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Laura Eisenhower hosts a dynamic conversation with Patricia Cori and Magenta Pixie. Discussing the arrest of Ghizz * Layne Macks * Well and potential repercussions, July 4th Independence Day and the Lunar Eclipse into the US eel * ect * shun in November, the Winter Solstice Age of Aquarius Gateway with energetic updates from the metaphysical perspective for the rest of 2020. Recorded July 2nd 2020. * LAURA EISENHOWER * Website: YouTube:… * PATRICIA CORI * Websites: YouTube:… * MAGENTA PIXIE * Website: YouTube:… Donations:… — BOOKS BY MAGENTA PIXIE: * Lessons from a Living Lemuria… * The Black Box Programme and the Rose Gold Flame as Antidote… * The Infinite Helix and the Emerald Flame… * Divine Architecture and the Starseed Template… * Masters of the Matrix… — MEDITATION COLLECTIONS BY MAGENTA PIXIE: * Elemental Dream… * Sacred Quest… * Magenta Pixie Meditation Mega Bundle… — * Support Magenta Pixie – Donations Gratefully Received *…

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