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Magenta Pixie

Guided meditation for the Sacred 444 Portal. Meditation into unification ceremony, ritual white magick for New Earth creation and density shift from antimatter into matter. Calling all Starseeds, Lightworkers, Truthers, Holistic Thinkers, Aware and Awakened Humanity. This meditation was created specifically for the 444 Portal of April 4th 2020 but one can move into this meditation space anytime, most especially at solstices, equinoxes, full moons and other personally meaningful days. — Channelled, written and narrated by Magenta Pixie. Video compiled by Catzmagick. Magenta Pixie Website:https://www.magentapixie.com Magenta Pixie Products: https://www.magentapixie.com/shop.html — BOOKS BY MAGENTA PIXIE: * Lessons from a Living Lemuria https://www.magentapixie.com/lessons-… * The Black Box Programme and the Rose Gold Flame as Antidote https://www.magentapixie.com/the-blac… * The Infinite Helix and the Emerald Flame https://www.magentapixie.com/the-infi… * Divine Architecture and the Starseed Template https://www.magentapixie.com/divine-a… * Masters of the Matrix https://www.magentapixie.com/masters-… — MEDITATION COLLECTIONS BY MAGENTA PIXIE: * Elemental Dream https://www.magentapixie.com/elementa… * Sacred Quest https://www.magentapixie.com/sacred-q… * Magenta Pixie Meditation Mega Bundle https://www.magentapixie.com/meditati… — * Support Magenta Pixie – Donations Gratefully Received * https://www.magentapixie.com/donation…

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