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A Message from Magenta Pixie

Wayshowers of Gaia

The very ones you are helping, the ones you are fighting for; they ridicule you, they attack you and they stand in anger against you. Yet they do not know what you do for them. Do not turn your back on the ignorant for they are the hijacked, the oppressed and the innocent. Stand strong in the face of condemnation for this is the path of the Christed one.
Their higher selves, future selves, ancestors and guardian angelics, they hold gratitude for you within a level of abundance that you cannot imagine. They have love for you that holds no bounds.
If you cannot bring yourself to hold high the Indigo flag of liberty for them, then do it for their children, their grandchildren and those that follow. Do it for your children, your grandchildren and those that follow for they honour you in ways you cannot yet know, yet know that they do.

It is not easy to stand strong in the face of such adversity, yet standing strong against the tide sets you apart from the others. You are the light bearers, the rainbow warriors and you hold the future within your every spaken word, your every thought and your every emotion.

You are the Wayshowers of Gaia, and we, the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine and all that we have been, are and shall be; we salute you, we bow before you as your humble servants and we hold high your shining light when you cannot or have forgotten how.

You are the Wayshowers of Gaia and your lives shall be etched upon the sands of time as memories for all to receive.

Now is your time.

We are the White, Winged, Collective, Consciousness of Nine

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