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Exceptional event!

each sunday at 16.00 UTC:

Terrestrial and extra-terrestrial mixed meditation for Planetary Ascension

This meditation for Planetary Ascension is an exceptional Event which cumulates the sustained and united efforts of terrestrial, intra-terrestrial and extra-terrestrial beings who want to help this Planet in her Ascension process. It is not only a spiritual sustaining for this meditation, but a direct and effectively participation at this meditation of all of them.

At the beginning of this meditation which will be consecrated for the Ascension of Planet Earth in fifth dimension we will always ask for the direct sustain and participation of Father/Mother God, Ashtar and Ashtar Command, Sananda, Galactic Federation of Light, Supreme Galactic Council, Council of Elders, Ascendent Masters, Sanat Kumara, benevolent extra-terrestrial beings of The Great Central Race, pleiadians, arcturians, andromedans, sirians, antarians, alpha centaurians and all which want to participate, and also of The Celestial Beings of Light from all the Angelic Hierarchies, Archangels Michael and Gabriel and of The Beings of Light from the Inner Earth as King of Shambala, Adama, and so on (you can also invoke any other Beings of Light, Spiritual Masters and Guides which you know and previously ask for their consent).
Use your own technique of meditation as you feel guided into your heart or simply remain centered in your heart in a state of divine receptivity and feel the flow of grace from all the Divine Beings that were invoked descending into your heart and simultaneous embrace the Planet into your heart and orientate all the energy into an ascendent flow.
This meditation includes Cobra Meditation and is an extended meditation which benefits from an exceptional sustaining and participation.

This exceptional meditation for Planetary Ascension will be made each Sunday between 16.00-17.00 GMT.

It is now the moment for all of us the Light Workers, Light Warriors, Way showers from the entire Planet and ours brothers of Light from the Inner Earth and also for our extra-terrestrial brothers to reach a higher degree of unity and cooperation and help, all of us together, the Planetary transformation and ascension. Everyone can do the meditation in their own way. Together we will create a strong spiritual energy field which will help the Planetary Ascension very much. Everyone who participates in this meditation can help very much and is appreciated!

We are all in this together!

You can use this musical support for the meditation if you want:

Ascending Planet ~ Meditation Music ~ DNA Activation Sound Frequency…


The white energy spike at the right edge of the chart show an influx of very high frequency exactly at 18:00 PM CET , Sunday July 12th, at the beginning of the Global Meditation. This is fantastic!!! Let´s all continue doing it together each Sunday!!!

Thank you from all of our hearts for your participation and may our hearts be united in the Heart of God!

Be blessed all of you! In Love and Light!

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Please see – Time zone for Acension meditation
1.00 JSTmonday TOKYO

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