This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are very glad to have this time to speak with you today.

We are seeing that many of you are doing two things simultaneously.

You are celebrating the beginnings of the New Earth, integrating the powerful Light coming to your planet now, and starting to view yourselves as Light Beings in physical bodies, rather than simply as humans on a spiritual path.

You are welcoming in the intergalactic presence of Earth in intergalactic councils, meetings, gatherings, and intercultural connections, all of which is a beautiful form of realizing that Earth is opening up once again to new avenues of existence that She and humanity have not known for millennia.

The other area of interest is far more grounded in what many call 3D reality.

Many Light Bringers are now heavily engaged in what is happening on the Earth in political and social terms, viewing situations of government and finance and eco concerns with a perspective that takes in outer events without always weighing them against the inner reality of Earth’s forward movement.

So that many are reacting to what they see happening around them with a frequency of anger, resistance, sometimes fear and anxiety, as they take in the “reality” of how certain populations are being treated, restricted, deported, or imprisoned in unjust ways.

We understand your consternation and disapproval of these actions, taken by governments and para-governmental groups that have presumed to have the authority to override human rights on many levels, in many places.

We would say, that these behaviors are nothing new, and that if you were to read history, for example, you would see them enacted many times over, over thousands of years.

What is confusing and vexing to you now, is that you see within your sights the kind of freedom of expression, co-creation, and daily living that humanity has not held as a group vision for many thousands of years.

Photo by Jennifer Scalia

And yet in the context of that beautiful moment, terrible things are being done in the name of “democracy” and other political structures, which are only interested in overt forms of power, and in selling aspects of humanity and the Earth that are sacred, and cannot really be “sold” to anyone.

Yet as you live with the appearance of such, it taunts you to lower your vibration to a place where you live not in Joy and freedom, but in rage and resistance.

We have explained previously that this is not an accident, and has been carefully planned by those opposing humanity’s Ascension on every level.

Yet still you wait for a political solution rather than an energetic form of renewal. And how do we know that?

Because it is the political situation you push against.

That is the narrow, highly manipulated arena you step into when you judge a situation as bad or unreal or unjust.

We agree entirely that there are crimes being committed against the Earth and against humanity that have no place in a fifth dimensional culture, and a fifth dimensional reality.

What we would suggest, to improve the overall quality of your life and emotional vibration, if nothing else, is that you refuse to be discouraged by what you see on your news networks and social media, as if those messages were the last word on any of these issues, because we assure you, it is not.

You are not now in the position to await starships landing and rescuing everyone, usurping your freedom of choice as so many others have done in the past.

You are in fact in the position of shifting Earth life through your own vibration and forms of knowing, wisdom, realization.

You are perfectly poised to lift and broaden your perspective to where you understand that you do not wage an Earth-based war against all you feel is unfair and unjust. You wage a galactic one.

And what we mean by that, is that there are those amongst the powerful clans and societies on Earth, who have ruled your planet with an iron fist for so long, who stand to lose galactic and intergalactic forms of wealth, power, and mobility, should the current structures weaken and fall to the ground.

Photo by Michelle Kidd

And yet you see them weakening! You see them falling.

Great change does not only come as a result of an election, or an outer event such as the start of a war or the end of one, or the landing of a mother ship.

Step outside of the Hollywood film paradigm for a moment, and go to the inner center of Earth’s intentions.

She is, in Her way, facing down those whose old forms of protection are daily crumbling beneath them, as your own luminosity is increasing every moment.

We speak not only of the old power crowd’s hideouts in inner Earth and in space stations and other installations in your galaxy and elsewhere becoming entirely inadequate to hide them and their behaviors.

We speak of the emergence of that which no one can imprison or entrain once you have declared it your new reality, your new expression of Life on this planet.

That can only come with your evolving into a being that is not manipulated in vibration with the wave of a media announcement wand or other forms of entrainment.

(And note how close the word “entrainment” is to the word “entertainment.”)

We ask, on behalf of those assisting Earth and each of you galactically, etherically, and otherwise, that you awaken to these forms of weaponry, for they are nothing less, and stop engaging with them as if they represented the bottom line Truth of what is happening on your planet.

For we daily see so many Light Beings coming into Earth to assist you, their soul family members, as your and Earth’s vibrations reach levels at which these beautiful beings can sustain themselves on Earth without harm to their molecular/etheric structure.

We hourly see higher beings moving into the Earth plane via a walk-in, physical birth, temporary visitation, or etheric presence, to assist in the migration of Earth thoughtforms and emotional resonance, lifting your inner vision to a level of renewal not seen by you since the fall of Atlantis and similar civilizations.

None of that assistance could reach you if you had not already made your commitment to rise higher than your human training has permitted for many centuries.

Photo by Renee Turcotte

And so we ask that as you stand on the cusp of so much change that in the past would have been called revolutionary, you remember that you are not small, not contained, not merely recipients of stimuli, trained to respond as programmed.

You are as broad and deep and high as this Universe, in capability and outlook. 

And that capability awaits you now, as do other planets who are watching and following your example.

You may have your moment when you feel helpless, disarmed, or astounded.

Allow this—bow to your human aspect and experience—then call to your higher self to step into your energies, to receive and process the experience on your behalf.

Require that your team of Angels, guides, and higher self assist you in moving through emotional reaction, and in returning to a calm and centered awareness of your interconnection to all living things.

As that vibration is reached in your morning meditation time, you are able far more easily to return to it as your set point throughout the day.

Remember at all times that your soul family are willing and able to assist you in all areas—in your visions of an improved world, in energetic shifts to higher forms of living, and in the healing of all areas of your life that cry out to you now to be heard, to be loved, to finally be seen and accepted.

This too is your path, friends.

It is not all bright Light and rainbows, though yes—you move toward those more fully at every moment.

Namaste, dear ones! You are never alone, in this or any time or place.

We are with you, always.


Copyright 2019, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author, speaker, and channneler, and host of “The Empowered Lightworker.” She currently channels the higher wisdom and guidance of the Collective, a group of higher beings assisting humanity as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.

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