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Wide-ranging conversation with Sacha Stone on the nature of our reality today, with imminent implosion of the government-police-corporate construct which is currently running the COVID-19 scamdemic plandemic pandemic on all the peoples of the world as the banking construct falls, and the rise of humanity from centuries of fraud and enslavement via birth certificate harvesting and exploitation begins, with special emphasis on the many efforts by different groups to retrieve power, sovereignty, and gold for humanity, including the One People’s Public Trust (OPPT), Swiss Indo, and, as Sasha explains, the Russian collaterals. Much has befallen these many efforts, and there are indeed stashes of gold certain Asian families wish to use for Humanity, and it is perhaps an ongoing conversation with many players to try to understand why some of these efforts have not borne fruit yet. Yet some have, in a rather unreported way, as Sacha explains: the fall of the Vatican, the fall of the old banking construct is all part of this story. There also appear to be hidden undercurrents holding back much information — as probably one can expect, in a world still ruled in many ways by secret societies and Intelligence agencies — and so this conversation and its [dis]closures are possibly just one part of this much larger story, and none of us will know more until the curtain falls and all the players speak their part. Beyond the story of the world’s gold however, and the story of how it might eventually find its way to being actually gifted and handed over to humanity, is the story of sovereignty and coming into one’s own, of finding the inner Christ-light of one’s own being, a powerful concept which Sacha in his inimitable style of clear articulation and deep seeing probes at length and brings to us.
The news he brings as well is reassuring, that he is in touch with many hundreds and thousands of sovereigns, military veterans, international leaders who are working on ways to bring power to account, to hold public officials accountable and to terminate the genocidal and criminal programs of child abuse and sacrifice, radiation genocide, and other harms to humanity we have all been living with for decades now.  *** SUBSCRIBE TO STAY INFORMED: Subscribe to this channel for regular notice of further updates (please click the Subscribe button above). SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL: To keep this unique brand of explorative & investigative print/broadcast Truth-Journalism continuing, you can “co-create” with tech fees and funds to help targets & whistleblowers in need on a recurring or one-time basis–all support appreciated. Patreon: Patreon.com/RamolaD. Paypal: Paypal.me/RamolaD FIND PRINT/VIDEO CONTENT: Media Site and Magazine: everydayconcerned.net Author website: ramolad.com Vimeo, Bitchute, Brighteon, Youtube: Ramola D Reports

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