Arn Zingdad Allingham

A MUCH anticipated, timely update from Adamu in which he addresses the subject of “timelines”… and then also offers some very interesting news of the dissolution of the Illuminati! This IS a long update full of deep, complex material presented, as only Adamu can, in a way that is both succinct and understandable by all. But it will require a degree of focused attention for it’s duration. And it will also require that you be familiar with his previous updates if you are to understand the context of this transmission. Find all of Adamu’s material, offered in logical sequence here: In this video Adamu references a chapter on “Densities” offered by Master 8. You can find that here: Please do sign up for our free newsletter to be updated as new releases become available here:

Die Aufstiegs-Schriften Band 1 (3. Auflage) von Zingdad – (als PDF zum Download der Link unten)

The Ascension Papers, Book 1

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