BIG PHARMA RATTLED: Groundbreaking Chlorine Dioxide Study and Trump Reveals He’s Taking Hydroxychloroquine
Big day in the fight against Big Pharma.

My inbox was blowing up with messages from Andreas Kalcker earlier, he’s a German biophysicist who has studied chlorine dioxide in health settings for years, and he was sending me links to the preliminary data just released from a clinical trial involving more than 100 covid-19 patients in Ecuador. It showed an alleged 100% cure rate, and some in as little as four days.

Kalcker released a statement today about it, but it’s in Spanish with no subtitles. Mike Adams at Natural News did a write up of the story, you can read that here.
I shared the Natural News article around to my social media accounts. It garnered nearly 3000 retweets on my Twitter account in under two hours – then they removed it and gave me another 12 hour lockout, as expected.

Is their censorship criminal yet? Funny how I’ve been mocked for months by the fake news media for being a “bleach drinker” promoting “dangerous, abusive information”, and yet results like these are coming out. I’m now waiting for anyone of them to walk back those smears. They smeared President Trump over his “disinfectant” comments too, didn’t they? It’s as if the media/science talking heads don’t offer you real science. There are easy, cheap ways to treat coronavirus, even without pharmaceutical drugs. Big Pharma and the fake news media don’t want you to know this. Are they KNOWINGLY selling you lies? I’ve had content on Chlorine Dioxide (“MMS”) with millions of views removed by these tech corporations. They claim I promote abuse, meanwhile I get thank you messages every week from people with success stories after hearing about it, self-educating, and deciding to try it. What does that tell you?
You can read a blog I wrote back in February about Chlorine Dioxide in response to media attacks against me here. It’s a good primer on the subject if you’re unfamiliar, as well.

And on another front, President Trump says that he’s been taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventative for a few weeks now. This sent the media into full meltdown mode, and press from national to local levels quickly put out reports that “the FDA has not approved this for that” “health experts warn” yadda yadda. Big Pharma is so greedy that they don’t even want a pharmaceutical (hydroxychloroquine) treating COVID because it’s a generic and doesn’t make them enough money. Using a pharmaceutical to expose Big Pharma. HAH the irony. DO IT HCQ!
We’ll see how they try to shape the narrative against natural, cheap ways of healing and treating. Let’s hope the tech companies can be reeled in over this censorship, too. Class action lawsuits? Antitrust investigations? They’re keeping what could be life saving information from the people!

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