fulfillment in their lives. There are many ways one can train their mind to achieve happiness. They can choose loving  thoughts, words, and actions in every situation they encounter throughout their day. The more they cultivate their inner knowing through love, compassion, joy and observation, the more they become a vibrant source of happiness for themselves and this happiness radiates outwardly to others.

It is in one’s innermost essence of divine connection that joy and happiness naturally arises. One does not have to do anything in particular to create it. One finds lasting happiness in the realization that true happiness and peace of mind cannot be found in anything external; it can only be found within them.  By actively engaging in positive thoughts, words, and deeds, it brings them closer to their true divine nature. When they are in touch with their true nature, these positive qualities within them spontaneously manifest. Experiencing happiness is about looking deeply within to see which action brings them true happiness and which ones to eliminate because they bring suffering. Happiness requires discipline and effort but when one is nourished by happiness, exercising discipline becomes a joyful action which brings them to more calmness, clarity, contentment and insight and they treasure every moment of life that they have.

One’s mental state has a tremendous influence on how they experience their daily life. The greater their peace of mind, the greater is their ability to enjoy a happy and joy filled life. This state can transform their entire outlook on life, and their approach to living it in a way that adds to the daily happiness in their lives, even if nothing in their external situation changes. When they are able to recognize and appreciate their blessings, it takes them to a state of happiness. They endeavour to constantly nourish their minds with philosophies of inspired and uplifting words that remind them about true happiness. True happiness comes not from expecting to live a comfortable life without problems and hardship, but rather from a life in which one pursues their dreams despite the challenges and obstacles which beset them. This focus gives them the gifts of inner strength, insight and wisdom.

What matters most for one’s soul journey in the world at this time, is to find the avenues of experience and expression that are conducive to finding their soul’s calling. Beneath all the layers of outer experiences and outer expectations that have been piled upon them throughout their lifetime is true freedom. They rely on and trust that the challenges and temptations that come their way are helping them to learn and grow. This gives them the opportunity to strengthen their commitment to following their soul’s inner promptings. They are aware that individually and collectively, they are part of a vast and magnificent universe. They can interact with it on a beautiful, personal, and intimate level. They know that they are part of something powerful which responds to them through the emotions they feel and the thoughts that they think and will bring them happiness as their hearts desires come to fruition.

When one appreciates that good things come by looking forward to a positive outcome in the future, it has a powerful impact on one’s happiness levels in the present moment. By making a conscious effort to be more optimistic, one can feel happier and more relaxed in their everyday lives. Focusing on the positive aspects of one’s life restores inner balance and encourages mindfulness of oneself and the world around them. One feels more in tune with what is happening within and around them. One finds that they can cope more easily with situations that might upset their inner tranquility and happiness. It gives them the power to make good decisions for self and those around them. The more they feel in control of their lives and the choices they make, the deeper their feeling of inner happiness and peace. Deeply happy and truly powerful people cultivate this deep and authentic spiritual connection which affects their inner core and produces happy results. Their happiness comes as a result of their choice to be true to self and by being kind, caring, compassionate and gentle with others.

May happiness be with you as you walk upon your path in life and may that path be always blessed.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

©2009-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

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